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  1. I seriously think a entire change to conclave where we aren't controlling frames at all and instead we simply join one of two teams. Corpus or Grineer, give it a gears of war style combat where you roll around, cover to cover and take shots when you can and it'd be like 20x better. They already have the models and animations needed and the engine CAN do it.
  2. Most people sit on millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of resources. Unless it's something actually rare people usually just don't care.
  3. You might be suffering from a placebo effect? Idk what to call it. Basically Volt was always seen as very fast but now that something is faster he SEEMS slow. Reality is that he is the same speed as he used to be.
  4. After maxing him out and trying 2 different builds I've noticed a glaring problem with Gauss. Gauss loves to go through his energy pool very fast and I could see you guys noticed this and gave him that conversion on his 2. However the 5% does not seem to be enough to keep up with double casting his 3, keeping his 2 up 24/7 and the 15 energy per 3 meters on his 1. I'd suggest bumping his 2s energy conversion rate to 10-15%
  5. Nope I don't think there is anyway to increase mach rushs speed. Honestly I already have him at max and he does not look promising, he looks more for fun than something you'd seriously bring into missions. Edit: His 2 also does not convert energy what so ever, pretty sure its bugged.
  6. People have the drought because of the lack of content capable of existing and entertaining for more than a few hours. Siege has almost the same update time as this game but they also add entire map reworks or new maps, two new characters (Which take roughly the same time as warframes perhaps even more). The difference is I can go hard and get some real enjoyment out of it for at least one month and by then I only have to wait one-two months.
  7. Volt Mains mad when Gauss doesn't even step into their territory. The only reason you guys even compare him with Volt is because of his 1. His radius for his abilities is like 1/3rd of Volts discharge radius and has a fairly long cast time not to mention he is more of a CC frame. Stop being mad Volt players. Gauss is much more selfish with what he does and that is the trade off between the two even in the case that they did share territory. One benefits more people and the other does not.
  8. I agree. Something to come out later at under half the price when all I got for 30 extra was some boosters that wouldn't have helped me regardless makes me feel gypped. The exclusiveness of the operator suit for example and how nobody else wanted to get it for 50 is what made it special to me.
  9. Do you only play starchart?
  10. Yeah and I am also sure they are that little baby company of 2012 still? Right? Everybody seems to still treat them like that.
  11. What a letdown I thought I was gonna get something. Checked it and apparently it takes usually 2 months since the deadline ending. (Bit ridiculous) but yeah.
  12. SoonTM. Honestly tired of how long it takes for stuff to get out. Like we are still in the struggle ages of 2012
  13. The round comes out today? Or will I have to wait months for it. (Like everything else)
  14. I am getting some lowkey furry vibes here on my radar
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