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  1. OR, move sevagoth and epitaph to holokey shop, remove holokeys from void storm drop tables and bring back Void traces WITH their duplicate protection And THEN make void keys drop as 4 per voidstorm GUARANTEED in Veil, 3 in Saturn, pluto and neptune, 2 in Earth and Venus. Seriously.. Holokeys destroyed Void storm's rewards, Holokeys ARENT EVERGREEN AT ALL. You get the MR fodder, weapons, then you do not need holokeys anymore. Void traces are needed so long as new primes are being released. This workshop just ignored all the feedback and said "Here's a few more of this non evergreen reward that you all don't like" And ONE for a sister of parvos? Nice, I get one (1) holokey per 3 hours! Amazing. Absolutely incredible. that's got to be per stab or increase it to 10.
  2. DE thinks holokeys are "evergreen" yet they offer non-evergreen rewards and add to the same issue people were complaining about. (One time rewards diluting drop table) For me, those melees are going to get maxed and i'll never use them again, after that, what do void storms offer? Void traces are always useful (Unless DE stops releasing new primes). I knew holokeys would just dilute the drop table, but DE managed to make holokeys even worse by replacing one of the rewards that was already good.
  3. Void storms had a chance to drop 25 void traces on earth/venus, 100 in veil and pluto(?) and 50 or 75 on the other proximas as a common reward in the same table as the rad relics and endo. I am not talking about the randomised 6-30 traces you get for reaching 10/10 reactant.
  4. The endo is good, arbitrations suck. Void storms are many times more fun than arbitrations are and ever will be, DE are unwilling to improve them and remove the drop table diluting arcanes, mods and ephemera. Void storms pre-sisters were close to being a really fun rewarding gamemode that you CAN do quickly most of the time.
  5. IIRC, Void traces from void storms did not drop from void storms if you had max traces, so that isn't a problem.
  6. Not the point, but Void storms were more enjoyable than running normal missions BECAUSE of the high endo, void trace and radiant relic reward. Now you're more than likely going to get sev, epitaph and holokeys instead of the better rewards, so it's not even worth bothering anymore.
  7. Yes, it used to be a chance at 25-100 depending on if you're in earth-veil/pluto Much more generous, and in addition to, the randomised 5-30 or something normal traces give.
  8. I only really glossed over the patch notes, but I swear it said something very close to "Holokeys replace void traces in Void storm drop tables" You can provide proof, and i'll probably look right now before posting this reply anyways lol. Ctrl + F the 30.5 patchnotes: Each Proxima Void Storm can reward Corrupted Holokeys as Common mission rewards. These replace the End of Mission Void Trace rewards from Void Storms. Edit: Ctrl + F, not Ctrl + 5 lol
  9. DE replaced Void traces in Void storms, with Corrupted holokeys. Void traces can upgrade relics to radiant and make dragon keys. Holokeys can buy you 4 weapons that you will more than likely want 1 (one) of. (Holokeys were made to be an Evergreen reward for void storms, to incentivize playing the gamemode, I think DE and players have a different idea for what "evergreen" is.) Void traces were already a good evergreen reward for Void storms. Void traces are EVERGREEN. Holokeys are NOT evergreen. What DE SHOULD have, and can still: Move sevagoth AND epitaph parts to corrupted holokey shop for 40 holokeys. (Remove them from void storm droptables, they dilute it, nobody wants those parts) Move holokeys into their own droptable in void storms, allowing Holokeys and traces (and endo) to drop alongside holokeys. Make the holokeys a guaranteed 5-10 keys per storm. This way, players no longer receive completely useless items from an end-game-ish mode, and no longer feel like garbage when they see the dreaded "Sevagoth/Epitaph (part)" AND players no longer have to spend more than 8 storms per sev/epitaph part. Hopefully this is constructive, and hopefully I'm using bold text correctly to highlight important points.
  10. Arbitrations compared to steelpath: Vitus essence is around 12 guaranteed per 60 minutes VS 24-ish steel essence (affected by boosters and kavats meaning it can be significantly larger than garbitration) arbitrations have default solo enemy spawn rates VS steel path where you’re rarely ever out of enemies to kill. That makes arbitrations Arbitrash because you’re asleep for 99% of the time. arbitrations are a randomised gamemode, meaning when you log on it’s very often not a gamemode you’d ever want to play (I like Survival and hate defense, interception, defection and excavation, so it’s almost always “oh this gamemode sucks so I won’t bother with arbitration) VS steelpath, which is ANY gamemode at any time, play when you want to no bullS#&$. droptablesfor arbitration are filled with arcanes, mods, seeding step ephemera and aura forma blueprints. No one ever wants these once they have them, move them to the arbitration store there is absolutely zero justification for these in the drop table for arbitration, move them to the store like the other mods are. you have one life, and you get less rewards than the “”Hard mode”” that you can revive multiple times in, significantly less rewards. Vitus essence from all sources (besides the 3x you get from drop tables) needs to be AT LEAST DOUBLED. enemy spawn rates need to be the same as steel path, in fact, spawn rates should be steel path spawn rates IN EVERY MISSION. alternatively, just put the damn galvanised mods back in the gamemode that is not boring, unrewarding, and timegated RNG. OR JUST HAVE IT IN BOTH. also the warframe boosts are almost never a warframe I’d want to play and absolutely never a weapon I use, although I see that more as a bonus. and don’t you DARE make steel path less rewarding because arbitration sucks, make arbitration fun and rewarding to match steel path so that people that hate steel path have an alternative, and people that play steel path don’t have to experience garbitration/arbitrash economy. Really hate the galvanised mods move, you really suck when you do this kind of thing, stop moving good rewards to the worst game modes when you had it right the first time.
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