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  1. This post is going to be weird as #*!% but I felt like sharing it anyways. I typically don't dream, especially have vivid ones I remember well. Last night tho I had some weird Warframe "ARG" dream? Look, I dreamt the #*!%ing plot points of the new war. Not the entire thing, but one of the climatic points. It took place in some Orokin tile, tenno outside their frames were using some kind of "Orokin dargyn" instead. Grineer, corpus, and tenno were all attacking the Lotus. S#&$ was wild. While all that was going on, a gigantic titan or something ripped the tile in half and the lotus's corpse was to float in space forever. Then once the story beats were finished. There was an assembly of about 100-150 tenno (actual people) who experienced the same thing. Socialized for a bit, then we all were assembled in groups. I #*!%ing swear I wish I could remember the IGN's of the people I met LMAO. Those groups were then assigned to study clues about the quest by observing our environment (kinda like nightwave ig). Only things I remember about the "clue searching" part was that it took place when the infestation *JUST* started to take over the Orokin. Like the infestation was "fresh" and looked more like Deimos infestation rather than "derelict" infestation. Then afterwards I awoke. No I'm not on any kind of medication/drugs. Just #*!%in spooked bros.
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