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  1. What I hope for: A quest where our operator actually meets other operators hopefully... for a multiplayer game, story wise it always feels as if we are the only operator there is (forever alone in space) but lots sources suggest otherwise. It would be cool to finally be able to talk with other Zariman survivors maybe. I feel the Tenno faction could use some lore expansion like this, not just codex or leverian past lore, but something recent. Some NPC operator would be cool to see. What we will most likely get: - Another faction with standing to grind, weapons, fishing, skins, mi
  2. Yeah, the RNG can be annoying at times, I recall it took me 300+ SO runs to get Khora systems (before it was changed to be easier) and I gave up altogether on doing liches thanks to killing 30 of them with 0 ephemeras. The only one I own I have only by buying a lich with one. RNG systems are cool, but if you try over and over without the desired reward, they turn out to be the worst thing in games. Too bad the game cannot track individual player droptable and improve the % of things that weren't dropped, to avoid situations like 100+ runs to get that one desired item.
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