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  1. I hope you're not trying to lump every conclave player into that 'most vile players' category. While toxic players are common, they're not the, especially for people who aren't well-known, since it takes an especially bad sort of person to just be horrendous towards everyone, rather than select people. Also, your sort of attitude and reasoning referred to is exactly what quite a lot of the well-known toxic players use. You might be surprised at how many actually have what they claim to consider to be justifications for their behavior, such as insulting players, from total newbies to top tiers. Toxicity doesn't have to be widely sourced to make a toxic environment. It just takes some persistence from those who don't care about what the community thinks, and have an objective which goes against that. Those people go on until the support ticket people or whoever get rid of them, which unfortunately often takes years for whatever reason. Most skilled players want to see new people come in and improve. Most us don't even really care that much about the medallions, so long as they're not made too much easier to get. While the majority of us try to help conclave develop and grow, likely actively developing our skills and such in the process, those few toxic ones choose us to be their primary enemies for whatever reasons. Especially on console, this is often what holds people back from playing conclave. To make it clear, this is usually done by clans and/or friend groups. My experience, for example is when I see a player from one of such groups, others will soon join in to do stuff like team up, abuse glitches, taunt, and insult. I've even seen a screenshot where an alliance's welcome message was telling people to teabag me, along with 2 other players. I'm not trying to complain about this for my sake, since I've enjoyed conclave for years despite this, (I'd have moved on if it was too much to handle,) but you can probably understand how this would be too much to handle for most people, even if only a small percentage of players act that way, since that converts into a much higher percentage of lobbies.
  2. Yes. Doing something about Telos Boltace is a very needed improvement. It's not the only problematic weapon, but the others are much, much more manageable.
  3. I'm not sure about the rewards, but the rest of seems nice.
  4. If I can get people to cooperate with me for that. I took the opportunity to also show how it got stronger since I made the old video, rather than knowingly using something suboptimal. You specifically mentioned how the comparison was between Ogris against normal heavy gunners, and Catchmoon against corrupted heavy gunners, meaning that Ogris was dealing with lower EHP. You should be able to see how that was the reason why I made the video, at least partly. All you seem to have said is that they're not similar, with little to no reason supporting that. Maybe. As I said, some of the debuffs also have distinct effects. I'm not sure if Larva's is one of them or not. If I had to guess, the most likely difference would be having more ways to remove the debuff, but I haven't experimented much with that. Also, I almost definitely included Nidus in my previous count, and even if I did, he's still just 1 frame, where I noted that I might need some correction. A lot of things have been quick, and the times it takes for changes to be made varies pretty drastically. That doesn't really say much other than X sorts of changes can be as quick as Y amount of time, but usually take Z amount of time, for some reason. Optimal requires quite a lot of evidence. People tend to have pretty varying views of what optimal is, but it's easy to see what competes well against the other contenders. As confident as I am with Ogris' performance, I more so approach showing optimality by comparing against what other people present. I can show it in a level 100 mission against armored enemies before I stop being active in this thread. It doesn't make for a good point of comparison, unless it's to something being showcased in the same mission, but I still need to show an example of how it works in that sort of environment. Again, I have different things to do on different days. Please let me prioritize those things, else I just won't want to continue with this at all. It being a good weapon is different from being easy to hit headshots, which is what I was talking about. Also, no, my Ogris definitely outdoes it in the examples shown. If Catchmoon really is better, that'll have to be shown in some other test. Believe it or not, my lack of understanding isn't feigned. I don't how I could convince you otherwise, but you could try to explain better, in order for that to either be a more strongly evidenced belief or to allow me to understand better. I did forget to find that video example that I mentioned, although I did link Summit's Vectis Prime video, so I just need to get some examples to supplement that. https://youtu.be/g860R7WBxZc 15:50 https://youtu.be/IrNAgxgzQs0 Besides mine and Summit's I didn't find many examples of Vectis Prime being used in an endurance mission on console. This is to make a point about accuracy assessment, so damage numbers and stuff can be ignored. You can see that there are clear differences in accuracy, which you're free to compare to other PS4 players. The average is much closer Vinoraptor's. So while the sort of performance that Summit and I get would definitely be easy to us, considering it easy overall ignores the time/effort it takes to be able to make it easy. (That unfortunately took me a long time with a lot of people to understand.) It may look easy to a PC player, (and based on what I've seen, it definitely seems to be, since my snapping isn't that special in comparison to my tracking,) but I do have to be mindful of the fact that a lot of other people on console can't do this. I don't think I have gameplay of myself using Catchmoon, but from the Vectis Prime videos, you can see why I'd be careful about judging ease purely from my own perspective.
  5. In that case, I misunderstood what you were saying, do the explanations that I put with what you were replying to can be ignored. I wonder how this disagreement can be figured out. I did make corrections though, like how I later uploaded video of my Ogris against the same enemies as in the Catchmoon video. For now, this is more about keeping your argument cohesive. I still don't know if I quite understand what your issue is with what I said there. Going purely off memory there definitely was a mistake, although the only reliable confirmation that I know are commands on the conclave Discord server, which would be highly tedious to use. As you'll be able to see, the wiki is wrong. If you go to 7:45, you can see that the debuff from Larva isn't impair, but simply Larva. It think it has the exact same effect as an impair, (while ones like Ivara's definitely a little different,) but since it's nit an impair, my Oberon has no immunity to it. This isn't an inconsistency in impair immunity. It's just a (rather annoying) distinction between similar effects. While the wiki is reliable, you can see that it's wrong sometimes, and this is one of those cases. I'm still a bit confused, because that doesn't explain much for me, but I already explained what was inconsistent about the times it would take for changes to be made. Well I've shown some evidence for Ogris being a relatively efficient weapon at that level. It's not quite proof at this point, but that'll still have to wait. DPS and ammo economy, respectively. Whichever is more important to you. I can type in places where I'm not able to play. It's not a deliberate distortion, but my point was that he doesn't say that it's easy, (at least in an easily understandable way,) even at the times stamps you mentioned. Also... You can see that I'm being careful with my judgement here, being based on what I think would be an unfair assessment. I'm not saying that it's easy nor hard, because I don't have a good basis for that. I'll try to find a video that I can use to expand on this, later.
  6. Which part isn't true? You did confirm that you were telling me that what I was saying was insulting. After this, I said that you seem to be saying that to point it out as a flaw in my argument. (Not necessarily the only flaw.) My guess is that you took that if I said it more certainty, rather than just being a suspicion. For a statement like what I actually said to be false though, I'd have to not believe it myself, since I'm saying how something seems to be, rather than simply how it is. Being relevant to your point could've potentially been the false part, but then I'd winder why you're taking about this so much in the first place. Being a personal issue to me is just like the second part, but much simpler. Then me saying that the chances of you being right are high enough to take seriously could be false, if you argument is that weak. I'd be confused to find out that you think that. Just to confirm, do you really believe that I'm being intentionally insulting towards most of the PvE community, and am now trying to hide that? I overlooked the enemy EHP differences in the weapons comparisons. Also, I preemptively admitted to a high chance at being wrong about the ability changes. The same ones I mentioned. You should really explain your reasoning, rather than basically just saying that you disagree. I wasn't sure about the amount of the abilities that impair, hence the 'I think'. The Wiki is somewhat wrong about that, but I did indeed miss 2 to 4. Abilties like Nidus' Larva are actually a different effect, which is shown by the effect name/symbol. Seeing as I main the frame with immunity to impairs, this is an important distinction for me, since that's the difference between being affected or not. I missed Pull, Switch Teleport (which works inconsistently), and maybe Shattered Lash and Devour. (Those 2 just aren't used often.) I did account for this with my previous count though. I don't remember the specific frames I put in each category, but feel free to make a list to correct that. The part about it not being complete is a but confusing. Considering how often changes and additions are made to the game, I'd be surprised if that was ever complete. The time changes make isn't a consistent indication. Conclave has had a fair share of quick changes. Stuff like frames being implemented with wrong EHP values, major bug fixes, and such were like that, from what I've heard. I don't personally experience that most of the time, since console is relatively slow to update, and less of these bugs actually make it to console. I'm sure a PC conclaver could tell you more about that. I want to do sorties efficiently. Is that not enough justification? I'm sure you can understand why anyone would want to do sorties efficiently. That's interesting. Can we agree that (ignoring melee for now) snipers or weapons with infinite ammo would be the best at that level? If so, would you also consider them to be ideal for specific content that's level 100 or lower, like sorties? Because my free time varies between specific days. I didn't have time yesterday, today's sortie would've been a poor example, you can probably guess that I have better things to do on Christmas, and so on. Also, it's only partly about being able to. I could always, for example, stay awake for that extra amount of time if I really wanted to, but we can probably both agree that forum conversation is not something worth literally losing sleep over. On top of that, I have other gaming-related things to keep up with, like minimum activity levels for multiple communities, plus free time stuff that's completely unrelated to gaming, like drawing. Also, being on an IPad, my typing can be done portably, which my gaming can't. I hope I don't have to explain more. "Pax Seeker, still pretty stupid," and "Everything's fine if you get those Pax Seeker going out, if you can actually get the headshot kills." There might be implied ease with the former comment, but the latter one seems to imply a degree of difficulty. If he's saying that it's easy to headshot with, he's definitely doing so in a way that's easily missed. Also, as I said, I'm careful not to judge headshots ease off my own usage. People even quite often disagree with weapons I think are the easiest to headshot with.
  7. I generally play what's most rewarding. That ends up being team play for quite a lot of things, but accounting for stuff like various wait times, stuff like trace farming are often an exception, although when actually opening relics, I'd go in a squad. My timings may be outdated and not apply to all platforms though, so at this point I just use them as a basis for educated guesses. Additionally, I occasionally just get too nervous to deal with people in certain situations, so solo is the only option I'm willing to do. That usually results in just entirely avoiding the mission though.
  8. Even if it's in addition to another point, what I said isn't less true. I've already admitted to being wrong about a few things, so that's not true. Given the similarities I've mentioned 'completely differently' is quite the exaggeration. I still didn't open myself up to correction? Who decided that? If I'm actually wrong, can't you just show that I'm wrong? Also, as far as I can tell, impairs mainly replace staggers. They're inflicted by almost all melee weapons, plus I think just 3 abilities, Slash Dash, Landslide, and Paralysis. You said it was clearly more difficult. As I said before, I was just guessing. Either you know as little/much as I do, making your guess just as good as mine, or you know something which I don't, which is what would make my guess clearly wrong to you. With that said, you're either baselessly asserting your guess over mine, or you're just not sharing what more you know, for some reason. I don't think it's arbitrary when I've made a build for a specific subset of missions, and I've chosen to test against enemies which would be present in those missions. If I was testing for endurance, that would be a sound argument, but I'm not. (Every time I've done endurance within the last year or so was with a sniper.) I'm interested in seeing what you say about this. If the level limit of enemies you could spawn in the simulacrum was 9999, what level enemies would you test your builds against? If it's anything other than 9999, you probably agree with the type of reasoning I'm using, even if you disagree with the scale, which we can discuss after this. You'll have to be patient for my sortie footage. Especially because of holiday season, I have limited gaming time, which I allocate to things other than a discussion with one random stranger. I don't need to explain my schedules and routines. Do I? At what part? I've definitely missed it if he did, and even so, he was against paused enemies. (Not to mention that easy on PC is different from easy on console.)
  9. You're telling me that I'm being insulting when I don't think I am, and you seem to be doing so to point it out as a flaw in my argument. Given the fact that it's both relevant to your point and that this is a personal issue for me, the chances of you being right here are high enough for me to take seriously. I can understand that you probably really do believe that what I said was insulting to most of the community, but your claim alone isn't enough to convince me that it actually is insulting, so this won't go anywhere between just the 2 of us. That's why I don't think we should talk about it here anymore. If I do find that you seem to be right, I will apologize. I partly mentioned those differences already. Not as specifically, but you could probably guess that, for example. there are more potent setups as a result of increased gear choices. Partly because of that, abilities are less potent in conclave. The similarities are everything else though, which can be showed with many abilities. For example, with Teleport, they're generally used to close in on enemies for a melee attack. In arena, it's a finisher, which people usually augment to perform automatically, while in conclave you use a normal melee attack, which in conclave is probably preferable, although it takes more skill. You also get much more targeting freedom in conclave, not being limited to teleporting to a enemies, allies, ect., which means you generally need to be more mindful if where you aim, but you can do more with it. If I've underestimated, I'm open to correction. Otherwise, it shows that most warframes still only need changes in scale. If it's so clear, can't you explain it? I don't believe that anyone who hasn't worked on the game would know, so all we both can do is guess, but if you can be so sure, then there has to be some common knowledge that I'm not accounting for. Right? If so, what is it? It's based on the purpose of the build. How about this? I'm MR23, so I think the highest level enemies I can spawn in the simulacrum is 145. What point do you think I'll be unable to prove against enemies at that level? Quoting has stopped working for me, so... I think we both spawned 8 enemies. I'd like to know where you see otherwise. My total ammo pool is 25. I used 3 ammo for each test, with 1 exception where I used 4, so it's 12-16%. Regardless of that, it just kept on getting replenished fully anyway, which us exactly what ammo efficiency is all about. It seems more efficient in every way. We'll have to settle the point about enemies being spread put when there's a good sortie to show it in, and when I have time to do so. Also, I have used it, but I wouldn't try to determine overall ease based on that. I never tested it in a way where I could probably compare the ease of headshots to other weapons, so all I really know is how easy it is for me.
  10. It is, because this is the only indication I've had of that being insulting. It's best to not continue with this here, but I will try to figure it out with other people. The rewards are the most notable way they differ, in my opinion on. Their gameplay is pretty similar with arena having more gear choices and AI enemies, which are more individually threatening. The conclave events were basically light versions of conclave. I think 12/31 warframes in conclave have functional changes to their abilities from PvE. It'd take a while for me to check all of those abilities and passives, so there's probably a slight correction to be made. All of remaining ones woukd just be numerical changes though, and there are probably less changes for weapons. As I said, it was just a guess. There's always the whole spaghetti code thing, but it's hard to imagine anything else being in the way. My choice of level 100 was to test with the highest leveled content that I planned to use Ogris against that faction. As levels get higher, armor mitigation becomes more important in comparison to raw DPS. Level 100 armored enemies was roughly worst-case scenario of scenarios I planned to put myself in. Looks like 25 seconds on the Catchmoon video, and 11 seconds on the Ogris video. 4:02-4:27 and 0:22-0:33, respectively. Also, I don't know the stats on ammo drop rates, but... My ammo does keep refilling here, except at the end, where there is a visible special ammo to the left. I was actually too lazy to make my build look as good as it could. I used an old video, where it was weaker. Now with a new video, the extra killing power offsets the increased enemy EHP. It would look even better too if I was using it in a sortie, since almost every enemy would be weaker. Let's also not forget that the Catchmoon in the video is constantly hitting headshots against paused enemies to activate Pax Seeker. It would look worse in any situation with moving enemies, unless the user had the skill to mitigate that.
  11. There isn't much more I cab say about that. I may have explained it poorly, missed some implications, or something. I'm reluctant to take one person's word for it so, that's that. They're the closest things to conclave in Warframe. I wish there were better points of comparison, but there aren't. Even if only for the rewards, people found both of those modes worth playing. I know that doesn't say much about enjoyment factor, but I could say similar about most things in Warframe, since people seem to play content proportionally to how much it rewards them. Only partly. There are mostly changes in numerical values, which is definitely rebalancing, but there's very little redesigning. In that case, it's mainly a matter of how difficult it is to change some number, which probably isn't very hard, if there's already a separate modifier for that value. For values without their own modifiers, a modifier would have to be added, which would add some degree of difficulty. Of course, this is just my guess, and more so applies to what's currently available in conclave, like Staticor. Particularly ones with Nightwatch Napalm, which I think I put in place of Firestorm on the build I showed. Also, I was wondering that from when you started mentioning higher levels, especially after giving my reasoning as to not doing so. I understand the point to building for higher levels, but it seems as if you think there's some importance to my Ogris being able to be used for that. If you do, I'd like to know why, and if you don't, why question my choice of level range? 4:02-4:30 I think this is the best example he shows against armored enemies, which is where I counted the 35 shots. (Actually seems like 34 this time, but still.) Of course, the important part is how that translates to kill time, but there's just no way that 3 Catchmoon mags with that build can be used faster than 3 Ogris shots with my build. I did overlook the fact that they're corrupted though, so I guess I should show my Ogris against those.
  12. I've been trying to clarify that I mean nothing bad towards such players when I say that. I wish I could explain better than I have, but I don't think I can. Well, we could compare it to arena mode and the PvP events. There are some major differences between those modes and conclave, but the main thing I see is that they're more rewarding than conclave. Conclave is more or less a combination of those 2 things, being like the PvP events, but with more PvE-like gear variety. Also, it's hard to be sure how much work is necessary for conclave changes, or really anything. I don't think there's enough info about that to be a good point of discussion. Well, I wasn't saying that it would work well beyond the levels that I showed, so sure. Even in terms of gas builds, there are now better Ogris builds for that, plus there's still Kuva Ogris. If I counted correctly, he needed 35 shots to kill them in his last test, which is more than 3 magazines. That's quite a lot compared to my 3 Ogris shots.
  13. How is it backpedaling? I'm confused. OK. I'd still like to know what the point you mentioned was though, so I could then respond to that. Not really. That particular build makes no effort at armor mitigation, so EHP calcs would give all of the info necessary with relative ease. Also yes. I specify conditions to the degree that I do, because that's how I tend to pick my loadouts. I usually have 2 loadouts per faction, specifically for going beyond the level range where my main low level loadout starts lacking. So, like this? If so, it's probably a nice choice at lower levels, but it's still a little lacking at level 100 against armor. If it works as well as I think against armored enemies around level 60-80 though, it actually makes for a nice example of skill reward. If not, you should link a video yourself.
  14. It's not. People generally don't make that effort, most likely because they don't see it as personally worthwhile. My level of skill is unfortunately relevant when I'm making a point about skill, unless I can use someone else as an example. I'll let it be your choice. We can either continue with this, or we can go back to the point where supposedly I deliberately stopped defending conclave. It's more so about the reason to test that high. I could easily throw that in there, but I doubt it'll be useful to many. Sorties only occasionally go a little higher than 100, much less up to 150. Endurance is a good point, although such specific simulacrum testing would only be relevant if the player has a certain goal which it can show for. People would often be going for higher levels than the simulacrum can spawn. Assuming you mean level 100 armored enemies, you could probably show that with whatever specific parts and build you have in mind.
  15. I wouldn't call it lazy. Everyone has limits to what they find personally worthwhile, and those limits tend to be perfectly reasonable. I'm confused of how you interpreted what I said there. It was also said that what I did was something that most people couldn't do, so being able to do so would put me above average. Also, this is just the first. You can imagine that it would be difficult to find threads like these, which is why found it using my first Warframe video. You can probably imagine how this escalated as I became a much better player, in all aspects, so the people who'd say this stuff eventually managed to persuade me. The conversation was lead this direction in a pretty cohesive way. Even now, with what you've said about the common themes in my arguments, just leads it away further. Either I respond to that, delving deeper into that can of worms, or I just ignore it. If you'd like to go back to a previous subject, feel free to mention one. I generally can't do that anymore. You probably heard me mention my hands hurting with overuse of Telos Akbolto, and that's just when going through exterminate missions. There are some exceptions, which seems to depend on the day, the gear I use, ect. but I can usually only play for about an hour, and I'll only know that a day is an exception after that hour has passed. In regards to the lower levels, do you have a specific kitgun, level range and faction in mind? I could probably agree with or accept some cases, but not so much with others. Specific examples and scenarios would allow us to actually compare.
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