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  1. Tap/Hold changes. Oh, THANK YOU! So glad to see this. Especially since the previous setting wasn't consistent (for example I have cast as tap and choose as hold. On Khora her 3 was choose as tap and cast as hold).
  2. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: I was running the operation and suddenly couldn't exit the voidrig or use any powers. Any time I tried it'd pop up a little notice saying "Ability use prevented." Eventually the necromech was destroyed and I could use powers again, until I resummoned my voidrig and entered it, then it was back to being unable to use any powers or exit. VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: I've only had it happen once so far. EXPECTED RESULT: I should have been able to use my abilities. OBSERVED RESULT: I couldn't use any abilities while in my necromech.
  3. TYPE: Affinity DESCRIPTION: Archgun Affinity from Operation is bugged; any affinity gained for it using the Necramech is not saved after extracting. Example: I equipped my unranked Prisma Dual Decurions, level them to 16 in the mission. Look at the arsenal and they're listed as unranked. Look at my profile they're listed as 16. VISUAL: None. REPRODUCTION: Go into Operation with not max level archgun equipped on Necramech. EXPECTED RESULT: I should gain exp/levels and keep it upon extracting. OBSERVED RESULT: No exp/levels were kept and the weapon reverted to unran
  4. TYPE: Mission DESCRIPTION: Close the misty rifts mission, the last rift wouldn't close. VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: I don't know, I've only ran this mission once. EXPECTED RESULT: I expected the last rift to close like the other 4 did when we killed all the enemies. OBSERVED RESULT: We killed all the enemies on the last rift and nothing happened. Timer eventually expired and we tried again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Finally we decided to let the enemies live for 20 or so seconds before we killed them and it finally worked. REPRODUCTION RATE:
  5. Type: In Game. Description: One of the K-Drive races for Grandma didn't give me the board part. (I think it was the bottom left one). Visual: None Reproduction: Haven't tried. I hate K-Drive, and loosing the other two board pieces I got when the game locked up has killed wanting to try again. Expected Result: I expected to get the board piece as a reward for finishing the course. Observed Result: I didn't get the board piece I earned. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Getting stuck and unable to do anything while fishing. VISUAL: None REPROD
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