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  1. People to post there but after some time they figured its pointless. Yes they release hotfixes, why ? because they never test their updates because they dont have proper testing community so they just release it and fix what people tell them. So yea it does come from feedback but updates are supposed to be properly released, not bug proof but not like railjack or plains or vallis was, and im gonna stop you there because i didnt mind even that i never complained about bugs because i know they will fix them they just need time for it. Make your post if you want to actaully get in that "line" i posted my opinion and thats why people come here, people that think im right or im not, to discuss, nothing wrong with that. Yea Necramechs are ment for it. Railjacks biggest issue if that everyone is forced in ground mission.
  2. there is also option to defend cryopod inside of railjack as defense, you defend from boarding party and boarding pods as well as fighters in space. there are so many ways to improve it as you said.
  3. Youre mostly right. But i still think they do go against us, but when i say DE its wrong, as far as i saw they are split up in DE and everyone works on their own thing and my guess is that makes parts of game split up and taken care of differently, so when i say DE its not really whole DE. EDIT; Forgot to mention, they dont even play the game to actually see how it is. Going in the game for 1h in a week is not playing. True there are alot of changes that are good as i said before but you can also see alot of bad ones, not everyone is gonna like everything but on some things i think 80% of community agrees on and still gets ignored, why i dont know. If we dont post things here about what we think, what expectations do we have? exactly because we were silent we got changes that we did. those that camp on forum 24/7 and dont even play are ones that make feedbacks for us.
  4. Something similar is in one other game that i play, there is site, people post idea and then others upvote it when livestream comes they discuss them, even those that people just ask in chat. But sadly that is never gonna happen with warframe because devs are cut off and dont want to do it, unless some streamer asks something, we know history its streamers that they listen or allow to give them questions.
  5. Example is Satisfactory if you have heard of a game, they are listening to peoples feedback and suggestions, not all of course but alot, like there is site there they give suggestions and people vote on them to get them on top of list and on livestreams people ask questions and they answer if something can happen or not and why. Really good Devs and Community Managers. Far from most passionate devs, sure they do alot but they are not playing game and they dont really know what is good for players because in their eyes something looks good its really cool to play but when you put that ingame where everyone does it its different story, theory and practice. And no they dont read feedbacks, community managers do that and they make those feedback as simple as possible and that way they actually remove good feedback and make it look different. if you want i can find you like 20 posts with feedback and i can give you what community managers made it look like. I did not make this post as feedback on content or anything like that, its just for community.
  6. I know you didnt mean on me personally but if i was one of those that have no clue i still give good example of working mechanic.
  7. I understand what you mean, but i also understand what can be done. But lets say that i dont, we have grineer skirmish so why cant we have that with corpus? because they put large maps mostly empty and they put flashy ships for corpus. in skirmish mobs balance them self, there is limit, if there is too many in ground mission there will be alot less in space or other way around, so if grineer ones can have that why cant corpus. that is my whole point and you cant say im wrong because we have it working in the game already. Ill give little example for some corpus mission how they could work if they actually wanted to make us happy and allow us to have both space and ground mission together. Exterminate - well not much to say, allowing for space and ground with less mobs in space and more in ground. Defense_Survival - they dont make any sense in railjack. Spy - you could have 3 points on ship with small room and few mobs as it is case in normal mission, so no hallways or rooms that way you save alot of resources(PC resources). Volatile - Map is too big for no reason, you just run to room and then do all the work there, so same as spy, make it shorter to get in room and less mobs since you will have space and ground. Orphix - thats something totally different and i dont think that needs any change. You can tell me i have no clue what im talking about or something but as i said we have part of it in game and it works.
  8. I agree, removing mission with just exterminate in space and then adding normal ones to railjack was just bad idea, defense survival or anything like that. who ever complained about railjack before corpus is just people that sit on forum and dont even play properly but also railjack had only mods and 2 weapons in it and thats it, now it has more content, which it was lacking, i enjoyed and still enjoy grineer alot. for corpus missions i dont mind spy, exterminate or volatile if we were not forced all to go in but as it is im avoiding it as a plague.
  9. Im also against melee nerf, this one did not affect normal gameplay but did affect Steel Path ALOT. And yea melee has good damage there are some overpowered weapons as glaive was but thats problem in those weapons not all melee. but im for primary and secondary mod buffs, they need some work but some people like melee some poeple like primary and thats how it is, and you should not be forced to play both if you dont want to, just buff one that is not as strong, because you can play normal game without half of mods but when it comes to high level things you do need stronger weapons/mods. So in the end stop nerfing melee and buff primary/secondary.
  10. I think if there is alot of people giving feedback on issue and refusing to play that content then that means there is real issue with it. Im more and more thinking that your 1.7k posts are just S#&$ comments on others peoples posts, also i checked your post history all you do is trash talk on peoples posts and defend DE for no reason, doesnt matter what subject is. I played this game longer than you and i have seen alot of changes so i know when something is really bad and something is just change that had to happen. Im not gonna bother replying on your comments anymore.
  11. You made good points but lets be honest putting points in crew skills is really simple system isnt it? about rest of things crew has its amazing what they did, just amazing, but leveling them or well better said putting skill points is as simple as it gets. I dont think crew slots are problem. Problem is that they cost pretty much and so far i didnt see a single one with stats close to what i want and that is just stats, to get look i want and stats with it its just not possible, it would happen maybe 2 times in a half a year or more and i dont think that is really normal. Sure normal crew is good but lets be honest elite ones have really good bonus for gunners and engine of course everyone wants to swap old ones. But yea its not game breaking issue unlike some others, its just something that could be made better.
  12. again you with your blind reading. i said WHAT WE WROTE, not just me. but you keep making it about just my post. I did give them benefit of a doubt but yet i saw they did opposite again, i know reason they dont want to change, because it requires more resources, but game is getting old, you cant keep requirement for game on Pentium 4 after about 10 year or a bit more. and how does grineer rj work but corpus cant? i have played alot of railjack void storm lately for weapons and every time void storm in grineer disappears everyone refuses to play corpus so yea i do think thats not good for game. and its not just rj, weapons aswell, instead of buffing others they prefer to nerf weapons people use. i can go in it in details but i really dont want to waste time, because it wont change.
  13. well most of us, well almost 90% on that feedback was to put railjack ground mission and space separate so you are not forced in, that was only thing that everyone agreed on. we didnt ask for any real changes only to get us do that without everyone going in. and yes i understand if there is conflict with people but this was thing that 90% if not more agreed on same thing, and if we gonna be honest that change would be good for everyone, wont it ? people that want to do ground still can, only thing that would change is mission could be faster and not everyone would be forced in ground mission. thats issue i was stuned by and thats why i mention it alot. i respect other opinions, actually we had argument with one guy on that feedback but in end we actually got our opinions to match pretty close so im not just against someone or something.
  14. not everyone just buys random crew member, people actually want ones they like, how cant you people get that.
  15. again another person that doesnt read, go back to railjack feedback and read about it, thats most recent one, you will see atleast hundred of us giving feedback its not just me but you all make it like its just me.
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