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  1. It's the same for many other things: Wisp opens only a portal to the sun, but the sun isnt strong enough to damage nullifier shields, for example. On the other hand plasma weapons are able to damage them. Or the Khora cat being able to heal them, even though it is in the tooltip. In addition, nothing changed from the change in Limbo, as far as I noticed with my squads, 10 s are plenty of time to kill enemies.
  2. The removal of self-damage hurts every frame, you cant blow yourself up anymore, which is the only important thing in any game in the first place.
  3. So the changes were just aimed to have a trinity in every squad again, I assume? Since with energize having such a huge cooldown, I personally will only go with squads where everyone has at least a full energize set, an EV or just solo as I used to, just with frames that dont rely on energy. Especially with Shield Gating other options of energy acquisition were additionally penalized, which leads to a very negative feel on the game for me currently.
  4. Selling a lich with the mentioned Ephemera, he has a Tonkor. PM me offers in the forum.
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