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  1. "it's easy enough for them to leave and do one without dragging me with them. " No it is not. If you are the host then other players CANNOT leave until the mission is completed or they loose all the mission rewards. You are complaining about being forced to do something you dont want to do while at the same time forcing other people to do what they dont want to do. Hypocritical much? If you want to run around and loot the small amounts of resources floating in space then set your party to solo and go do free roam. You can then spend all the time you want roaming around with no people bugging you and you wont be bugging anyone else.
  2. I am starting to think this is DE's strategy. 1. Implement new feature cloaked in intense grind 2. Pretend its not intentionally meant to be so grindy 3. Just so happen to have a pay-to-bypass-grind option 4. Let it sit for a week or two while a massive amount of plat is drained from the market. 5. Remove the pay-to-bypass-grind option / ease the intense grind once player frustration reaches critical mass. 6. Claim they changed it because "they want to be fair" and dont support "pay to win" 7. Bask in the praise of your players for being such an honest developer. 8. ??? 9. PROFIT! Reap karma and cash all at once!
  3. Hoping to get a price check on my 59% Radiation Kuva Brakk Lich?
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