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  1. Hi. I have a few questions: 1. Will there be changes in the interface and the blacksmith. With the release of Chromes out an unpleasant situation, can not see what is the quality of allies take the relics, and the blacksmith is inconvenient to search for desired items from the piles of junk Prime. I would like to propose on this issue to reduce the word Relics to Rel., and in the forge add the ability to hide or set favorites. 2. Will there be changes in the Ash and Nyx? For ash I would like to suggest some changes: 1 ability. To do more shuriken, at least 7 and that would be 2 could hit 1 target, as well when holding down button Ash threw more shuriken, but in all directions. This would make the ability more effective, now it's only good for her to kill Darwin pilots before they fall to the ground. 2 ability. Increase the duration from 8 to 10 or 11 seconds. After Loki this ability seems insignificant and very short, especially when you try to put hysterical marks on enemies, twisting a mouse in all directions. 4 ability. To increase the damage and power cost when activated on the screen would appear as a circle when Ulta Misa and enemies were hung only 1 mark. So Ulta would have been more comfortable. 3. There were changes in the interface and weapons, now doing melee 3.0, will there be changes in mods? After all, if not to take mobs on frames and increase the caliber, the rest of the mods from the vault are not used, and after the appearance of the mods of the fault of synergy has not changed. I have suggestions for mods.: - minimum synergy for fault mode 2/5; - add arms for extra 2 cells on type axilone, what would they be able to insert the mods not increasing damage, so let's give life 2 mods which are almost not used (increasing the duration of status, shop and other), it would diversify the builds and there would be a good idea to add in the game and use mods like: specific flowering and kick deep. 4. Whether the game has improved weapons from the biological laboratory of the type of vandal, a prism or a Ghost? It would be possible to make the suppliers of the arms of the colony from the quest Gambit Pasta or something. 5. After the emergence of The valley of Orbs will syndicates show details of weapons to create zo, for example an electric blade at the Perrines? P.S.: Sorry for poor English.
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