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  1. Nahhh they wont. The requirements in place are sufficient. I barely ever see leeches. Go find a clan. Make friends who have similar goals. Or accept the fact that your not going to get "perfectly meta groups" unless you set them up yourself.
  2. Hard to tell what he is actually saying. Strawman though? Nope, it seemed to be his main point.
  3. I dont stay to 8 waves so I would automatically be a leech to you right? I must be punished because I dont conform to your elitest crap? If you want to play with a focused elitest group then go find like minded people. If you have trouble finding people in recruitment then find a clan. I use ESO for leveling weapons. Thousands of people do. Many more than use it for focus. DE is never going to implement your changes.
  4. Finding squads for long ESO runs is easy. Do you really use the chat?
  5. Because you want a group that has a specific set of goals, that is why you are required to coordinate with other people. Its pretty damn simple. Use the recruitment function. Case closed.
  6. As is tradition with PUBLIC squads comprised of people with wildly different GOALS. If you want people to be aligned with your specific goals then use the recruitment function to find those people. I do not expect to see this change because you have a solution that is already available and easy.
  7. But DE has made if clear that they plan to continue developing new content for the next few years at least. Why are you after the end when we are only half way through the story/development? If you have no interest in seeing the story/development through then whats stopping you from just not playing? Its the journey not the destination. Warframe has so much potential still and I have faith in DE to realize that potential.
  8. Why would DE want their game to end? Players like you want this mystical thing you praise called "endgame" that I do not believe DE has seriously attempted to do. At all. Ever. They might invoke the word when they talk about devbuilds or new content to appease the groups who yell from the rooftops that "WE WANT ENDGAME!!!". DE just makes more "Game", they have no intention of "ending" it anytime soon. What you really want is simply called " more challenging content". So call it that. If you want the game to end then quit because I dont think DE is going to be ending warframe any time soon.
  9. It will be an earned skin for two handed nikana. Probably from next nightwave. https://mobile.twitter.com/rebbford/status/1118927256363999232
  10. Could you point me to the source where DE claims this? Sounds like the claims they gave you state that no in fact they wont recover dissolved rivens because as multiple people have tried, and failed, to explain to you that RIVENS ARENT ITEMS. Go take a nap.
  11. I get the feeling this would only cause backlash from the community. IF they added this system a huge portion of players would be up in arms about how money hungry DE is for hiding the better color choosing system behind a huge paywall. Its a can of worms that I very highly doubt DE will open.
  12. Why are you talking as if you speak on behalf of the whole community? You do not. What the community wants is extremely fragmented Speak for yourself and leave it at that.
  13. I dont think you understand. DE doesn't look in General Discussion for Feedback.
  14. I have only gotten one part. But because I have been listening to the devs rather than screaming my head off with an endless tirade of complaints I know that his spawn frequency will increase with time and therefore I will be able to get his hammer. Also he is not going away after nightwave so its not like its some exclusive reward. Same reason I am not freaking out about getting the ephemera's. Ill get them eventually. I have patience. Try having some patience.
  15. Your amazed by the credits...I am amazed by the 112 THOUSAND platinum.
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