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  1. Dreykan

    Ninjutsu. Foro De Las Builds Más Populares.

    Build de Ash para combate cuerpo a cuerpo. Hago énfasis en la movilidad, y en fortalecer las habilidades de daño, su alcance, y la duración de Bomba de Humo, sacrificando probabilidades de supervivencia. Es divertido de usar, a la vez que es todo un desafío.
  2. Dreykan

    Hotfix 13.0.5

    Do you even sleep, darryl1?
  3. Dreykan

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Well.. since i did not posted anything besides a cat in the good'ol thread, and many clannies already posted their pics.. here i go *holds breath*
  4. Dreykan

    Wikiwarframe Español. ¡ayúdanos Y Colabora!

    Interesante. Puedo ofrecer servicios de tradución sólo por amor al arte. Es la primera vez que veo esta sección de los foros O.O
  5. Dreykan

    Last Post Wins

  6. Dreykan

    Hotfix 10.0.7

    And some sounds changed as well.
  7. So, do you like Cookie Clicker?
  8. I'll be far richer than bill gates in that awesome non-existent country. But of course, money there isn't that valuable at all, because you can pay everything with a kind smile.
  9. I've finally made it to here.. Yup, i'm another hostage.
  10. Dreykan

    Lotus Transmission Received!

    I need a Control Module to build a potato I need to put dat potato into my paris I only got 48 hours or less to get the potato, and I wont be at home most of that hours. Looks like i'm gonna had a bad time...