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  1. There is a reason for the community rep thing on the forums. It takes a lot more work to create a topic than to click a like on a post. So, when you have double the amount of posts compared to your rep, you are clearly not very well educated on topics and should change up what you are doing. Cause it seems you aren't even appealing to very radicalized thinkers towards this game
  2. Ah yes. The good old bot that punishes you for being too good at the game. They really need to remove that bot from the game, in my 5 years of playing I've never once saw a cheater and I don't care if they get 100 warm coat mods a mission.
  3. Hey, lemme help you out. So, usually with Lichs we take the weapon bonus as the base price. In your case you have the last guy Soru with the 55% rad bonus quartakk right. So at his base price he's worth between 125-175p for the average person buying. Some people might bump that up or pay close to 250, but that's what I consider to be the median. He has no ephemera so we can skip that for the value but generally its usually just anywhere between +25p-+100p in value depending on how desirable it is, Now for appearance, for the most part this is entirely irrelevant but for me if I'm sellin
  4. They are actually correct. Voidrig will be the absolute top tier meta for steel path, it has the highest DPS in the game and will trivialize that mode. (I don't wanna hear about Khoras stupid statstick whip builds. That's the highest damage not the highest DPS) You simply set up in a corner and one tap steel path enemies in surv missions.
  5. Also have something to add, the Tennobaum meter has been full for about half a day. Will these rewards be distributed tomorrow?
  6. I'd like to report that the Vazarin dash is no longer healing Necramechs. (Sarcasm) How come every time Vazarin gets to be useful you nerf this school, we are literally the beaten child of the schools and have remained out of the meta forever while our Zenurik overlords sneer down upon us.
  7. Btw, what he said is the same response the discord full of riven scalpers said. They said exactly what he said word for word. "New players DESERVE to be scammed" was also one of their lines
  8. If I remember a certain scalper has over 10 million plat on one account, at some point we need to deal with this ridiculousness. The Riven system so far is not doing what it is intended to do, I mean we have discords specifically for scalpers as they bot snipe rivens and laugh about it. I'm grateful that I'm not dumb enough to pay anymore than 500p for a riven. Cause that's how it should be, I'm sick of seeing trade chat ruined by these "16k for +40% damage +10% crit chance -10% impact" people that make it unbearable to trade as they spam over 30 rivens a post and drown out me just trying t
  9. My guess is that Hildryns 4 is coded or whatever weirdly. Where she is not really "Flying" by the games standards but rather just allowed to make anywhere the ground. Cause there is really no other reason for this to be happening, which likely means that it won't be getting fixed cause they'd have to redo her 4
  10. An auction house would work very nicely for Rivens and hopefully drag their stupidly overpriced tags down. Cause if you don't have a meta tier weapon or a god roll you're pretty much spamming trade with a single riven for hours on end.
  11. Actually that 4 events with 25% always means 100% is just how humans try to process RNG. To understand stuff like this, you need to stop grouping chances into a group. But rather think about it as a singular event for all four. You can basically see it as. 1/4, 1/4, 1/4, 1/4. Rather than it being a 100% chance to happen cause its statistically likely and 25x4 is 100. If I flip a coin 4 times and its a 50/50, I could still land on the same side 4 times. Just more likely that with multiple attempts you're likely to get what you want.
  12. As one of the ten Vazarin players I agree that arcanes that heal should be nerfed.😃
  13. I know that there is probably some very fringe group that enjoys this. But the sad reality is that it won't happen, I'm more likely to die of old age before a change comes to conclave. I don't like conclave, I don't really care if they get rid of it or not. But it is a terrible, terrible investment. Lets say though, DE does everything that you guys have recommended. The conclave scene? Literal masterpiece with zero flaws, it could be game of the year by its self. Everything is balanced, we have a guy constantly banning cheaters. Still would not be played, the playerbase would still have
  14. Did you use Corrosive Barrage? Because that makes a very large difference, far bigger than you'd think. Once I started using that I was surprised at how much he could consistently pump out
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