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  1. Go to school and stop wasting your time on games.
  2. The only counter to that is those results are a result of powers, whereas a player needs do nothing your way due to being a passive.
  3. Your idea for a new passive is intriguing. It would encourage players to be night in order to fuel the maim of day form. However, I don't think these should be the same values of normal health and energy orbs. The reason for this is other players would be rewarded extra orbs too, ipso facto, sharing here passive. In fact, there is no need to have two different kinds of orbs. Whether it rewards health or energy could simply be dependent on Equinox's current form, and these orbs are only visiable and picked up by Equinox. That said, if all this were implemented, why not just have the current effect possibly boosted a higher lvl of equilibrium? Adding a rad. proc to Rage is also an interesting idea. Perhaps with the augment, it would mean too many radiated enemies for a second ability. I'm ignoring your comment on Provoke. Yes, Mend does not benefit much from its damage boost; yet, your suggestion is convoluted. The healing, a small bit of over-shields (based on power strength) and a damage reduction based on accumulated damage (not to the degree of bless) would be sufficient. Since Equinox has a bit of armor this damage reduction could be more armor. To not be spammed, a threshold should be met to receive the damage reduction.
  4. Not needed. Forma are easy to obtain and are cheap in packs of 3 in the market. Besides, some frames can have more than 3 viable builds and keeping a non-prime variant is something many people do. I can understand new players thinking it is such a waste to throw away an old but well used item, but forma blueprints are so much easier to obtain than before relics. If not, use your plat.
  5. I bet you can find YouTube vids on lore.
  6. I think building for duration is overkill. I have link built for 11 seconds with abating link and 15 seconds with ev, and I don't mind. It might not be the best build, but it works good enough. I cycle powers 3, 2, 4 about every 10 seconds or so. If link were a toggle, it would be too powerful. With a continuous 75% reduction, everyone would be Trin. If I could redo Trin my way, I would take the hover mechanic of well of life and make allies shoot the enemy for energy. Then I would take the finished damage of Ev and apply it to a new power, with CC, like "gravity well": draws nearby enemies in and does finisher damage.
  7. Keep blade storm activated and release it when you need it.
  8. Two tweaks that may help: 1) Whenever prowl is broken, it stays active and will reapply shortly. The augment can cut this time by 1/2. 2) With dashwire is used, it will automatically put her it. An additional tweak can be to have her advance so many meters, perhaps 10m. If a player does not want to be automatically put on the wire, then crouching can be used, the the dashwire is shot but Ivara stays in place. I can foresee dashwire being a faster mode this way.
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