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  1. When you are using a parazon finisher on a target right next to a pit and the resulting destination of the finisher is inside the pit, where you would teleported causes your warframe to be unable to move and fire and shoot, until death.
  2. I'd like to say, I like this post, because I hate the safety distance. However I'd rather if we had an alt fire without the feature for cautious shot users and so it can be used in arctic eximus bubbles. Edit: yes I do realise this is just about reducing the distance before it can explode* (kuva tonkor that is)
  3. The dusky headed virmink in orb vallis, when perfectly captured, doesn't count towards the nightwave act: "Conservationist" Edit: This goes for all virmink's possibly.
  4. Nightwatch Napalm doesn't work on Kuva Ogris.
  5. Did you have an avaliable weapon slot? If not from what I remember it should be in your foundry
  6. Saryn's toxic lash removes the 100% damage block from blocking with melee weapons. If you remember the ability used to add extra damage block, but now it reduces it (probably to the old 90% cap).
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