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  1. (PS4)juhani100


    Finally! Can't wait!
  2. (PS4)juhani100

    Coming Soon: Devstream #96!

    Can't wait!
  3. (PS4)juhani100

    PS4 Chains of Harrow Remaster Build

    Awesome! can't wait for Harrow.
  4. (PS4)juhani100

    Coming June 16: Devstream #94!

    Can we get Holster editing for Primary & Secondary weapons aswell? I hate how my weapons look on Frost's back.
  5. (PS4)juhani100

    New Contest: Tenno Egg-spression!

    Don't you mean Megg?
  6. (PS4)juhani100

    The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    Faction: Tenno Brief Description: This is Celesta, a combination of a scythe and a polearm, that utilizes Polearm/Staff stances (i.e. Bleeding Willow & Flailing Branch). Damage would be mostly Slash. equipping Polearm stance increases Critical chance while lowering Status chance, and Staff stance will have reverse effect. It uses polearm grip. PS: I apologise for the crappy look, I'm not that good of a designer and I used paint.net to do this.
  7. (PS4)juhani100

    Last chance for Volt Prime and Odonata Prime

    Elytron Prime next, please!
  8. (PS4)juhani100

    Blending Right In - Screenshot Contest!

    F:\PS4\SHARE\Screenshots\Warframe\Warframe_20160513234238.jpg I'm kinda noob with how this forum works so all I can give is this link. Hope you see it.