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  1. Jep, it happened to kavats and kubrows in general, I would like to have the colours set to the way it was before for my pets. Smeeta got now blue eyes instead of orange, which looks wrong.
  2. Eh, are K-Drive related things really necessary? Leave it out and keep the friend/clanmate thing, at least those usually were fast, if it's sortie. In general, why would you put things as acts that players dont have to do, for example gilding amps, putting in stars, opening relics, now transmuting, farming syndicate medaillons. All of those things are directed towards players that might still need it, but once you have the things you want from any of those, it becomes completely and utterly pointless. Similar to ESO, you could just add the "complete a full rotation of defense/surv/excav etc" on the thing. this way people have a bit more freedom in choosing missions they might want to do instead of being forced into going into relic missions.
  3. The main problem is, that people are simply not interested in looking at the open worlds for more than their current goal. In every open world game I just want to get to the place where I can do what I came in the mission for. K-Drives offer not a single advantage to anything else, are boring to play with and lock you out of your weapons. Warframes, weapons and everything else are mere tools in this game for me to take advantage of to achieve the things I want to achieve. And seeing that most people playing open worlds choose itzal over the other archwings (or K-Drives), I am not alone in that approach. I dont mind changing up Itzal, if at the same time traversing the Plains or Orb Vallis will be as fast with any other alternative. And as a sidenote: Archwings are intended for Archwing missions. Changing them because of other applications is not a good approach imo.
  4. Oh come on, dont put down dispositions of rivens I use since before eidolons were even a thing... It's retarded that rivens you acquired before some changes to the game get affected by that and become more useless over time, just because the system was poorly thought out in the first place. This pretty much is punishing players for oversights of the system that were pretty obvious on the release of it. I dont want to roll rivens again just because the niche use I found for them doesnt work anymore, because now only maxed out stats for them offer any benefit because of a dispo change.
  5. It's not really a fix if I have to play index again to have it show up.
  6. I honestly liked alerts better, at least you could decide if you wanna play a specific mission for a specific reward. Now it's more of a "do random things that you might not like to eventually get a reward in 10 weeks". In addition to the wolf credits not staying in my inventory, even though the syndicate is not offering anything interesting for me. The whole Nightwave is defeating the core mechanic of wf, which is: Play how you want to play. And gilding another weapon is by far the most useless thing in the current rotation, if you already gilded all the things you want. Easy? Sure. But I prefer to spend my time by doing things I find fun with weapons I like instead.
  7. I dont find Kavat Codes in the credit offerings of the nightwave syndicate, which was one of the only things I considered worthwhile in doing alerts. Considering the amount of nitain you get per credit, something like 25 codes for 15 credits seems reasonable.
  8. Will the standing gains be upped from the missions, as most of them are for missions that are completely uninteresting to me and being forced by those "tasks" to play those is quite unfun to me. Or just let it be affected by daily standing and those tasks as a sidegain.
  9. since the update I am not getting kubrodon trail starting points displayed anymore, so I am incapable of collecting the floofs. any reason for this?
  10. Would it be possible to just scrap the rotation A and just switch between B/C, cause those seem a bit more interesting overall
  11. Only getting 5s duration on the wukong augment at max rank with 282% duration, there might be something broken
  12. If you perform a heavy or slam attack, combo charges are used as fuel to deal more damage. But there is no reason to change anything, if it is only a change to how melee combat works. The enemy scaling wont change, weapons that can get decent damage out of a combination of many status procs and combo multiplier will get respectively worse as weapons with higher stats turn way more powerfull in comparsion. Heavy attacks and slam attacks feel very out of place in the game, in my opinion, so that I never use them. Especially slam attacks tend to knock enemies away from you which is annoying. I feel that with this so called rework many of the core issues of the game are still not addressed at all. Those would be: enemy scaling and weapon power levels in accordance to that. I will agree that the combo system in the way it is now is fairly flawed. On the other hand I dont see an improvement in the one presented. Building up combo's should be a rewarding experience for skillfull play, which in horde games is usually measured by: how fast can I kill? The combo system also is only for melee weapons. In a better approach to the whole "Tenno are masters of all weapons" concept, the combo counter should extend to all equipped weapons. If you want to take DMC as an example: If you hit an enemy with your sword, you gain combo stacks, if you do so again, you gain more of it. But if you just continue using the same combo all the time, there is no increase at some point. Because of that you are encouraged to learn the multiple combos and perform them in successions, finding an optimal way. Included in that are also your ranged weapons, which you can use to maintain your multiplier, if you use ebony and ivory, or with other weapons massively increase it by spending a lot of ammo. In addition, you also use abilities to keep up with enemies, land hits or kill enemies, so you can also increase said combo mulitplier by that. I think, that if warframe approached something like a combo system, that is rewarding for using different weapons in a fight, then there would be quite a lot more potential to the whole thing than just by changing numbers on the melee weapons a bit.
  13. so instead of applying 5-10 hits you charge one attack that deals maybe triple damage and lose combo stacks on top of it. doesnt really sound fun at all, especially since if you have combos anywhere, you want to keep them as high as possible. I do quite like the Devil May Cry series and other games with such combat systems and for having only one melee button, warframe is nowhere close to those in regards of a good combo system. Melee combat is what I like most in warframe and using maiming rarely to never, I dont see it as an issue at all. as for slam attacks, I hate using them, for the very same reason I dont use hammers. if the enemy flies away, you cant hit him. heavy attacks are, as I already said, not worth at all the time it takes to perform them. Combo counter is also pretty much the only way, some weapons like the okina, dual daggers in general and other ultra short range weapons can compete decently with other weapons, as only through this they can get close to anything with more range in terms of damage. So by taking away damage on the combo counter short ranged low-mid base damage become even worse in terms of damage. For the whole rework to be better, take a step back, look at the whole combat system and enemies and rework it from ground, bandaiding one weapon type after the other without a visible or general combat in regards to scaling, enemy density, damage tiers, advantages of using a specific weapon is counterproductive at this point.
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