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  1. For the reply, the first image, my Oberon had Quick Thinking mod on him, still no works the aura just instantly kills you once you run out of health
  2. quite concerns me it's not 9 slots as well edit: it's not about healing yourself at this point by the way, the reason I was using Nidus and Wukong is the part they both have undying mechanic Nidus for 15 stacks to prevent death Wukong for 3 times undying even in public you just died instantly instead of went down, so yeah.
  3. Can we have a chance to see if the Step Ephemera blueprints were trade-able? I've got like 4 of already built bp stuck in my Foundry and couldn't do anything about it
  4. The Archgun stats is still in a wrong numbers at mod builds menu
  5. The Archgun modification is still showing wrong stats with some mods. https://i.imgur.com/l38JqEd.png
  6. Just gonna put this here. Have a nice day
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