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  1. So heavy attacks are put on the button that noone really wants to use, due to it being the middle mouse button? Seems rather bad from a mechanical point of view. Also, what about the most important thing: channeled armor (esp acanthus prime shoulders)?
  2. Gauss right arm seems to be rotated by 90°, even for shoulder armor.
  3. But Gauss arm by itself is already broken, the right one. It's rotateted by 90°.
  4. So, can we please now be able to uninstall focus lenses, since I do have my eidolon lenses in frames and weapons now.
  5. shouldnt the acts give 6000 and 9000 points instead of 4500 and 7000? or are these undocumented changes for nightwave, cause this is way slower than before and from season 1 and intermission my takeaway was that this isnt intended
  6. Apparently, Wukongs clone also doesnt account for mods, otherwise the melee shouldnt be as slow as it is now. Then it shouldnt read relative.
  7. Defy seems to be bugged, armor buff doesnt go over 1500.
  8. Is the AI going to be better as well? Since as current when I see specters and such, I cant help but think that those could as well be non-existant for a major part of the game.
  9. The Event Score isnt updating, did a run until 22k today, roughly 4h ago, and the leaderboards still only show 20k for me.
  10. Enemies dying for falling is expected, I as a player dont know that such a thing is now counted as an exploit. If you go this route you can also say that building monster farms in minecraft is exploiting for the very same reason.
  11. And where is the exploit there? If you can throw an enemy into a pit to kill it, that makes sense from any point of view I can imagine. In fact, that's what you are supposed to do in quite a couple of games I played in the first place. See: Divinity Original Sin 1/2, Nioh, Dark Souls, Pathfinder (Pen&Paper)
  12. I mean, Loki just did what he always did, I dont see where the exploit in that is in the first place. All my runs were with Inaros anyhow, but if an ability just does exactly what it is supposed to be, where is the exploit? Mainly asking for clarification, as it doesnt make any sense to me from a logical point of view.
  13. Eh, are K-Drive related things really necessary? Leave it out and keep the friend/clanmate thing, at least those usually were fast, if it's sortie. In general, why would you put things as acts that players dont have to do, for example gilding amps, putting in stars, opening relics, now transmuting, farming syndicate medaillons. All of those things are directed towards players that might still need it, but once you have the things you want from any of those, it becomes completely and utterly pointless. Similar to ESO, you could just add the "complete a full rotation of defense/surv/excav etc" on the thing. this way people have a bit more freedom in choosing missions they might want to do instead of being forced into going into relic missions.
  14. The main problem is, that people are simply not interested in looking at the open worlds for more than their current goal. In every open world game I just want to get to the place where I can do what I came in the mission for. K-Drives offer not a single advantage to anything else, are boring to play with and lock you out of your weapons. Warframes, weapons and everything else are mere tools in this game for me to take advantage of to achieve the things I want to achieve. And seeing that most people playing open worlds choose itzal over the other archwings (or K-Drives), I am not alone in that approach. I dont mind changing up Itzal, if at the same time traversing the Plains or Orb Vallis will be as fast with any other alternative. And as a sidenote: Archwings are intended for Archwing missions. Changing them because of other applications is not a good approach imo.
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