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  1. yes, you can level all that you want, mastery is a global stat, the tests are triggered when reaching thresholds.
  2. I would take trials back anytime over eidolon hunts, never had the feeling that I need teamwork or anything like that for eidolons. Trials on the other hand allowed you to play as a team of eight, which was pretty chill and wasnt just the usual gearcheck, that you face with all open world bosses. At least in my opinion.
  3. I think the damage increase is capped for the infused buff abilities. So this might be intended
  4. I think I was relatively lucky with Nidus when he got released, only a couple of runs. On the other hand I had frames which took me a long time to farm as well. I think I had 40 or 50 runs for the last frost part I needed. The Detron took me well over two years, cause I never got the main bp, even with zanuka beacons. Try not to focus on this one thing, just do it from time to time. Eventually you will get the drop you are looking for. Tbh, most farms are just a giant blur for me by now, so I dont force myself to do them immediately and mostly I play with friends to keep me company, nice talks
  5. Would it be possible to be able to put kubrows back in stasis, due to losing loyalty this beomes quite annoying. Or maybe just remove it for them, like it is with kavats.
  6. Did play a mission today after quite some time and for some reason the stats are gone from the mission end screen. Hopefully this is a bug and not a design choice.
  7. Or you just go for the damage buff.
  8. Play missions, get the mk3 stuff from the dojo, go to veil, farm mk3 stuff in veil
  9. In all my years of playing I never had the need of ignoring someone that made me think: oh, I should add a note to remember why I ignored this person. I also cant remember ignoring someone, I mean, it's a game after all, there will be people you like or dont, but why give a S#&$ about others that you wont meet again anyhow? And the ignore list doesnt prevent them from getting into the same mission with you again which would be the only reason for me to put someone in one of those lists.
  10. Was anything mentioned about the new war, since that was supposed to be released last year, just like the command intrinsic, that should have been released at the beginning of this year?
  11. you are wasting time, not relics. those are only consumed if you successfully open them.
  12. Activate the Creator mode or just mute the game 😛
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