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  1. It's supposed to be green, not red, if I am understanding this correctly.
  2. Wisps Motes do not take on additional power strength changes (I.e Growing Power, Fissure Buff, Pax Bolt) when they are re-casted and instead still retain the previous power strength buff. It is very inconsistent and very easy to reproduce. Just re-cast wisp's motes with the added power strength buff while having their effects without the added power strength on and you will notice they don't change and going into the new mote still only applies the weaker buff regardless of it being casted with higher power strength.
  3. I realize all we are doing is the exact same thing we have been doing through out warframe just in a different way. I don't think 5 endless missions (make that 4 because the other one was abandoned and there is still a HUD issue that is impossible to work around) is going to interest me if all your telling me to do is to do it for longer, and if you die you have to wait to be revived through a boring mechanic. Oh right the invincibility drones? They were just a mechanic slapped on the side which were not really that interesting. You kill them boom: everything is dead, you don't, well It doesn't matter because you will anyways because of two weapons (and a few others) that dominate all in passing through enemies. And I know what this sounds like, said weapons are overpowered. They are not, its just their design. The problem is, is arbitrations are just not engaging. I understand rewards that are very exclusive may engage the player but the reality is, is once they have just had enough of the arbitrations because of how slow or how just uninteresting they are, they just don't give a damn about them, it took me like a long time just to get that ephemera and than a whole 3 days to build it only for it to replaced 3 days later by the cooler stalker smoke ephemera that was a piece of cake to get and build. And now that I see arch-gun rivens and aura forma, I just left and played the game, I play when I have nothing to do. I mean all I see in an arbitration that is unique is the drone, which is the least challenging thing ever, We could use an added objective in the mission to do. The mentality I am going for is the objective has to be more interesting than just killing a drone (I guess I am suggesting a raid or dungeon like structure, without the requirement of certain frames, weapons, focus schools etc), like in the kuva survival (Though don't always try to make it defense, I am starting to get bored of it), but in saying so one problem I had in kuva survival was the fact that towers didn't scale, so enemies would nuke them at 20 mins and beyond, So if you do implement additional objectives make it friendly for a little bit more than just "defense warframes" etc and do try to make it less of restriction or something that does not hassles the player like how arbitration survival only rewards about 3% support per capsule picked up. And one last thing, arbitration boons are okay, they can be fun but most the time no one uses them, and even still I don't, unless it's a warframe I really like or will not die as others do. At high level, I would say 30 - 40% of warframes are basically paper being thrown into hot water.
  4. One question. Where's that infested heavy blade we saw 9 years ago on dev-stream 112?
  5. I don't know if DE are planning on releasing them with 8 man action (they've hinted in the past that they may not), which is kind of lame, 8 man squads were a lot of fun. And they didn't have any requirements at least.
  6. Wow, we now have rush time, so even if we rush it we wait 1 day. I'm just kidding, but it's build time. Not rush time.
  7. 9 years later, infested salvage still stands bugged. And potentially great for blinding people all mission.
  8. Fixed tonkor and infested salvage permanent blood hud when? Been almost 3 months and they are still broken, well infesteds salvage permanent blood hud has been around for more than a year
  9. Credits are not visible when someone is on a K-drive. They don't disappear though.
  10. You really need to fix infested salvage I posted this not too long ago. And I posted the issue many moons ago on a separate post and it's currently archived that is how old it is. It is 100% reproduce-able and will happen to anyone, hell I've even seen it in YouTube videos. Visual issues like this really do cause major problems to the eyes when they look at it for a damn long time. Don't know if this will get read, but if not, eye cancerous mission continues till a long long long later date.
  11. I think the developers either despise tonkor or never realized that tonkor has been broken for like a whole month now ever since arbitrations.
  12. Is tonkor fixed? Saw nothing about it the patch notes.
  13. You submit your posters on this forum thread. Easiest way(or at least how I did it) to do it is go to imgur.com, post your image there (it does not require an account), then copy the forums code, post that on the forums and submit the reply. You should be able to find tutorials on the internet for this kind of stuff. Other image websites also work, just don't know how they work with the forums.
  14. My submission, everything was Captura except the very very very slight eye adjustments and the text which I used paint.net, I really don't like Photoshop much and I hear that it's probably the best program to use for this, so using a program not as great as Photoshop, I am hoping is allowed. https://imgur.com/a/647EAYI Link to the picture on imgur for greater view of detail. Anyways how to end this off? Don't forget, kiddo... your'e nothing without me. - TMITW (or whatever its called in future :P) EDIT: I also cropped the picture I took in captura, last time I checked warframe was not played on a vertical screen, thought it was worth mentioning.
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