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  1. After testing multiple times, it appears that this is very reproducible. step 1: enter pulse turbine. step 2: exit pulse turbine, skipping cutscene. step 3: you're stuck. If you don't have the relevant tactical intrinsic, the only thing you can try doing is exiting at the yellow/light brown textures. However only half of them go to the outside of the object, and you can only go through them one way.
  2. There are frames associated (perhaps weakly) with various damage types: Electricity has volt, toxin/gas/viral/corrosive has some mix of nidus/saryn/revenant, radiation has nyx/oberon/nova, cold has frost, fire has ember/nezha, and magnetic has, well Mag (this is ignoring the various hybrid elementals like Chroma). Even the basic IPS damage types have some frames: Atlas/baruuk for impact, Maybe Ivara/Mesa/harrow for piercing (it's not perfect, I know), and Garuda/Gara/Khora for slash type things. But there hasn't really been a frame that fits the theme of blast damage. To remedy that lack, I present to you: 'splodeyframe. In-universe theme: Combat engineers have two major tasks: (1) build fortifications and other obstacles to help defend locations from assault and (2) remove said obstacles to allow your assaulting forces to move forward unimpeded. The first largely describes the role filled by Vauban. I propose a frame themed around the second. 'splodeyframe blows things up. It's their calling in life(gender neutral because all genders should be able to equally enjoy making things go boom). When all you have is a bandoleer of grenades, a dozen sticks of the qween's; finest kuva dynamite, and a handful of shaped breaching charges; the world is your oyster (an oyster that's going to explode). 'Splodeyframe could work in solo play (rocket jumping enhances mobility, enemies can't hear you moving if their eardrums have been ruptured by shockwaves, and every explosives expert knows the importance of being able to quickly find a bunker (or pillow fort made from blunts) or in groups: (fireworks make every party more enjoyable, and if we've learned anything from the Kuva Bramma, it's that players love explosions going off in unexpected places. Just imagine how much fun it would be to have a demolition-themed frame in radiation sortie.) So what I'm getting at is: let's have a frame that exists solely to blow things up.
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