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  1. hmmm why do I think that Update 30 will go live after devstream?
  2. that's my point. After that you kill no more small enemies for a certain X period of time. Game kicks us for idle time and no kill time (I guess).
  3. You must kill any smaller enemy once in a while, sentient, amalgam or corpus.
  4. up up It happens a lot when that bounty stage is active. Can't even get bonus with a ranged aimbot Mesa.
  5. I think game is what it should be. Super powered space ninjas! We can't think Warframe and project/reflect Warframe as the sum of all other games. Things are good separated. If I want cooperative play with fireteam and game mechanics I go play Destiny (for example). If I want PVP I go play COD (for example). If I want to challenge myself I go play some other hardcore solo game.
  6. Is there a way to get an interface between my foundry and my Bimby? I would love to cook soop on my foundry. Just a suggestion. Stay safe.
  7. Console people: prepare to get your update DElayed to june/july or early mid summer!
  8. People, don't get false hopes. The next update on consoles will be next June... end Spring as they said.
  9. I don't know if it is intended but the mod Mark of The Beast that Baro brought today on console is not tradeable. According to the wike it is. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mark_of_the_Beast Will you fix? Thanks.
  10. OMG!! You are going to get Saryn, Vectis, Nikana, Helminth abilities NERFED to the ground. I will blame you for it until the rest of my life (jk). Awesome videos :) I do hope they don't screw with brainless gaming that much... in my opinion the ability to shut down my brain while I play this game is what I like about this game. I've doint it brainless for 3k hours, 5years of playing, and I still love it! :) Anyways I've been through a lot of game changes and in fact there will always be a way to butcher enemies quick and easily. I was so tired of mashing "circle" that I decided
  11. So according to last tuesday stream there will be no update until 30.0 on all plataforms. Did I get it right? So if I did get it right, it means no update until june/july which means we don't get Corpus Railjack on console before that update... sad, very sad.
  12. Meh... if you don't have a clan just build a Dojo. It's different content. I had the same doubts as you. I made my ghost dojo/clan and have some active dudes around. We reached 25th on Orphix Venom which was awesome :) It takes time to research and it will sink some resources... but who needs 1million nanospores or plastids?
  13. p2p pvp? No thank you... dedicated servers yes
  14. Hello, I used to play Elderscrolls Online and one of the things that I enjoyed about it was the recurring events! I think we should have that. Something like: PoE launch anniversary Event Fortuna Launch Deimos Launch plus the ones we are starting/hoping to have: Naeberus, Ticker days, WF anniversary... How hard could this be? Having Ghouls/Thermia fractures only seems poor with all the potential this game has. Don't whiteknight me, I just think that having a repetitive calendar makes people return for celebration dates. It's good for the game
  15. we have Lunaro... it's stealthy as I don't see anyone in the arena... why would we need this?
  16. Wow... that's what I'm scared of. I still can't play the Casino Content from GTA Online due to gambling restrictions. One of these days Men From The Law will cut my access to Bugframe... That's sad... specially now that we have wings and we are so close to get unicorns and goblin pets (for a fair amount of plat).
  17. Hi challenges are not saving progress like for example: Invader Vault locker Detonator (not sure about this one) Can you fix please? Before humanity gets extinguished... because we know that Norawave will stay until this pandemic is over and after the next pandemic and after the world economy crash that is due to happen in the next year if we are lucky to have it delayed
  18. To be honest it's not Pay to Win because you don't get to compete with other players with the RNG stuff you buy. But I agree with you regarding the "gambling temptation" you will be exposed to by having kuva for plat in spite of game activities that consume time instead. On the other hand, I'm one of those that sometimes "saves time" buying stuff from other players that spent their time, specially when there's too much RNG involved and little time in my part to seek the reward of accomplishment. (I don't trade rivens at all or use them in the majority time of my gameplay - unless of co
  19. well you can get (sweaty) premium currency from playing the game but those are LOOT BOXES
  20. well... we get to buy a ZAW riven and a Rifle Riven... why can't we have a Melee like PC?
  21. "we can confirm you can ‘ride the ghoul saw" - new "We’ll be discussing all things Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii!" - partial new "a deeper look at Sevagoth" "the plans for Railjack Revisited 2021" Wasn't this presented on the latest devstream #151?
  22. Nice, you actually named the video Spring 2021 content preview... you mentioned the year! Anyways, Spring gives you quite a nice time span. From March to June. Time flies :) See you in June/July 2021!
  23. Should we expect a Dex Sugatra as new 2021 item? Looking forward to it, 3 free weapon slots :)
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