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  1. According to a video i saw today if the mech dies the exp it gets up to that point is saved. Haven't checked myself but im waiting for a chance to try
  2. Still no fix for mech losing all gained experience on host migration. Deimos is not new and you just implement yet another 5 forma thing to the buggiest levelling in game without being able to fix a bug that been months old. Anyone would say common sense dictates this should have been fixed before you updated it with a mechanic that is already nothing more than a forma sink that lost it's novelty right after Paracelsis was a thing.
  3. What about those vault runs for necramech weapon parts? To get a rare weapon par you need to reach vault 3 which is a boring chore by itself but then when you finally get there the rewards can be a relic. Those aren't tradeable parts or even the gun is for sale this only helps with burn out
  4. We want numbers the exact % like every other drop has. Stop hiding this info
  5. This does nothing to help the horrible drop rate. Admit for once its tedious and needs to be fixed
  6. But we get a description change on home time all is saved
  7. Does it need to be the last vault or the 1st is enough?
  8. Yup let's ignore drop rate of scintillant for another day or two that won't piss the player base off
  9. Wonder if they realize this added grind will not keep players in Deimos but will lead to a ton of burned out players that don't touch Deimos or any other part of the game? And it would be very nice to have some developer feedback about the several hundreds of posts about this grind instead of just on sound bugs. Instead of fixing daughter or any other npc just make bounty npc talk a whole lot less to help with missions.
  10. The grind hit new levels of dumb. Need drops from things you cant even get. Very smart
  11. For example i did a 2 man run with a friend, both had smeetas and drop chance booster and at the end screen i had gotten 74 he had 40. That is why i mentioned smeeta, But it was a single run so i don't consider it enough to say for sure that charm is a major factor but it does make me believe it is,
  12. Are you using Smeeta Kavat? That could make a big difference in numbers considering the random nature of his Charm buff. Of course if it happens like you described on a considerable number of runs with the same parameters it is odd but i would consider it not impossible. Now as i am not a statistics expert i can not state how many runs would be considered necessary to confirm or deny this. Could be 5 but could very well be a 100+
  13. This reminds of the very 1st Twitch prime drops email where it said we got a free item and a lot of people started asking for the drop because the email was misleading. Good times
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