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  1. The only content behind railjack is: railjack itself 4 or 6 weapons 3 or 4 frames 1 sentinel 1 or 3 game modes If you and your friends don't like it or don't want to master it, you can not be "true masters" in the grind. Just move along to what activity provides fun to you
  2. Ragdoll AEO weapons are fun in general. One shot weapons are also fun. It's frustrating to have to unload a full clip without killing 1 enemy. (this is beyond rivens i know :) ) (of course I can have that happy powerful gun feeling by playing on Earth/Venus mission in normal mode...)
  3. I thought rivens were created to make every weapon like a Bramma or a Catchmoon... that is, to make every weapon FUN!
  4. So I am planning to get these before next PA comes out but I get this in Portugal: (PSN description)- (...)- Bônus de Afinidade de 90 dias -Affinity Booster- Bônus de Créditos de 90 dias - CREDIT booster- (...) In the US of A, they get (PSN description):Pack Includes:- (...)- 90-Day Affinity Booster- 90-Day Resource Booster- (...) Is this intended? Are we supposed to get a Credit Booster instead of a Resource Booster? It was like this some years ago, then it changed. Now it changed again? Nezha was Affinity + Resource I think. Thanks.
  5. we didn't get Mirage Deluxe this time right? I was ready to throw plat plat plat to the monitor...
  6. Today as in "in 2h and 27min"?! wooooowowowo Thanks!
  7. hmmm why do I think that Update 30 will go live after devstream? (I love to be wrong :] update on its way!)
  8. that's my point. After that you kill no more small enemies for a certain X period of time. Game kicks us for idle time and no kill time (I guess).
  9. You must kill any smaller enemy once in a while, sentient, amalgam or corpus.
  10. up up It happens a lot when that bounty stage is active. Can't even get bonus with a ranged aimbot Mesa.
  11. I think game is what it should be. Super powered space ninjas! We can't think Warframe and project/reflect Warframe as the sum of all other games. Things are good separated. If I want cooperative play with fireteam and game mechanics I go play Destiny (for example). If I want PVP I go play COD (for example). If I want to challenge myself I go play some other hardcore solo game.
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