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  1. Hello, please write again your discord name in this form: Sheepwrangler#6456 otherwise we can't contact you.
  2. ---- Astral Ethereum ---- -- Extremely Active Storm Clan l Active Competitive Players -- -- Researched l Awesome Community l Events -- -- Discord Mandatory (MIC optional) -- -- MR 15+! -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who are we? Astral Ethereum is the competitive branch of the Astral Clans, we dedicate ourselves in reaching the highest possible level of gameplay in Warframe and have fun while doing it! Our goal is to be as high as possible in leaderboards each week and further advance together in becoming the most efficient space ninjas we can be! We offer a complete researched dojo decorated by our established and proven architects to feast your eyes upon! We also offer A challenging rank up system where your game knowledge will be tested. A very active Discord server shared with our sister clan Astral Awakening where you can share builds, fashion frames and capturas, doubts, experiences, memes and more. How can you apply? First of all you need to be at least Mastery Rank 15, in addition to that we need you to have at least the requirements posted below (screenshots may be asked). Participation in any future events is expected of all our members. We always offer multiple Platinum prizes with challenges and in house events from time to time as an added incentive for further promoting healthy competition and gameplay. Captura credit goes to our very own ResonantStorm Requirements**Mandatory:** MR 15 and above. **The following requirements:** -In game time of 500 hours. -Mastery Rank 15 and above. A small introduction of yourself: Ingame Name: eg: Sheepwrangler Discord Tag(capital sensitive): Sheepwrangler#6456 Happy hunting Tenno we are looking forward to have you with us!
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