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  1. I usually bring a sahasa, but it never, at least during the time I play, had the ability to dig up mods. I take it for the energy at the start of a mission and the healing it provides by attacking enemies (if you bring the hunter setmod that gives the link for that) Retrieve does what you stated, giving additional items like Nekros' 3, but it is only one single corpse every cooldown, so I wouldnt consider it a decent way to farm anything. Heal is possible with the same mod as Sahasa
  2. I really liked the way Void Tower Sabotage used to work. If you managed to find all three caches in the sabotage, you would get an additional Prime Part from the same pool as a reward. As it was an optional objective, you didnt need to do it, but as it was rewarding it was quite fun.
  3. Radiation doesnt change the damage type, attacking with your Operator changes the elemental weakness of the shield. Radiation is the strongest element against the armor, though. Take weapons with different elements or coordinate with a group to have all the elements (single and combined) covered. That way you dont need to skip elements you didnt bring with the operator.
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