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  1. As anyone with poor internet, or anyone who has played with those of us with said poor internet knows, Peer to Peer hosting can cause a wealth of problems in matchmaking. If the bad internet gets made the host, they are fine but the rest of the squad struggles. As someone with poor internet I would be MORE than happy to deal with the lag of my network if it means I don't get squads constantly moaning about having to play on 200 ping, or squads at all since many people just up and leave if they see the ping go over 50. It is quite irritating to have to try starting an arbitration , or sortie, or survival/defense mission to farm whatever it is I'm after that day several times and backing out of the nav screen if the game doesn't find a squad for me. So, I propose a solution so that everyone can not have to deal with higher ping, and those of us like myself can actually get squads: allow us to remove ourselves from the hosting pool. If I could do that, I would in an instant. I am perfectly ok with sitting in a queue for a minute or two until someone else invariably comes along to do that same mission. I already essentially do that, starting ad restarting and restarting until it merges me with an established host. This would just streamline the process and I think it would genuinely improve the gameplay experience for everyone. It's opt-in, so nobody would feel forced out of being the host if they REALLY wanted to be, and it could be added to the extant "Public", "Friends Only", "Invite Only", and "Solo" dropdowns. A "Public-Client Only" option or something to allow people like myself to still get a group for the increased mobs or for completing a difficult mission without anybody, them or us, getting inconvenienced.
  2. Its not that people levelling in hydron is bad. They can do it to their heart's content if that's what they enjoy. Its that levelling in Hydron sucks. It isn't really playing the game, its not fun, and I would bet 95% of people would much rather be doing something else. This gives the option of simply playign the game. Of course it wouldn't be a direct affinity to mastery, it would be reduced to a small percent of affinity gained, but this change would allow people to not have to level 400 weapons that you are never going to use in order to rank up their mastery. Especially since 90% of the stuff in this game is outdated and cant be used effectively.
  3. When the game first launched, there were no fancy weapons, no primes, it was all pretty basic. Every weapon was usable, maybe not the best but it was usable. At that point, the mastery system made sense. Who had what completed showed a willingness to try anything, and see what was good and what wasn't. However as time has gone on and there are 2 or 3 versions of nearly every weapon, not to mention the originals being powercrept so far into oblivion that not even cracked rivens can save them. At this point in the game, all mastery means is that person went out of their way to buy every blueprint off the MP or parts off of other players, and sat in Hydron for half an hour per weapon. It is no surprise to anyone that actually playing the game is one of the worst ways to level a weapon or frame, and not in any way a measure of someone's experience. Therefore, I propose that MR should instead be related to total affinity gained. Affinity can be gained easily in mid level endless missions like Akkad or Hydron, but these game modes are not enjoyable or profitable to fun for hours on end. Arbitrations and Steel Path, Railjack, etc, are the types of missions people would much more prefer to run. Some of you at high MRs may feel that this change would cheapen your accomplishment, perhaps rightly so. But the state of the game has changed significantly over the years, and the mastery system is a relic of an older age. A mastery system based off of affinity gained is a much better representative of how much actual playtime you have. As Bruce Lee famously said, "I do not fear the man who practiced 10,000 kicks one time, but the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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