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  1. Can we one day sell Relics(we DON'T want) for Ducats? Where is Zephyr Deluxe skin? is it "Gone with the Wind"? (Pun intended)
  2. It still feels slow when loading up the Arsenal page. edit: Upgrades but it occurs only once or so.
  3. Why did you guys change the music in Orb Vallis? would like the old music back because the new music idle/fighting sounds bland and out of place, As a music nut, the new tunes doesn't sound like i'm in a engaged in a fight or battle. There is more but i will just leave it in feed back or something. Edit: Never mind, it does still play the old music it's just probably just "randomly" picked when I play there I guess. My mistake ignore this post.
  4. #1 Can we make The Quills more rewarding to do? I started soloing Teralists for about a week now and I think the standing gain could be better. *I know this should probably be in feedback* Gain standing for killing or capturing a Teralist and gain Focus for killing or capturing (sense it requires Operators anyway.) of course it varies which one you do. The Sentient cores is just a formality in getting started. just a personal suggestion. #2 In the future can we one day call air-support to shoot down other enemy ships in landscape? I'm tired of getting shot at by those things. #3 Can we one day disassimble Amps so we can mix and match parts without having to build a new Amp? #4 Will Nyx get reworked this year?
  5. Still no fix for Dargyns floating in mid-air on the Plains wether you dismount or kill the pilot. (Even though Digital Extremes said it was fixed in post several hotfixes ago.) Also I was playing in solo. With all due respect, come on DE! you're better than this.
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