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  1. Title Additional info: I noticed that Eject Magazine wasn't working while I was adding forma to my Tysis. I thought it had gotten removed when I applied the forma and didn't check before running straight into the mission. After getting out of the mission I saw that I did have the mod equipped. It was odd, so I jumped into the simulacrum to test it out. It did work. I tend to use it as I quick melee. Shoot > Quick Melee > Shoot > Grofit A friend and I ran the sorties, we tested it out with him being the host for the first sortie. Eject Magazine (Reload when holstered) did not work when I was the client. I then hosted the 2nd sortie, the mod did work and I was getting my ammo when I quick melee'd. Then it became clear that the mod is bugged and doesn't work when you're the client.
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