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  1. So you guys know the transmutation system? The one where you can fuse 4 unwanted mods into something that might be worth it? Well, I've gotta say, I do like the system. It gave me my copy of Condition Overload after all. But my one issue with the system is that you have to do it 1 at a time and selecting four mods at a time. When you have hundreds of mods, or stacks of mods that number greater than four, it can get extremely tedious. You can't just select a giant stack of a couple hundred mods or, heaven forbid, multiple stacks, numbering even higher, and transmute ALL of them. I would use this excellent system a helluva lot more if this were the case. I'd love to transmute all those mods that are just sitting there in my inventory that I am not going to use for something else. It would make an excellent way to get some of the stupendously rare mods.
  2. The synergy between these two abilities is insanely good. A teleport (with infinite range, mind you) and doubling the range of breach surge. But for heaven's sake, can we change how it activates? Currently, you have to be at least ten meters away from the reservoir and have to lock on with the little ring. So many times, I've had my little buff flowers deployed on a survival area or defense target and I'm trying to get far enough away to be able to activate the ability while still pointing at it and I hit terrain or something. Or, I or the game gets finicky with the lock on and I don't TP, I just do a regular Surge. I'd love it if the synergy between the two could activate, not just with the ten meter minimum distance lock-on, but at all times while you are within the radius of the reservoir.
  3. I found out that people weren't actually customizing their Railjacks. Prior to completion, the parts mimic the chosen colors of your dojo room. So, whatever color the room was polychromed to. One the Railjack is complete, it reverts to default colors. Looks like this:
  4. I have this issue too. It happens whenever gameplay gets hectic (lots of stuff happening, lots of effects from weapons and such) which is also the worst possible time for it to happen. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 6-core; 16 gigs RAM; GeForce GTX 1060 6 gigs VRAM; running game at 1600x900, customized settings (high preset)
  5. Where? Could you get me a link?
  6. I had this idea while watching Prime Time #269. They were trying to show us Bopp Bipp (I think that was his name) on Danielle's monitor and (I'm guessing because they didn't have her screen rigged up for the stream) they took the camera that was looking at Meg and aimed it at Danielle's screen to show the Lich. As the camera kinda got wonky as Dean grabbed it, you can just hear him comment, "Behind the scenes..." and you see the ceiling, a couple lights and the monitors of the streaming rigs. I think it would be a really cool stream if they did a BTS tour of the stream rooms, the offices and other cool places at DE.
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