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  1. Thanks for the update! There are still some bugs with Nidus like having a hole under the right hand(when raising the hand you can see a hole). Also the tennogen skins do not use the new mutation like it was using before the first fix after 30.7(when toggling primr assets it used to cover the entire arm in gold as well as using the new visuals for the mutation), as well as the prime assets are not mashed well with the tennogen skins(alot of broken textures like on his chest for example) Will it be possible to change Nidus's third ability to use your emissive/energy color instead of the default red?
  2. This happens after every few attacks/throws or 100% when i start the mission with only secondary weapon and a glaive. When holding the glaive it becomes so small it fits into the warframe's palm. -i cant figure out how to convert an image into URL but once i will ill add a picture.
  3. Nope. The golden arm uses the normal tricep part that opens up instead of using the prime one, and the textures on the front(that bulky thing that goes around nidus) is broken because the prime asset is higher that the normal one so it wont connect. I bought the skin in hopes i could use the new mutation growth when toggling the prime assets on Nidus Prime but it doesnt(rip 6$). Hopefully these issues will be fixed on the next update of October(the day of the dead event, i think its on the 6th)
  4. Same , i just bought the skin and never knew the prime assets wouldnt appear on the skin. rip 6$
  5. i really want to buy nidus a tennogen skin, did DE fixed it already? (25th of september 2021)
  6. there are still some tweaks for Nidus Prime(3rd ability uses the default red color instead of emissive/energy etc) , also his right arm has a hole where his armpit is supposed to be. thanks for the hotfix and for your hard work DE ! :)
  7. Aye i just want to crack relics on steel path. Maybe getting some extra void traces would be nice.
  8. I'm sure a lot of the veteran players(myself included) will really want to open relics on steel path missions. i don't think there is any need for something special to get from steel path fissures that are unavailable on normal fissure runs. if drawing players to fissure steel path is an issue i think adding a bonus void traces reward(for example 20-50% more voice traces) per relic cracked on steel path will be enough. if anything i think that there are plenty of players who will enjoy the extra challenge, farming steel essence and cracking relics on a higher level at once. this will also motivate a lot of players to play steel path for something more than just doing higher level missions and hope to spawn many acolytes.
  9. Yes. I wonder why they havent changed it in the first place it happens with nidus too. Then again it took a Gara Prime for her to toggle shattered glass which was highly requested for years.
  10. Hey is it possible to add a picture of Nidus's 3rd ability not changing energy and remains red? ive tried to convert a pic to url but im new to this. Edit : ive linked this post on the recent hotfix hopefully DE will notice it.
  11. thanks for fixing nidus prime's larva not picking the right colors. The same thing happens with the spikes of his first ability, and maggots are white when not hosting. also his third ability uses red energy and not the emissinve/energy color used by nidus. there are more details in this post i am providing a link for.
  12. Aye only the Larva has been fixed, the spikes from his first ability still use the default colors , third ability uses red emmisive color instead of my own , and the maggots on his 4th do not pick the right color(they are white for some reason, shouldn't they pick the energy/emmisive color ? mine is blue but the maggots are white)
  13. me and another person wrote a ticket about this a few days ago. hopefully it will be fixed ;-;
  14. Can you please fix being unable to change the colors of Nidus Prime's abilities ? -Nidus's Larva has those new prime assets that do not copy your warframe colors therefore remain at default colors. -same goes for the spikes from Nidus's first ability and the color of the maggots on his 4th. -the Third ability does not change emmisive color, it remains red no matter what energy color you use.
  15. No no its fine, rather im glad you wrote one too maybe it will help spread it, also you wrote it really well detailed compared to mine :D
  16. Im so happy im not thr only one who wrote about this, even though you clearly wrote the post better and more detailed than me ^^ i really hope DE will fix this.
  17. Its something that occurs with the normal variant too, only his 4th ability matches the colors picked on the frame itself, the other abilities use the default nidus colors. i noticed it more on Nidus Prime because of the new prime assets added to the abilities yet you cant even change their colors. Edit : his 3rd ability does not change the color from red, 4th ability 1st and second's new prime assets do not change colors either.
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