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  1. On the argument of "it's part of the game": yes, that is the problem. And on "it's fun": no it's not. Please give a better explanation why should we waste resources and effort everytime we would like to change a mod and why couldn't it be free after a certain investment.
  2. 1. Thanks 2. Come on, why did it take so much? It's such a basic need for players and you still didn't make it skippable by choice, now some of the players will complain that they can't hear the same dialogue as a whole for the 100000th time, because they accidentally stepped into a yellow circle (not me though). 3. Will that mean not even Son can delay bounties with his monologue when you accidentally stepped on a predasite? Or worse, when you tranqed a velocipod while riding another velocipod?
  3. Except it wasn't a "fix" in the eyes of players. The problem isn't that it gave more access to players who don't like to spend hours in a mission, it's that the hardcore steel essence farming got taken away from who liked the old way. The weekly purchase cap would have already fixed that, but as we know that wouldn't include fear of missing out and didn't lock people do to steel path missions daily. I too think it was poor decision to not keep both ways of farming.
  4. Mend the family "feature" is another few hours of development wasted with these prices. Daily standing cap is one of those anti-player stuff that restricts player freedom and comfort for daily logins, nothing more. Don't try to picture DE as an economic genius behind this at least in the same topic that discusses the gigantic failure they did when they estimated the "mend the family" prices. It's just a coincidence that price inflation caused by caps goes well for DE.
  5. Okay, I finally found out how to shoot on k-drives. Secondary weapon should auto-equip on k-drives, because when you start empty-handed, it's not straightforward the weapon switch button would do anything.
  6. Artifically making the missions longer by making players to wait for acolyte spawns is unacceptable. Make them spawn latest at 50% objective completion. Edit: Same for fissures on reactants.
  7. Because drop chances of 2% and 5% exist.
  8. Lmao, who would have thought? Are the other rewards in now?
  9. That explains much. What a waste it is to touch anything new.
  10. There isn't even 1000 endo or 1500 endo in the drop table for t2 and t3 bounties. I did t3 bounties 3 times for 1500 endo as the last reward, all with bonuses completed. Got matrix and common necramech mods (fury/redirection) as every other bounty reward. I stopped playing until there is a clarification and confirmation about the drop tables. Edit: I'm getting really pissed about that there is ALWAYS something fishy about the rewards in the early states of any new content.
  11. Is this the Corrupted Vor monologue?
  12. There is always an excuse to be f2p completionist...until you make your first purchase. Excalibur prime is a great reminder to keep that goal.
  13. I wouldn't bother to do SP dailies below 10 steel essence/mission with booster. That would be 5 missions in around average 15-30 minutes including the thought it could contain endless missions until first A rotation too. It would still only be maximum 50 steel essences daily, which is drastically lower than the possibilities now. It would be best to at least keep both type of players happy and leave the SP eximus drop table untouched, while giving new oppurtunities to people who don't/can't do long farms. I'm not a fan of long missions, but once in a while I can get myself to stay in for
  14. DE had time to realize why is it annoying, good for nothing eyebleach, but apparently they need help identifying the problem. Even skipping the cinematic doesn't end the whiteness, which it did in the past. The forced flashbang is only a few months old bug/feature.
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