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  1. The irrelevant thing that didn't need to come to the forums. Has appeared once more
  2. Spawn kills you sometimes the moment you get out of the cutscene Boring invulnerability phase instead of actual strategy or tactics being used Takes control away from players for upwards of 5-10 seconds with the grab move Small part of it that hides behind a bunch of limbs where you can actually damage it nuff said
  3. Weapons don't affect what maim does in anyway at all
  4. Pfft he is weak now. I can 8 shot em with my rubico, perhaps I could understand if this was before the tank nerfs
  5. I love all these posts that make no sense. "Please make this alright frame more overpowered, saryn gets to be OP why can't I be OP."
  6. The sad truth is the more frames that get added the more frames that will be weaker than the others. Perhaps in a perfect world, all frames can be equal standing but right now some frames just have to suck
  7. I don't get a sudden rise in care for the state of Valkyr that started. Wukong and Vauban have been the gutter and don't even have a purpose in the game. The facts are that not every frame can be the next Rhino or Saryn
  8. I think these two statements contradict each other. You hate nukers but you want vauban to become a nuker? Cause the only other option would be a utility frame
  9. The only thing bad about Valkyr was the changes after Melee 2.9. Otherwise, she is fine and is doing what she is supposed to do, ree at enemies and be invul
  10. So after reading all of this you actually believe they can just snap their fingers and have plat come out of thin air lol.
  11. Except for the plat in both statements is still legitimate. The guy buys plat with a stolen credit card to the system is still legit. DE has no way of knowing it is not legitimate Basically selling it to third-party sellers can in no way actually harm you and gets even easier to do when you have crazy high prices flying around Plat starts off legit, is traded to the accounts of the third party website. They then hold onto that plat until somebody buys it from them (In a way this does not actually break any ToS as they specifically state they can't do anything about trades for promises of money if I remember) DE realizes that because of so much plat existing they can have a totally self-sustainable cycle and just keep selling plat at far lower prices. Essentially taking away business from them
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