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  1. TYPE: in game DESCRIPTION: Applying a forma to a Necramech doesn't unlock the secondary energy color VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: I applied a Forma to my max rank Necramech EXPECTED RESULT: It should unlock the secondary energy color OBSERVED RESULT: It didn't unlock the secondary energy color REPRODUCTION RATE: I don't know if it does this for everyone, I haven't seen this mentioned when I searched the bug thread
  2. Indeed I mastered secondary kitguns long before the primary versions, I also remember my secondary kitguns not being counted as "mastered" even though they were multi forma'ed when Deimos came out: I had to take them out in missions once each for them to finally register, maybe that's where the screwy mastery points happened?
  3. I have mastered all secondary weapons (including kitguns, event weapons and kuva variants) and I have less mastery points than I should: 110 normal weapons (3k mastery each) + 5 kuva weapons (4k mastery each) should give me 330 000 + 20 000 = 350 000 points but my profile page says that I only have 338 000 points as seen here: I am also faily certain that I am not missing any weapon or anything, is there something I can do to resolve this?
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