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  1. 1 hour ago, bl1te said:

    I've experienced this only once. It happened to me when I pressed Esc during her no-HUD-crawling-into-Deck-12-scene.

    I forgot to try that again to check if it is the cause.

    Ah. Interesting. Will try to a few times to replicate it. If I find anything I will edit the main post and add that as a cause to it. thanks for the heads up.

  2. So the Exploiter Orb mission is really buggy, which has been the main reason I've been putting off getting my remaining part for Hildryn (just need the chassis), and today I tried my luck and was greeted by having to try to do the entire fight without gaining any information. During the intro scene when Mommy Exploiter comes down into deck 12, the HUD disappears for a while during her little bit of monologue, though usually you get it back soon after. I did not. I could not see my health, ammo, energy, damage, nothing. I was fighting with the HUD permanently off. I tried turning it on and off again in my settings, but that did not change it.

    I have several images to show different parts of the battle. I was hoping that perhaps after getting to Phase 2 it would load back, but alas that did not happen.SuPE9bn.jpg



    I should mention in this picture you do not see the heat bar because I got off one of her parts. When it is time to throw thermia at her to warm her up again, you do get to see that bar, but that is it.


    This was to show that if you pick up things like Oberon parts and blueprints, then that will show up. Normal pickups like polymer bundles and energy are not shown.

    I should also mention that I got no indication of picking up mods except for the sound you get for picking them up. 

    That's all the information I can think of right now, but if there are questions for more information, please contact me. I am available most of the time, so I will most likely respond rather quickly.

    Okay, so bl1te commented a possible cause of the bug from his own personal experience, so I decided to test it out. I just did another run to test it, and he was indeed correct. When Exploiter Orb comes into Deck 12, if you press escape and enter the menu while the HUD has been obscured, it will stay obscured. Hopefully this will help with figuring out where in the code to go.

  3. So I was playing the Arbitration on Hieracon, Pluto today, when this little gem of a bug happened to me. Most of the things I could think of as important are mentioned in the video below, but if something needs clarifying I will gladly respond. It is ten minutes long, so If you want a tl;dr: I was playing as Frost Prime with a friend when I suddenly couldn't do anything except pick up energy cells in a vain attempt of keeping the excavators alive. It did not work. While I was picking one up, I either got staggered by a Mutalist moa, or I got hit by an Ancient's snare. My gear wheel was still usable, and I could still use emotes. I just couldn't attack or use any of my abilities, and it seems to me as if the attempt at casting the abilities didn't even go through to tell me I didn't have enough energy to perform it. This leads me to believe that I was basically stuck in eternal "stagger Limbo", where the use of weaponry and abilities are disabled, usually for a scant moment. 

    That's about the gist of it. I'll be paying attention to this thread the coming days, so if there are more questions or people who want to complain alongside me, I'll be happy to respond.



    P.P.S: This is my first time posting anything in the warframe forums. At least as a topic. I've been gone for a very long time. Please do inform me if I have done anything wrong.

  4. Same thing happened to me just now! I recorded it, so the staff at DE can watch it if they want. The videos boring as hell though.

    Anyway, this thread needs a bump. Bit annoying to be 15 waves in and having to abort mission because the bursa won't die.


    (Just reply to this post and I'll give a link to the bad footage. Not sure if it's worth posting.)

  5. Ah i think I know what you're talking about. Sometimes when alt tabbing to quickly the chat is the only thing you can use and everything just stops, you can't move in the ship or anything, had it  afew times myself too :/


    This is basically what happens to me as well, but I don't get through alt tabbing. It is the same thing that happens tough.

  6. I am started to get really annoyed by this now. If I close a tab too quickly or switch between them to fast in the chat box, or just randomly, my entire game sort of freeze. I can still exit whatever I was in with esc, but after that I can't do a thing and have to restart to solve the issue. I'll upload an image the next time it happens. PLEASE FIX THIS DE.

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