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  1. I dont give a dime about the new update date. What bothers me is cephalites, glass resonance... I'm so tired of it and disgusted whenever that thing enters my missions/activity... Please don't ever abandon adrift content (lol) like this... we don't deserve this kind of treatment. Thank you.
  2. Less Dev Streams means less Gifts of The Lotus free stuff... don't know what to think... Maybe the "free to play" is going to get harder from now on. Thank you for the information.
  3. Thanks for removing it... finally. If you don't mind me being honest, this was poor and exhaustive content. I don't know what a "small pause" means to you but I imagine months according to the timelines you had set in the past. Make things simple like a 3 month rotation of rewards, autopilot mode, like in other games... don't even bother creating boss fights like the glass dude because it will only disapoint people. I have moderate hopes for new content in 2021, specially with the pandemic as escape goat for everything. Even so I love this game and the plot/lore behind i
  4. The alarm beacons on Profit Taker encounter are invisible. You can see the red star but not the alarm pole. You can also destroy it if you aim right. It's a visual issue I think. Bug reported. Merry Xmas.
  5. Yes I'm experiencing something similar once in a while, sometimes it looks like you are holding 1 nikana per hand. It happens also when you are retrieved from the missions by your landing craft.
  6. I was about to report this issue, it happened to me twice on PS4 on the last 5 minutes. Please fix ASAP. Thanks. #PS4
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