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  1. I agree with the sentiment regarding the safety of all gamers and i do agree it is overwhelming and tiresome for the eyes , but i'd rather they put a slider in to lower the effects as we see fit. Because while some may not like it and some may have issues with the lighting overload some may like those effects and would still be able to keep them on while the others would reduce or turn them off. It would likely be harder to create a slider than it would be to just remove all of it but it would probably be the most just way for everyone. I would also recommend that you would pos
  2. Add to sorties and your entire post the fact that most if not all syndicate mission defenses are in that awfull tile. The spawns are too far away, the enemy path finding is awfull and yet someone decided a tile full of stairs and branching paths was a good choice.
  3. This could be a skill mod for the newest sentinel so it has uses outside of railjack.
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