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  1. Hello Steve! Thank you for what is literally the best game I have ever played. You can I am sure access my profile with over 4000+ hours and literally one of the smallest gamerscores on Xbox Live, because I am constantly on Warframe! The passion that you and your team, everyone at DE is unrivaled and inspiring. As someone who has been on this journey for 3-4 years I want to take time to thank you for the many many quality of life changes that our community seems to forget or goes under appreciated. When I played this game we would spend hours farming the void with keys. We would get disconnected and loose 2 hours worth of items and more. If there ever was a time to quit warframe and never look back it was then. You and your team have remedied that. Now if I and millions of others get disconnected we can find our items in our inbox. Thank you! When I played this game there was 4 revives a day and you got an extra revive with 20 plat. Ouch! You and your team have since remedied this. Thank you! I would accidentally click an item in the foundry but you have given me the option to cancel a build and have my resources refunded to me. Thank you! We had Kuva extractors and we asked for endless Kuva in a survival and you delivered that to us. Thank you! We asked for more loadouts for our operators and you gave that to us. Thank you! Giving us riven transmutation from eidolons so that we could transmute four random rivens. Thank you! Giving us 6 slots for trading (akjagara /akstiletto) is a welcomed change. Instantly putting stars into ayatan treasures is a nice quality of life change. The login rework, I have received more boosters than I can remember! Thank you! I could go on and on about the endless quality of life changes, bugs, fixes, patches and things you and your team have done to make this an amazing journey. Thank you! I'm saying this because when we as a community ask for more we also I feel need to look back and see that which we already received and appreciate it. I also enjoy playing this game because I like the philosophy of DE as a company. That you not only wish to fill your rice bowl but that you give money to children's charities, the needy, create awareness about breast cancer and other ailments. You are a company that not only makes money you have a heart. Thank you! By coming here and making a post like this, doing the devstreams bi-weekly and make your twitter accessible you and your team have shown your accessible and take a hands on approach to this wonderful undertaking. It shows! There are times when I tune into the devstream and I see the bags under your eyes or Scotts and I think wow these men need to get more rest. Perhaps a vacation to the Bahamas is in order. If I see this rest assured countless others do to. So I am saying this because some times our community can be under-appreciative and realize what was, and what is. All of that being said and for risk of being called out as a sycophant this is what I have heard from the player-base and I have witnessed myself. Sure you have graphs and charts that show all time player logins and highs but I am sure as a company you are interested in 'sustained interest'. Just as people are concerned about Titanfall 3 oops I mean Anthem I reminded them that we lost people to Destiny and we actually in turn gained back three times the amount of people. The fire and allure of warframe spread...and will continue to do so. So please take this advise on board as someone who is very passionate about warframe. I am going to use as a frame of reference a game in which there has often been made comparison/contrast. Destiny , in particular Destiny 2. One thing that I have to admit that I love about Destiny 2 (Forsaken on) over Warframe is that it does feel that you can actually engage the game (Gambit, PvP, the various maps) while leveling up, you don't even realize it and voila you have a bright engram. In Warframe technically we do gain affinity while engaging the game but it is soo slow and where was we once flocked to Draco , it is now Hydron and Helene. We understand this is a looter,shooter with lots of grind. Yet, for many people who want to put four or five forma on a warframe or weapon (especially the younger crowd) I have observed that is where the fall off is. They get burned out with it. They had to grind hard to get Khora and now to make her really exciting they feel compelled to do Hydron and Helene over and over. It is simply not fun. You feel you are doing a chore more than engaging this wonderful and amazing game you have. Is there a way to get the same amount of affinity in Hydron/Helene as long as there are four in a squad doing any mission? To me one of the best aspects of warframe are the survival missions. Yet, it is lacking something and I can see and hear (through xbox live) the groans from the players about it seem lackluster. Immersion is important in a gaming experience. Warframe has amazing music. From the oriental vibes of the Second Dream to the tune of Solaris United that seems like a tune dwarves would sing in their caverns. Would it be possible to have something upbeat , uptempo for the survival missions? Again, using Destiny as a comparison/contrast. I was really immersed in missions with the Hive because once the tempo of the music hit you just felt "oh &hit" these guys are serious!!! I love survivals but they do seem humdrum , and I believe if the music was more up tempo with perhaps the spawn rate increasing over time and even grineer, corpus, infested bosses appearing every so often at various levels, maybe a level 1 boss, level 2 boss it would be truly epic! Perhaps a survival mission where the titles disappear beneath us every so often, to force to regroup and camp elsewhere. Another point I personally hear allot of groans about are many of the bosses. The eidolons and profit takes are great editions as well as the corrupted A.I at the end of the Octavia quest. However we have bosses like the Phorid, that need a re-imaging, the Sergeant is another. Lastly the raids. Many clans like ours who were raiding clans loved the idea of having 8 people parties or we would split into two parties of 4 and race each other through the Raids. It was allot of fun and brought our clan together in a way that the current state of the game does not. There is allot of effort needed to get one person up to par for Tri-Cap let alone the limited selection of Warframes we can use to pull it off. So if you have plans for all new raids, grineer, infested, orokin, corpus, tau etc...please! Apologies for such a winded post. I tried to steer away from personal wants/wishes and focus on what I have personally witness drive the player base away. In a year chalked full of triple A titles we are so happy to see the outline. The first devstream of this year was in my opinion the single best devstream you have had! The following one was amazing as well. Tuning in at 3:00 a.m in the morning to watch someone track a piece of dung on the ground for 35 minutes I really felt lost and wondered about the future of the game. However, the last two devstreams were absolutely phenomenal. When people ask me who or what I think your competitors are. I say in all sincerity that D.E is their own competitor for better or for worse. Being told that Fortuna would be released fall of last year, and we (Xbox) received it December that was very hard. The 'failed to connect to server you will be logged out' that happens religiously twice a day for the last year. These are the things that hold D.E back. It is not any perceived outside competitor or flash in the pan, it is D.E itself. Yet, that being said you have outdone yourselves many times over and have delivered, have listened to us, wowed us, thrilled us and awed us. Thank you Steve and thank you everyone at D.E! For me personally I am here on this journey with you in 2019, 2020 and beyond...
  2. NAME: TENNO OF SHOEN SEIDO CLAN TIER: STORM PLATFORM: XBOX ONE CLAN ROLE: FOUNDER. About our clan. We are most likely one of the oldest if not the oldest Storm Clan on Xbox One. We not only have gold trophies for ambulance reborn, pacifism defect , plague star but we showcase our bronze trophy from the Rathuum event (Spring 2016). It reminds us of our humble beginnings and evolution as a clan. To join our clan we have basic three requirements. 1) We do not allow toxicity in our clan. 2) We do not allow racism or racist rhetoric in party chats or among clan members at all. 3) We ask members under at MR10 or below to login once every 15 days and MR10 and above once every 30 days. We are told by those who have left other clans that we have one of the most flexible login polices of all clans. We do not have a clan ranking system (to prevent intra-clan rivalry). We have clan roles. This allows players who join our clan to group up and identity with other players who have similar interest. We also will accept players of any mastery rank, and we still give top tier clans that only recruit MR 18+ or MR 20+ a run for their money! About the aesthetics of the clan. We have two main spawn rooms. One is a 'light themed' room and the other is a 'dark themed' room. This is based upon the quest that DE gives us and the decision to align with dark/light/neutral. Our weapons labs are preceded by hallways that showcase themes. Infested theme, Tenno theme, Grineer theme, Corpus theme. Our dojo does not have any over arching theme as is really about creativity and art. We wanted our hallways to be presentable in orokin gold and other hallways to look like an art gallery. SOME NOTABLE ASPECTS OF THE DOJO A WRYM THAT JEALOUSLY GUARDS HER TREASURE. A CLAN MESS HALL. A MARKET PLACE. A BAR. A CETUS MARKET PLACE AND A FISH DINER. A CORPUS IKEA AREA A ROOM TO SHOWCASE VEHICLES AND UPCOMING VEHICLES A MEDITATION ROOM WITH FLOATING OBJECTS WE HAVE MECHS A MUSHROOM FOREST, A GIANT AQUARIUM, A STEAM PUNK GRINEER GARDEN. BEHOLD THE XBOX ONE STORM CLAN: TENNO OF SHOEN SIEDO I want to thank the members of our very great clan for their contributions and excellent ideas. As a Storm clan it is a herculean task to put forth the resources that we have....and there will indeed be more to come!!! Barbatos Lupus Rex Gaming05 Dswag05 BouncedChain92 xXHulkHoganxX Xtra_Sauce AfiqSherahan23 Ckq88 RedxEpsilon Tm Al Capwn Sirorion89 AndroidBeast818 ATBcornRolla CarnageSquidy III KARAS III JVgamer320 Krynul LAYCAN 98 MainCashewz MMSAEVO MysteryBiscuit8 PandemicTyler therealCC69 LordMoistTheWet ThirtyWall spiderfish98 honorable mentions, VladDracula, LesEvil7, Thuglord McGee and anyone else who ever was a part of our clan even if briefly if you ever contributed anything at all. THANK YOU!
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