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  1. Collected quite a lot of resources from containers that did not appear in my inventory, which is at least two neural relays and a few other resources.
  2. Would it be possible to just scrap the rotation A and just switch between B/C, cause those seem a bit more interesting overall
  3. Takkov

    Naramon Power Spike not working

    I entered a few missions with Naramon as focus school and the Power Spike node active, yet the combo counter resets to nill instantly, even though it should count down in steps of five.
  4. Takkov

    Warframe Chat Moderation: Assessment and Renovation

    Just start by assuming that all people are equal. That means that people dont have emotions, just like me. So people cant be offended, because that requires emotions. Problem solved.
  5. Takkov

    Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.7.0

    Only getting 5s duration on the wukong augment at max rank with 282% duration, there might be something broken
  6. If you perform a heavy or slam attack, combo charges are used as fuel to deal more damage. But there is no reason to change anything, if it is only a change to how melee combat works. The enemy scaling wont change, weapons that can get decent damage out of a combination of many status procs and combo multiplier will get respectively worse as weapons with higher stats turn way more powerfull in comparsion. Heavy attacks and slam attacks feel very out of place in the game, in my opinion, so that I never use them. Especially slam attacks tend to knock enemies away from you which is annoying. I feel that with this so called rework many of the core issues of the game are still not addressed at all. Those would be: enemy scaling and weapon power levels in accordance to that. I will agree that the combo system in the way it is now is fairly flawed. On the other hand I dont see an improvement in the one presented. Building up combo's should be a rewarding experience for skillfull play, which in horde games is usually measured by: how fast can I kill? The combo system also is only for melee weapons. In a better approach to the whole "Tenno are masters of all weapons" concept, the combo counter should extend to all equipped weapons. If you want to take DMC as an example: If you hit an enemy with your sword, you gain combo stacks, if you do so again, you gain more of it. But if you just continue using the same combo all the time, there is no increase at some point. Because of that you are encouraged to learn the multiple combos and perform them in successions, finding an optimal way. Included in that are also your ranged weapons, which you can use to maintain your multiplier, if you use ebony and ivory, or with other weapons massively increase it by spending a lot of ammo. In addition, you also use abilities to keep up with enemies, land hits or kill enemies, so you can also increase said combo mulitplier by that. I think, that if warframe approached something like a combo system, that is rewarding for using different weapons in a fight, then there would be quite a lot more potential to the whole thing than just by changing numbers on the melee weapons a bit.
  7. so instead of applying 5-10 hits you charge one attack that deals maybe triple damage and lose combo stacks on top of it. doesnt really sound fun at all, especially since if you have combos anywhere, you want to keep them as high as possible. I do quite like the Devil May Cry series and other games with such combat systems and for having only one melee button, warframe is nowhere close to those in regards of a good combo system. Melee combat is what I like most in warframe and using maiming rarely to never, I dont see it as an issue at all. as for slam attacks, I hate using them, for the very same reason I dont use hammers. if the enemy flies away, you cant hit him. heavy attacks are, as I already said, not worth at all the time it takes to perform them. Combo counter is also pretty much the only way, some weapons like the okina, dual daggers in general and other ultra short range weapons can compete decently with other weapons, as only through this they can get close to anything with more range in terms of damage. So by taking away damage on the combo counter short ranged low-mid base damage become even worse in terms of damage. For the whole rework to be better, take a step back, look at the whole combat system and enemies and rework it from ground, bandaiding one weapon type after the other without a visible or general combat in regards to scaling, enemy density, damage tiers, advantages of using a specific weapon is counterproductive at this point.
  8. So, I already played the sacrifice quest, but would not want to repaly it just for those two songs, just because they are only now available. Just give it out to the players that already completed it before you added it, since we did not have the chance to scan for them while doing the quest. Also, please think about bringing back the bigger squad bar, so that we do not have to hover over every player individually to check which aura/relic they have equipped, that is really inconvenient.
  9. Takkov

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

    I find it weird that Khora's thing gets mastery while other exalteds do not, it should be either all or none. Either remove the mastery from Khora or give it to all exalteds, just be consistent about it.
  10. Takkov

    This year so far...

    Is Octavia's mandachord going to be fixed as well? Since it still cant make anything but 16th notes and does not even use a full scale, making it impossible to create anything decent music wise
  11. Takkov

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.2

    Oh come on, at least let the eidolons only drop one per day, just like raids
  12. If you walk down that line, you can also argue that PoE is irrelevant to a huge playerbase after getting a couple zaws and stuff, so there is no point in continuing it further, hence it should be put on hold as well, as per your arguement. PoE loading times are horrible as is, eidolon hunts are boring af and not challenging at all. And PoE isnt captivating the playerbase, as most players are tired from having all that forced bounty gameplay and other mechanics from it. @Polterghozt
  13. I'd prefer that you just let the trials stay around for the players that like them, you can think about changes while they are still available. The dark sectors were also removed before I even started playing, if the same happens to the trials, it is something I wont agree with being a step in the right direction, especially with many people dedicating a lot of time to help players to get started on those missions.
  14. I'm kind of what the chroma change implies, if an ability says: +500% damage, that should imply that the damage is actually buffed by 500%. if it means: the ability deals 500% more base damage, the wording is wrong, because the damage is not actually buffed by 500% but a value differing from that, dependent on which mods are installed on that weapon. The second option of those is what octavia's damage buff does, it is insignificant to the point, that nobody uses it for buffing the damage, but the description says: it doubles the damage output, which is plainly wrong. The same thing for all calculations of buffs, either make them all multiplicative applying after everything is calculated, as the ability description implies, or have the ability description calculate the actual buff a weapon could receive from the ability. quick example: weapon has 100 base damage and a serration equipped with a 300% damage buff, how everyone reading it would perceive it: 100*(1+1.65)*(1+3) = 1060 damage the same thing, but used in the weird way the wording in this dev workshop implies, but which isnt perceived through the ability section (aka like octavias buff works) 100*(1+1.65+3) = 565 damage so the actual damage boost would be 130% and not 300% as the ability states, which leads to even more player confusion, because the ability doesnt do, what the ability says, as it doesnt amplify the damage by the value given in it's description for a clearer difference, let me add heavy cal: 100* (1+1.65+1.65)*(1+3) = 1720 damage (based on the value given in an ability) 100* (1+1.65+1.65+3) = 720 damage as you can see, the difference only gets more vast and vast between the two and the player is not given any hint, that the damage is not calculated multiplicatively, I still think that octavias ability amp is buggy, as it doesnt do, what it's description tells the player it would do. Summary: I think all buff damage calculations should be multiplicative, as doing it in another way renders the description wrong, if anything should be changed, it should be the values of the buff