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  1. Hello! While wearing pumpkin head attachment and looking at the "Tutorial" button on the Parazon upgrade section, my Grendel frame seems to missing his head in the tutorial photos. I am wearing the deafult head + Halloweeen pumpkin head. Edit: I just realised that the Pumpkin head is named Dullahan mask, and that is the Headless Horseman. So not a bug but a hidden Easter egg! "Wink" I'm all head over heels to Warframe. See yeah all later!
  2. Can't wait for DE to add so you can donate your Floofballs (Roller Floof, from summer event) to the dojo. I have already started to make a floofball arena in the dojo. Its time to spruce upp the dojos in shape so we are ready for railjack. Love the Dog Days event it made me laugh and giggle. Good work DE, drunk Kela De Thaym made my day.
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