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  1. multi floor elevators AND the elevator style used at the relay, that's what we need as option
  2. Do people care about the ammo a weapon uses as long as it makes some nice sounds and shreds enemys? So warframe has weapon restricted missions but the filters doesnt work for it? (or at least for one of it) like: even that doesnt bring that much usefull up should look like: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Sniper_Rifle (and yes i have most of these) if i filter for "bow" or "shotgun" i get matching weapons ... are bows also matched for ammo use? so lenz and bramma use bow and sniper ammo or does the "bow" filter just show bows?
  3. so searching for "sniper" at primarys shows: so hey, why not equip kuva ogris could we just unify terms? (so they match?)
  4. the question should be, what is the point of sentinels, cause only Djinn (and his reawaken augment) could be used if you get in contact with high area dmg
  5. mom is away so we could go and hunt her children? evil aunts! (oh and may add some survivability to stalker, was down to fast last time Pablo went on a hunt)
  6. With the right tactics you could fill all within less than 3 hours and about 2-3 Planets of lich missions (i would guess some ppl are even faster) Ofc a reduction is always welcome...but i would also be fine with adding the murmur farm to normal missions (thralls spawn random into a mission) so we could farm that stuff while doing our daily wf stuff
  7. If you used up all of your trades you didnt even show up at the trading post, so cant even get a trading request
  8. the only thing that i see, the blueprint has mr 4 may your trade partner just screw stuff up and want to cover it, or this is a bug, but i dont have a low mr to test it with ;D
  9. Ofc it looks like a bug, but the Ignis W wasnt tradeable before, you only could trade the BP of it https://warframe.market/items/ignis_wraith_blueprint so ... even if it would be tradeable ... the price would be damn low compared to other baro weapons
  10. I casted Arch Line at a enemy and left archwing nearly at the same moment, resulted at the red line that started at the enemys position ended at my frame...for the whole time at poe
  11. 12 seconds dashwire timer will be added with the next fix id like to get rid of the wall hang timer ... by removing that wall hang ... cause often i jump around into aimglide and got stuck at a wall ... XD (or ofc change how you latch) or provide a dmg tick if we latch at infested missions cause walls n stuff also mostly covered with infested spores
  12. That is posted quite often i guess but it is still a thing that even if i kill nothing if something else does die it fails you are even not allowed to equip a sentinel gun ... may while that is active it should force companion to act like cloaked what is new? it could happen that while u search for the target and try to avoid everything ... your converted lich spawns in and starts a party ... count only frame kills for that requirement, send the lich a msg that the player is fine, no need to show up ... just do something about!
  13. Hm so the explanation that some ppl didnt even drop kuva weapons within 7h farming cause of old mechanics isnt valid? so it is just damn bad luck for some ppl oO thats even worse while i looked for a chakkurr i got at least 1 bramma roll within less a hour it took me to get my matching larvling i dont hope for other script bugs that mess with that larvling rolls
  14. if ur last weapon was a bramma you wont get another one in row, cause the mechanic is still live, so you first have to get another weapon :)
  15. Ppl invited to Dojo still spawn at the RJ or somewhere else, even if i join the Dojo common from my orbiter...happens in 1 of 10 invites
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