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  1. (PS4)Grizz-Lee1

    Omni-Weapon skins

    What this would do is create the illusion that Warframes are using one weapon for both melee and ranged attacks. Simply by using duplicate skins for melee and ranged weapons of similar size. Like using a Lesion skin on Scourge or vise versa or large riffles with a great sword bayonet attachment and a great sword using that same skin. Same concept with dual wield pistols and dual blade weapons. Simply equip both skins then set your melee to Invisible while holstered.
  2. (PS4)Grizz-Lee1

    Predators of the Plains (Plains of Eidolon add on)

    Yes that would be awesome! Creatures of the plains can use powerful attacks because of generations of exposure to sentient energy.
  3. (PS4)Grizz-Lee1

    Predators of the Plains (Plains of Eidolon add on)

    Ohhhhh yea something like that would be cool to hunt with a Archwing.
  4. (PS4)Grizz-Lee1

    Predators of the Plains (Plains of Eidolon add on)

    Wow! There's a lot of details there love the concept and the reward mechanics you came up with. Definitely see the similarities in our ideas I definitely think something like this would keep players on the plains and add a bit of depth to such a big basically unused space.
  5. (PS4)Grizz-Lee1

    Predators of the Plains (Plains of Eidolon add on)

    Yea that would be like a Omega Kavat 😂
  6. (PS4)Grizz-Lee1

    Predators of the Plains (Plains of Eidolon add on)

    I ment you needed to be the highest rank with the Ostrons. The Kin do you still think I should lower the requirement? Getting the rank of Kin isn't very difficult.
  7. predators of the Plains would add more wild life like large land Predators birds of prey and grazing animals to hunt. With targets assigned by Master Teasonai you can only hunt with his Spears and bows and other tribal type weapons that he sells to preserve The Pelts and organs. Mission requirements: Must reach the rank of Kin with the Ostron Speak to Master Teasonai and purchase blue prints for a hunters bow and or spear for 1000 Ostron each. ( blue prints for stronger weapons of these type may be purchased later upon reaching a higher rank of Hunter.) Bows focus more on accuracy Spears power. Master Teasonai Dialogue: "Tenno the plains were once teaming with life. Beasts of the wild both large and small. But then the Grineer came and spread across the plains like a wild fire the creaters fled from their fire and fumes. but it would appear that your efforts to cull their hold on the Plains is working. My fellow hunters have seen sighs of the beasts return." Still working on Animal types but I imagine very dangerous creatures large birds of prey or bat like creatures, big cats, rampaging herbivores both day time and nocturnal creatures. Cave dellers and maybe even some large burrowers. The new resources they'll drop like pelts, bones, and organs will be harvested to make custom armors and weapons with a Ostron tribal theme. Any input on suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to post any artwork or Concepts of any Eidolon planes wildlife that you can think of.
  8. I seen this posted in our Facebook group. They loved your concept. Your artwork is top notch.