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  1. Clan Name: The Exalted Oath Clan Tier: Storm Clan Console: Xbox One Clan Role: Founding Warlord (Gamertag is now VanHaz, this hasn't updated on forums) Our Dojo, an unending project since the creation of our clan, and still far from truly done. For myself, Big Hot Kosher, Graysmog, and Nyxxed, this has been a second home, a personal expression of our individual styles and taste, and where we have all collectively spent hours upon hours of our warframe experience. Our theme would be best described as a reclaimed orokin temple, remodeled into tenno design, while retaining much of the orokin aesthetic, as well as tribute to both mythology, and in game lore and factions. We aimed to utilize as much of the available options and decorations as ee could, while creating distinctive and memorable room experiences, brought together with matching atmospheres. While some rooms are unfinished, the bulk of our showcase is fully crafted, though it is unlikely we will ever stop building and customizing. We hope you enjoy this preview of our dojo.
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