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  1. GAMMA Dov said nothing as he allowed the cephalon access of his sight and hearing. Palutu would see the roof of a Liset from him, and the sounds of unintelligble fast singing, acoustic guitars, and shakers. He paused the music and stood up. "I got it." he said, opening his ship's door and jumping out, making his way to the marked location, and doing the required tasks. "So I'm carrying you?" the Volt asked the Cephalon, quickly walking back to his brightly colored Liset.
  2. Dov sat and munched on his food as the announcement progressed, feeling a rush of excitement pumping through his body. The kind of rush he only felt when he first started doing a mission, and at the start of his early matches. And goddamn, did he miss that feeling. He took note of the different teams, and wiped his mustache clean, waving the pirate goodbye. He got up, piled his plates up, and made his way to his hanger, electricity running between his fingers. Just like earlier, it went from finger to finger, over his shoulders, between his hands, staying in a circuit. He arrived at the hanger, walking towards a ship colored just like his frame. "Ordis, open the door, please." he said to his cephalon, never having bothered to change his name from its default one. The door opened, and he jumped inside. During the quick moment where the ship was open, people in the immediate area could hear music coming from inside - loud, acoustic, and in an unintelligble language. He sat down inside his ship, and relaxed, listening to the ancient music.
  3. Setting the mood for the Half-Light with yet another theme!
  4. Hmm... while I'm personally really intersted in the Delta squad, I feel as if Beta or Gamma fit my character the most. Preferraby Gamma. Fists don't do much against heavily armored targets.
  5. "Well, I don't have much of an interesting backstory, unless you're interested in wrestling." He said, mostly ignoring the fork. "But there is one thing..." The volt mumbled, shoveling a forkful of pasta into his mouth. "For as long as I can remember, I've been getting this... Strange transmission. I recognize it - it's an old lullaby. But... Instead of a woman singing it, the transmission is of a band playing it. I get this strange transmission every two weeks, on the dot - it's never even a second early or late." Taking a short break to eat a bit more, he continued. "I tried tracking down the source, but to no avail. Is that interesting enough?"
  6. "Holy S#&$." Dov chuckled, watching Donovan in fascination. He had never seen such a thing in his life, and he didn't think he could every imagine anything this far fetched. "Well... I guess I'll have to answer you first." He said, sniffing a spoonful of soup, then slurping it up. "I was a wrestler. Still am, by heart. Lost my way after the lotus disappeared, but the invitation made me feel like I can get back on track. Nothing complicated, nothing too interesting, save for... One thing. But before I tell you what it is, you have the answer the obvious question." He said, taking a bite from a mini-sandwich.
  7. Dov almost gasped as he smelled the room. Such a varied assortment of food... Such a refreshing view after months of eating the same 3 dishes. He grabbed himself a plate and quickly (but not too quickly) paced from table to table, picking himself up a bit of almost everything, and a bowl of soups he mixed. The Volt finally sat down near a table, setting his plate and bowl down, looking at the food in anticipation. That was a lot of calories - absolutely perfect for his wrestler body. He retracted his helmet and revealed his face to the rest of the new recruits. Black, messy, curly hair, sitting atop an oval-shaped head. His skin was brown, with a few tiny scars around his forehead. He picked up his spoon, taking a sip of his mixed soup, then cleaned some droplets off his messy, untended-to mustache. He recapped the events in his mind, thinking about the other recruits. Most of them weren't noteworthy, except for a few that piqued his interest. Specifically, he was most curious about the pirate. What a strange, strange person. That sword, those mannerisms... this guy was a natrually-born actor. He waited for him to walk into the room, and waved at him to catch his eye, hoping he would notice him. A man like that was bound to be an interesting person to converse with.
  8. A couple themes for the weekend, both of them for @DaMadReaper's characters, Aurum and Argent.
  9. Dov looked at the newly revealed Tenno with his brow raised. That guy clearly thought very highly of himself, and was either very brave, or very stupid. Probably the latter. the symbiote thought to himself with a chuckle, then turned his gaze back to the speech giver. That sure was... a lot of words. The dazzling speech was clearly carefully chosen, woven into an intricate mesh of words in order to show intelligence and status. And that... didn't really impress Dov as much as Argent's first act. Everyone knew the current situation in the system. Everyone knew Tenno were being slaughtered like cattle. The entire speech could probably be condensed into a few simple sentences. Every fool with a thesaurus can write such a speech, given enough time. But on the other hand... it was a pretty solid speech. No need to think about it too much.
  10. Well, I have a few other stuff lined up first, but I might get to it eventually
  11. Aww, thank you! Honestly, it's both the fact that all the instruments I use are completely electronic, and the fact that once I get the idea, I know how to develop it. I'm really just an amateur in the grand scheme of things
  12. Aaaaand another one to the pile! Zero's (@MetroFallout) theme
  13. T h e m e s I n c o m i n g Marie's (@Agent_Maine) theme Insali's (@Psychotoxin) theme Donovan's (@vodkacrepper) theme
  14. Dov side-eyed the weirdo complaining about a Tenno waving a sword around and stepped closer to the podium. He looked at the other recruits. They all seemed... Irritated by the message. But the Volt knew to appreciate it. The pony-tailed Tenno was obviously establishing his dominance and shifting the power dynamic in the room - he was flexing his muscles, basically. In addition, he didn't care about his mind being invaded. He had nothing to hide, at least not now. If anything, the telepathy move earned respect in Dov's book - the zariman Tenno knew what he was doing and how to show that he knew what he was doing.
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