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  1. Absolutely epic. I really want to decorate inside the aquarium, now. I really hope it is simple to place decorations in there.
  2. I was endo farming with a group and usually just hit the "replay last mission" button when we finished to streamline the process. one of the squadmates mentioned they were glitched and to force the mission (basically every time I hit that button). I feel a bit bad now that I realize I was probably causing that. Thank you for mentioning this so I know better for next time.
  3. I believe you are referring to the wolf mask for operators, this wolf hood may be different as the devs state
  4. Recently, i have similar issues. Mine also came with some more pesky things, like certain things not rendering, and just showing a black square instead as well as loading new tiles causing me to basically freeze for a couple seconds. started maybe a week or so ago.
  5. I have a lot of decorations in my orbiter. That is a slight understatement. In all rooms except the infested room, I am fairly close to the decoration cap. i have a menagerie of articulas, pedestals, steel path planets, noggles, (did not put down my floofs yet), rugs, resources, and many other things. Possibly related to this, I have been getting the message "network not responding" a lot. the last few days. This message comes with longer loading times, and the occasional crash and missing render (black squares when I look at certain things), and general drop in performance.
  6. fun fact....can't use rebuild shields while flying now (and it has a cooldown, and can't use condemn while flying either)
  7. I was testing this ability replacement with hildryn. In the UI it shows that the energy cost is red (meaning too high to cast because hildryn has 0 energy) with testing, I was able to cast it just fine. It worked so fine, in fact, I was looking to re-forma my hildryn to accommodate this new power. However, before I did so, I wanted to make sure I wasn't wasting time and forma for something that will get patched in a hotfix. For example, I can use this ability while flying using her 4th ability (channeling which should block this from working, but it doesn't...then again, I dont think it blocks
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