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  1. Sailor moon redraw: My sensors are... bleeding
  2. That's not the issue that I was having that I created this thread for, but that does seem to shed some light on a different issue I have been having, so thank you anyway.
  3. I've been having several hardware failures recently, but according to all my diagnostic software, my system is running completely fine. Help please. Ryzen 7 3700x, RTX 2070 Super with Game Ready Driver 445.87, ASUS ROG STRIX X-570-E Gaming, 16GB RAM
  4. Since around hotfix 27.4.1 my game client has been crashing on start basically a few seconds after any sort of keyboard input. If I leave the game just running in the background on the login screen, nothing happens, but as soon as I begin to type in my password, it's as if a countdown begins somewhere and the game crashes a few seconds later. I don't know what could be wrong, but I think the automatic crash reporter has submitted about a dozen crash reports. I did find somewhere on the forums that someone thought recent Nvidia drivers might be the culprit rather than a bug introduced with WRRR P1 so I will list my specs below as well as my current driver version. Ryzen 7 3700X; RTX 2070 Super with Game Ready Driver 445.87; 16GB RAM; Win 10 Note: I can get into the game eventually after about half a dozen starts and crashes, but the game runs just fine afterwards.
  5. DE, I hope that you know that you're effectively hamstringing the Vazarin School with this. This was effectively the only reasons players like myself use Vazarin.
  6. So far as I can tell, this issue is caused by the game accidentally redirecting you to flotilla 1, which seems to never be populated. Or at least that is what the UI says.
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