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  1. After excalibur starter I started switching frames so often, years weren't enough to push it down from top1. I leveled weapons with volt though, and old ember was...you know, old ember.
  2. Consider buying those prime frames after maxing out archwings+weapons, necramechs and k-drives. By the time you gather the willpower to do these, those frames will get unvaulted twice. If not, then even forma them.
  3. Definitely not false. DE claims the ownership for every railjack, so we can't use our own ships (even if we had one).
  4. If you are in public that's because player proximity and extraction proximity counts. The inferior rule is extraction proximity, so if there are 2-2 grouped players, the fissure will spawn at the 2 closer to extraction. The first rule is player proximity, so if there are 1-1-2 grouped players, the fissure will spawn at the 2 even though they are further from the extraction, but they are close to each other. The problem with survival is that you have no idea where the extraction is (if you don't find the room itself) until the first 5 minutes. If you are solo in any endless fissure mission
  5. That's what Teridax called padding: artifically increasing mission time with timers and timed spawns. Murmur is terrible as well, because you have no information about the spawn count, the thralls either spawn or not and you don't know. So people got sick about getting baited staying afk and waiting for thrall spawns instead of extraction and now they just extract if they can, because there are guaranteed thrall spawns in other missions. Same padding for acolyte spawns. The mission is complete at minute 2-3 but the spawn timer is 3-7 minutes. At worst, you afk 3 times longer than you pl
  6. So you can choose how to play, but we can't because we have to sLoW dOwN and you oppose our solution. You can still toggle crouch anytime ingame and crawl through the map however you like even without reactants.
  7. DE doesn't want you to get more kuva. They want you to waste time in kuva specific missions for kuva. You can't have it all, because that's not enough ingame time and it would cross the whole endless slot machine design.
  8. Yes please. Sprint gets cancelled so often I had to bind it to my mouse.
  9. There are other topics about better mission rewards and more diversity in content and gameplay. Why not both though?
  10. That was added later after the fissures got implemented, because the mobs died quickly in transition dropped their regular items and didn't drop reactants. I fully agree with OP. Reactants are bad for leeches, but worse for too fast/too slow people. A public survival fissure is a mess in every way. Now that reactant is a squad pickup in voidstorm, there is really no reason to keep reactants in the game, including the previous fissure modes. Void trace reward should be bound to relic opening and afk players should get the "non-eligible" stuff like in defense. By removing reac
  11. I don't understand your question. I would like to play the game instead of waiting. Locker opening and wandering around is not the game. The long timer system promotes outside warframe activity, which implies the design is flawed in non-endless missions, so people instead ignore acolytes and extract to do other missions where they can play active. You should have asked "Why play around acolyte timers at all?", and that loops back to my main suggestion about cutting their spawn timer or linking it to objectives.
  12. Well no, because just sitting and waiting for the timer opens up time for activities outside warframe that are better than hitting boxes and running around waiting. Anyway where did you get that acolytes will spawn faster if you kill enemies? It's not confirmed anywhere, just a rumor by you. If they actually spawn faster, there should be implemented a progress bar indicating the spawn.
  13. By playing the game you mean the intense gameplay of killing the 30 enemies before the hardcore locker opening for the rest of the mission after you are done with the objective in 3 minutes in a non-endless mission?
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