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  1. I'm not a fan. Being a pure melee player for over three & half years, it was also what brought me to the game: The different approach to melee, that made it viable in the endgame as a standalone thing, as opposed to other bog-standard shooter games, where melee is often sidelined and only a supplement to gunplay. I'm sorry to sound alarmist, but this all just sounds like nerfs across the board on the melee. I'm with few others, who said that it's Primaries & Secondaries, that might need that scaleability, than to remove it from the melee. While life doesn't revolve around Warframe, I loved playing the melee madness it offered; while being efficient tool too. This update seems to be set on removing that option.
  2. Last e-mail I have from them is from early July on this (the one they were sending to everyone who ordered), and nothing beyond that. No T-shirt either.
  3. Never got my T-shirt either, nor any news, except that last e-mail, where they said they'd ship them in August. 😶
  4. Would love to have my Valkyr sentient in an Umbra-fashion, but as a 24 hours thing? Doesn't seem as good. If it's a permanent thing - great. I know they said they are rethinking this, and plan to add another reward instead, but really - I hope they'll add the Umbral Echo or w/e it's called, as a permanent possible upgrade. Not as much for playable reasons as far as I'm concerned, but as a precious little thing for my most favorite Warframe.
  5. Valkyr is all I I've been playing basically, for over 3 years - Eternal War and Warcry, mmm yeah. But then again, I mostly solo, or rarely, run with a few friends/clanies, when I do feel like it, so you would be unlikely to see me in public missions.
  6. I'm mainly looking to see how the toggle the ability to remain in melee and attack being still to LMB will work. Can you demo that?
  7. I laughed. On topic - I hope your skin makes it to the game, HitsuSan. Having too much time, a lot of time... nevermind, my Valkyr could use a new shiny look after almost 3 years of playing her almost exclusively, haha.
  8. Pretty much sums up what I kept saying as well somewhere in this very own thread - I have the very same fears too. I just hope, that we are very wrong about this & it's just our fears speaking. And the only thing that can dissipate assumptions and fears, is devs coming and actually providing facts. It'd prevent a lot of panic-posting from knowledgeable and often passionate melee-users. Because yes, people who melee majority of their time in Warframe can make extrapolation based on what has been said already: And not only it seems less fun, but also less effective. Therefore, for people like me, it's hard to see any improvement, aside of melee looking pretty. But looking pretty does not equal better or more fun.
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