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  1. i can't progress on "confront umbra" in lua,sometimes i get stuck on nothing just one big blue screen,sometimes i get to lua with excalibur umbra abilites but with operador movement,i think to this part bugged when you have to go with operator to confront umbra,because you always have using you warframe to fight,so the loadout makes this impossible.in the first bug,i have pop up right on umbra mind(with warframe umbra on screen) don't needing to fight him,but the game freeze on umbra face without any dialogue to choose.this part only work one time for a short,but after the dialogue wents down,i was in one dark room with operator.
  2. i'm at the point of the quest when it says to "confront umbra" on Tycho, Lua,when the camera goes to umbra face,nothing happens, i read there's a dialogue with free choices,but nothing happens,i am right now looking umbra face,only opening the chat menu.the dialogue don't start. p.s i have low fps and not a good computer maybe this is the problem?
  3. and what about losing efficience while waiting for the portal? this is still gonna continue?
  4. yes,did De think in another buffs coming for weapons such as flux rifle ,tiberon etc,and also weapons not quiet popular in the game?.
  5. finally fix on chroma doing negative damage,or zero damage i hope,i can finally use some weapons after this fix.
  6. flux rifle,nukor there still lot of weapons to "rework".also people complain about nerfs.c'mon guys give chance to old weapons to be on meta.in my point of view i want see tennos play all kinds of weapons not just the strong ones,so DE keep doing this.
  7. on my birthday excelent news,Thank you DE.
  8. any chance to see nightwatch enemies become part of some storyline,not only one event type?? Replayable quests whey?,some enemies are exclusive to some quests they can be in normal missions(codex entry)? any chance to mods like impact damage,cut damage ,punch damage to be rework to new types of enemies?
  9. i agree lets hope DE read this feedback and make new choices to make this system a little better.
  10. important information,i think maybe now we have more reasons to De rework a little more the invasions.we still dont have seem often the weapon parts.
  11. nice fixes in codex,but still LYNX dont spawn is turrets.
  12. and vulkar wraith,sheev ?please a least give some hints.
  13. any changes for gorgon e vulkar wraith parts appear on this year,he can be by invasion system as well.
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