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  1. Came here to report this same problem. Two person team and we get to the last pat. The boil spits out the things, but doesn't create the spawning pods. We didn't put any catalyst or phylaxis in the toxin (forgot to put them on the gear wheel).
  2. A friend and I (I was hosting) went to do the Razorback Armada. First two times went as normal. On the third and fourth times it broke. It started as normal, but after going down the first time he became immune to damage from the bursas. I have no idea what causes it, we didn't do anything different on the third and forth times than we did on the first two. Fifth time we went public, picked up two random players and it worked.
  3. My friend and I were doing a void storm on Nu-gua. I was in the ice mine going for the bonus objective when he boarded the final ship starting the countdown to teleport me to him. He left to give me time to finish the bonus objective and that bugged things out. When I finished I couldn't teleport to him or use the omni to teleport back to the railjack, I also couldn't exit the ice mine (no interaction prompt at the exit). He went into the final ship to try to teleport me to him, and it did the countdown but nothing happened. I was still stuck in the ice mine and the door won't open for him to finish the mission. I aborted the mission (as host) and when the transition finished the doors opened for him and he was able to finish the mission.
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