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  1. OP is so right! Great post man. Just let us mute/turn off Lotus OR let us kill Lotus. Cephalon Cy is also lacking some manners, I really get annoyed with his tone.
  2. Worry not, you are just giving more of your personal data to whoever makes money with it. -_-
  3. RIP Tenet Tetra (that I never had the chance to test)...
  4. The only content behind railjack is: railjack itself 4 or 6 weapons 3 or 4 frames 1 sentinel 1 or 3 game modes If you and your friends don't like it or don't want to master it, you can not be "true masters" in the grind. Just move along to what activity provides fun to you
  5. Ragdoll AEO weapons are fun in general. One shot weapons are also fun. It's frustrating to have to unload a full clip without killing 1 enemy. (this is beyond rivens i know :) ) (of course I can have that happy powerful gun feeling by playing on Earth/Venus mission in normal mode...)
  6. I thought rivens were created to make every weapon like a Bramma or a Catchmoon... that is, to make every weapon FUN!
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