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  1. “WHEN” to fix that enemies can use AA missiles against Titania even she isn’t in Razer Wing mode? This is quite annoying that I always got instakill by it unconsciously. The problem exists since the later POE update.
  2. Pls let Titania’s buffs can be affected by mods, or they’ll be useless forever.
  3. Is it normal that enemies can still shoot at me even Lantern is on? They kept moving as well though...
  4. Titania's Latern now got no effect after this update... Enemies can still moving around and shooting while the ability is on.
  5. Accuracy reduction is not very effective for higher level enemies; additionally, the 30m effect range that can't be affected by mod is a joke in open world. I hope DE could make it a 50 or 70% dodging chance instead. Maybe changing thorns into damage reduction would be more reliable. "Reflect" means we must take damage first to hurt enemies. This is quite unsuitable for a fragile frame like Titania. Hoping DE could take more look into this.
  6. Titania seems to bug out recently, the debuff does not have any effect on enemies...
  7. game crash every time after login since this hotfix......
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