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  1. Oh well, then I guess I wont be getting the suit. I am not going to spend that much of my life repeating the same stale missions day after day for something as simple and useless as a cosmetic. Not to mention its a cosmetic for a part of the game that isn't even really utilized (operators only really have a use in eidolons, and once you get the rewards you want then thats that, no need to run eidolons so no need for an operator). It looks cool, sure, Ill give ya that. Thats about all the merit any of this system has. Can we get more story line instead of this never ending torrent of useless cosmetics and grind walls?
  2. Ahh, so you must be new to the internet. Ya know...Because most people understand that sarcasm does not come across through written text. LOL But you keep on being your special self. One day you will get there little buddy.
  3. I should have known that someone so blatantly hypocritical would not have the ability to reason. Please, repeat what you said again for the fourth time. I am sure that will make it less hypocritical. LOL
  4. I guess you didnt even read the message so Ill try to make it simpler so maybe you will understand. That is hypocritical because you guys complained about DE's direction yourself. DE was going to let us use these for conclave but you complained. You should have just gone and played something else yourself instead of trying to change DE's direction. Was that simple enough for you to bother reading this time? Probably not... too many words.
  5. My point still stands regardless. "People like you" are the only reason "people like me" will never get these cosmetics. If it was so easy then why dont I see anyone wearing them then eh? I would expect if its as easy as you claim that people would be using them! But they arent, because its not.
  6. Its been made very clear that getting those cosmetics is pretty much impossible due to the lack of people participating in conclave. What part of that is unclear to you?
  7. Hypocritical much? Say that to all the people who freaked out when they were going to let us use these for conclave standing. ALOT of people were VERY excited to finally have a reasonable way to get those skins. But people like you complained and had it changed. As you yourself said: You all should have just gone and played something else....right? Lel EDIT: Maybe, just maybe, PVP should have PVP focused rewards like PVP mods, instead of PVE cosmetics.
  8. Or I could wait and get 100% reduced grind. Enjoy your time at grindfest tho!
  9. They keep it as is because a vocal minority craps their pants any time they even hint at letting the rewards be obtained via other means. People like you. Thousands of people could be enjoying those cosmetics but they wont get to because people like you cant stand the thought of your precious exclusivity being devalued. It all basically boils down to a small subset of whiners stamping their feet because they dont want to share their toys.
  10. I really want it but Ill just wait until I can buy it from the store. No grindwave for me. I did the first grindwave, never again.
  11. I wonder how many people would show up to devstreams if there wasn't gifts and prizes. I stopped worrying about them when I kept missing them and feeling like I missed out because I couldnt be here on time. Now I just dont bother with the whole devstreams thing. Kinda crappy system if ya ask me.
  12. I would like to hear about any progress on the Lotus Voice Packs. (Click lotus head at top left of this website)
  13. So you said monthly... Whats up? EDIT: I will be very dissapointed with you guys if it turns out to just be boosters from here on out. You bait us in with a nice initial pack with claims of more like it then switch out to boosters once you have us all in the door? That would be awfully crappy of you.
  14. The whole "Estimated Release" thing is doing more damage than good in my opinion. Its only going to allow us to build up more unrealistic expectations while at the same time putting more pressure on you the devs. And what purpouse does it serve? Anyone and everyone already knew what was in the pipeline from watching devstreams. I think less is more with this kind of thing. I suspect this update will see a less favorable reception than if the information about its content/release date was not/less announced.
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