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  1. A small introduction of yourself: I'm a 24 years old french player. That's my third account. I deleted the first one because I changed my profile picture to something ugly and I couldn't switch back. That's why now I still have the "You never picked any profile pic" as a profile picture. I don't know if you can switch back to this one if you regret your choice. I don't want to try. I deleted my 2nd account to prevent me from coming back to the game. Because you know ... grindframe .... Yet here I am. Once again. This account is old tho, 2013. I'm looking for a clan because being in my old clan is depressing. It's a duo clan with my girlfriend except that she's my ex girlfriend now. And I hope I can meet cool people to play with that way. Ingame Name: RobotUnicornAttack Discord Tag: MR: 15, will be 16 once the cooldown from MR ranking up is over. I always keep weapons in my foundry and sometimes when I get an affinity booster I decide to rush the masteries. But you can't double rank up on a single day.
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