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  1. CTD while on wave 4 of Sanctuary Onslaught. No crash report appeared or anything, just closed the program abruptly. This is my second my attempt at doing it, and it crashes.
  2. Wow, when we all thought you were going to fix it, you guys just went and made this rabbit hole of Fissures even deeper. So, apparently now you have to grab 10 reactants to get a reward. Well I joined a random T1 Tear and it put me into a match that was already in progress, was only able to grab 9 reactants so I couldn't get a reward. DE, please, this is preposterous.
  3. Want to point out a MASSIVE issue with relics on client side; On some occasions when using refined relics, the reward you get on your client will actually be different on another player's client. Example; I was going for Ash Systems, ran the fissure and extracted. On my screen it was a forma for the reward, my friend with me had the Ash Systems come up on his and grabbed it. If it wasn't for him getting it and taking it to give to me in a trade I never would've received the part I was actually going for. Please do something about this DE, this is absolutely ridiculous. If my client won't
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