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  1. I'm interested in knowing at what level does a player starts having a higher chance to spend money on the game.  Based on personal experience, I invested the majority of my time and money between MR 7 to MR 15;  I'm simply have not yet bonded with the game enough during the beginning to want to spend money, and now that I'm MR24-25 there isn't much else to spend money on (in fact, I purposely hold out on spending plat on new warframe / weapon launches just to spice up the grinding, dispite having a healthy bankroll of plat).

    Pretty sure DE has the metrics on this, but if my hypothesis is correct, that mid tier players are most likely going to spend money, then it would be in DE's best interest to ramp up players to the mid tier as soon as possible.  This includes removing the barrier to entries as suggested in this post, and I for once, think that both the crafting time and the skip price should be halved for all items.

  2. How do you stop the people that would have paid high price for something from paying low price if you offer that option?  You can't and that is why things are the way they are.


    Consider theoretical market # 1 with 3 buyers:

    - buyer 1 wants both booster and cosmetic and willing to pay $50

    - buyer 2 wants only the cosmetic but still willing to pay $50 because there is no other way

    - buyer 3 wants only the cosmetic but find the price to high so he is not buying

    If DE keep things the way they are, their total revenue is $100 from buyer 1 and 2.  If DE starts offering cosmetic for $10, they will make more money from buyer 3, but cannot stop buyer 2 from buying the cheaper option, making their total revenue $70


    Now consider theoretical market #2 with the same type of buyers but their numbers different:

    - 1x buyer 1

    - 1x buyer 2

    - 1000x buyer 3

    To keep things the way they are DE will make $100, but to offer cosmetic for $10 DE will attract 1000x buyer 3, making their revenue $10060


    The key in analytics is to figure out whether we're market #1 or #2, based on DE's actions it appears that we are market #1, with a high proportion of whales.


    PS. you can kinda price discriminate a bit but not to the extend of only offering Joe Schmoes on the forum the $10 package and no body else.  One of the example of a higher level price discrimination strategy is, say DE knows USA is market #1 and Canada is market #2, they'll only offer the $10 package to Canadian players.


  3. there are 3 types of players:

    1. happily buys PA at $50

    2. complains about $50 too high but still reluctantly buys PA

    3. don't buy PA because no money or thinks it is not worth $50


    You'll see alot of arguments for lowering the price or breaking the bundle up so that people can buy what they want like a buffet.  Problem is, by doing so, the increase in sales from group #3 may not cover the lost in money brought forth from group #1 and #2.  This is why the PAs are structured the way they are.

  4. type 2 rolls are not necessary better than type 1 rolls because the value of a 2 stats riven is greater than a 3 stats riven.  For example, if you have damage on a 2 stats riven it may go as high as, say 200%, but the max value for damage on a 3 stats riven may be 150%.  I'm using examples without the negative stats but you can get the basic idea, there isn't much incentives in choosing type 2 over type 1 if you're knowledgeable enough to know how riven works.

    type 3 rolls are inconsequential because the window is small.  For example, once you have gotten the damage stats, the "allowable" range maybe 170% to 200%, re-rolling with type 3 will just oscillate your riven around a small range with very little benefit.

    More options are always good and I wouldn't object to DE implementing this, but these rolls seems to be "beat around the bush" enhancement that appeals more to OCD players who are not knowledgeable on the riven value spectrum.


  5. 43 minutes ago, (XB1)Evilpricetag said:

    As somebody stated in another post once.

    Nearly every riven is unique. Every Riven owner owns a monopoly - practicly the only one of its kind, while another may be similar it may be a few different, if its good than they can charge whatever they want, as there is no competition.

    The real issue, some people are buying it for this much out there, and its killing anybody elses chances.


    Thankfully I play with plenty of friends and we happily give eachother rivens if we one of us want it before deciding to sell.


    Edit:Unless they make pre fixed stats for rivens, there is no way to kill this monopoly.

    Just because every riven is unique doesn't make every riven valuable.  Every single apple also has a slightly different genetic makeup and the way the cells are aligned,  doesn't make that one farmer trying to sell that one apple for $200 seems less crazy.

    I'm just glad, unlike in warframe, we don't have crazy people in real life buying up apples and screwing everybody else.

  6. 7 minutes ago, (PS4)aiptekfanboy said:


    Last time i traded a maxxed prime flow mod for 350p and contacted support since it was fake plat but my account is over 2k plat so my account went from 2020 to 2370 to 2020 p

    and support gave me back my maxxed prime flow so theres no problem on my end.

    I see, I misread what you said earlier as asking support on every trade before the plat is deducted.


    thanks for the clarification.

  7. 33 minutes ago, (PS4)aiptekfanboy said:

    Sorry just had to vent.

    This is what you do:

    say yes to the trade with the low bidder.  Get to the trading screen, put the item up, basically get all the way to the point of completing the trade but without clicking on the final confirmation button.  Just put them on hold while dangling the rare item on screen, since this is a good deal to them they will not be the one to first abandon the trade, all they'll do is keep yelling at the chat.  Waste their time for a good chuckle :)

  8. 5 minutes ago, (PS4)aiptekfanboy said:

    thats what i do but then most stuff i trade is 10 to 50p per trade and the huge red flag is when someone suddenly wants to pay thousands of plat? really? i assume its fake till several months go by and after I contact support about the trade deal real or no i contact support on any deal over 300p.

    I would not suggest everybody sending support a ticket asking if their trade is legit every time they make a trade over x amount.  Did you get a reply from support?  I'm interested in seeing what they would write in a reply :)

  9. Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be if Walmart starts invoicing customers extra on the money lost due to shop lifting that same day?  There are only 2 ways to handle this properly, either to jack up the price of products so no one notices, or to suck up the lost as part of operating cost.  DE should not do anything to any player that is not the origination of the illegal plat (either via hacking or charge back), not even taking the illegal plat away.

    I am all for banning the hackers and putting the charge back players into negative plat balance, but other non-originating accounts that have the misfortune of catching the hot potato (as in holding the illegal plat, or spending the illegal plat on store items rather then trading them off to the next "victim" in line) should not be punished.

    Look at it this way, this so called "ransom revenue stream" can either be significant or insignificant in DE's overall income.  If it is a big part of the income then your whole revenue model is F-ed up and you might as well fold the game.  If it is not significant in the overall income, the amount of support resources you spent on banning innocent players as well as the negative PR is not worth it.  Just man up and bake the lost into your normal operating cost.

    Unlike the usual buff-nerf feedback, this for once is an important item that should be addressed in the dev stream.

  10. Wraith and Vandal are just straight stats buff to the original weapon, kinda boring.  Seems like DE's philosophy to invested weapons are different, that they want to tell a tale that the infestation is consuming the weapon changing it's mechanics altogether, like the quanta for example.  Problem is, people that liked the original quanta may not like the infested quanta because of the change.

    When asking for more infested weapons be sure to know what you are asking for, are we just looking for stat buffs + skin?

  11. It is reasonable to expect a new set of arcane will be introduced alongside the gun version of zaw. What will the community like to see?

    My list:

    - chance for bullet to gain punchthrough on crit damage / status proc / head shot

    - chance for bullet to gain lifesteal on crit damage / status proc / head shot


  12. OP even if you are right (and I don't think you are per reasons posted by others already), this is a very poor way of framing your point and it will not get you far in life.  I sincerely hope that this is only your internet persona and you do not actually behave like this in real life.

    Steve once mentioned on a stream that in picking and choosing what to do there is a certain gauge against the "tone" of the request; "why would he want to please you" over someone asking nicely?

  13. impact - add a chance to disarm the enemy

    puncture - add punch through, as in shooting at an puncture proc'd enemy will have your bullet go through to hit another enemy behind, even if your weapon does not have punch through.

  14. 2 hours ago, (Xbox One)o HaNniE o said:

    It's not assuming that high day count players don't do anything but log in, it's the fact that just logging in is the only requirement. Whether you stay and play or not has absolutely zero affect on the outcome, so essentially..... yeah, you've been rewarded for just logging in. I absolutely agree that players should be rewarded for their loyalty, but keeping content that restricts players from progressing (weapons) or reaching a higher potential (mods) behind a log in wall is pure BS. My point is I shouldn't hit a MR wall or have a weaker build vs another player who's simply logged in more days if I've put in the work and completed the content in a shorter amount of time. 

    your value system is too much weighted on "putting in the work" and not enough "on logging in day after day".  Excluding the actual players that just clocking in and out daily, the rest of the normal players amassing up to 800 days do also put in the work and the majority would do so more than a player at 179 days.  Looking at the number of days logged is actually a good indication of player loyalty; it is not a perfect system but close enough for DE to flag the loyal players.

    Try not to look at the weapons as something that is taken from you but instead as a little extra gift.  If you set your baseline at MR25 you will be frustrated, but if you set your baseline at MR24 you will be happy when you do get those login weapons that pushes you to MR25

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