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  1. Yeah if the price is not negotiable then I immediately bail on the deal. I don't care what the reasoning is.
  2. Yeah rivens in general have ruined the game in my opinion, but I didn't really want to get into that in the op. They are great for balance and for pushing unused weapons to the front, but they have turned every single person who tries to buy and sell them into just a parody of themselves. Everyone thinks they're riven no matter what it is is worth hundreds of platinum and if it is even slightly okayish then they're asking a thousand plus. And then when you try to point out that they are way above the mark for what they have you either get put on ignore or you get accused of being a scammer. It's embarrassing. Also they clog up trade chat and make it basically unreadable.
  3. Absolutely. It's always been that way. But I had never gotten angry messages or party invites over it before I came back. It just feels way more competitive than it used to be.
  4. Well he didn't say why I shouldn't have traded the guy the set just that I shouldn't do it. I was afraid I had just enabled a scammer or something. I wanted to know what was up. Normally I don't accept random party invites obviously.
  5. So a while ago I came back from a very long break from the game (about 2 and a half years) and before I left I spent most of my time farming Prime Parts and selling/trading them in trade chat. So I have a huge backlog of old relics and frames. So I have spent most of my time since then farming old relics to complete all these old sets and then selling them on the market at a bit of a discount. But ever since I've come back I have noticed that Trade Chat is competitive to the point of hostility. For example last night I was advertising one of my Nekros sets for 180p alongside a few random Rivens I have. A guy contacts me about the Nekros set, invites me, and we trade. No drama no haggling. Just a clean deal. Nice right? Well apparently not. I get a message from someone as I am leaving the dojo that says "DON'T TRADE HIM THAT SET!" and I'm like "What?" and the guys just says the same thing again. And then I tell him that I already sold it. I then get a party invite. An actual Playstation Party invite not a Warframe one. Now I am a pretty chill guy. Pretty laid back I think. This dude was not. He was out of his tree. This guy yelled "YOU STOLE MY SALE!!" at me and was literally hyperventilating at me when I got into the party. Apparently the guy who bought the set from me was in the middle of negotiating with this guy for the set he was selling. But the guy saw that I was selling for way less and bailed on the deal. He is trying to sell for 250p, but the guy talked him down to 225p and apparently was gonna get Nami Skyla parts as well before the guy up and left. But not before telling the guy that he found a set for sale at 180p. No big deal right? Trades fall through sometimes for a lot of reasons. It happens right? Well apparently not to this guy. He looked up the price and found my advert and then invited me to the party. He just lays into me about how I was intentionally setting the price so low to get a easy sale. And I was like duh? Of course I am. I know what the set is worth, but I didn't wanna spend the next few days trying to get max value. I have 4 more sets to sell. If I tried getting the max price it would take me days in trade chat to get the 200-225p it normally goes for. So I slashed the price to get it out the door quickly. Free market and all that. Plus it gives me time to actually play the game and not just sit in my dojo. The guy just goes berserk and talks about how it's people like me that make trade chat so toxic (as he yells and insults me btw, but that irony seemed lost on him) and that sellers should always try to get max value because if they don't it just makes things harder for everyone else. Blah blah blah. Just general angry yelling about trade chat. Calling me a scammer. He even suggested I somehow "owed" him something in return for "stealing" his trade from him. At that point I just laughed and left the party. It was getting too ridiculous. I have been playing this game on and off since 2014. I have never had an interaction like that one before now. And the funny thing is it's not the first time it's happened since I got back. It was just the worst example of it happening. On at least 4 other occasions I have had people PM me about how I was selling stuff too low and that I needed to raise my prices. 3 of those people accused me of being a scammer and put me on ignore after I told them I was just trying to make quick plat instead of sitting around in Trade Chat. This is the same way I have always traded. I gave discounts in order to get sales for years and never had any trouble. What happened? When did Trade Chat get this hostile? Has it always been this way and I just never noticed?
  6. Saryn and Loki. Because at that point I would either be rotting from the inside which just sounds increasingly unpleasant or there would be things going wrong and I wouldn't even be sure whether or not they are my fault. Which is a very subtle kind of messed up, but is messed up nonetheless.
  7. It may be hard and you may need to bite your lip, but I think that maybe....just maybe....you will be able survive your teammate having a fashion that you don't like. God speed.
  8. No. They won't. The skin will sell fine and even if it didn't they are not going to retroactively go in and change it. The skin didn't sell well so now they are going invest more money and time into it? That's ridiculous and makes no sense from a business perspective. Not to mention it would be a slap in the face of the people who liked the skin and bought it. If you don't like the skin that's fine. Not every deluxe skin needs to be for everyone. There are plenty of deluxe skins I don't like and that I think look terrible, but you don't see me saying they should be changed.
  9. They are not going to reconsider the design lol
  10. Maybe I'm just the weird one here, but I just kill the targets. I play the game to play it. Not to play it in the fastest most efficient way. That doesn't even sound fun.
  11. It would scare off everyone unless you are already below regular market value. You putting your prices at or above market value and then putting a ridiculous "NOT NEGOTIABLE" next to it would mean you would never sell another item or set. Because as already stated everyone else DOES negotiate. You would just be identifying yourself as being obstinate and entitled. Example - You list your Prime set at 100p and you make it clear that it is "NOT NEGOTIABLE". - Every other person also lists that same exact set for 100p, but doesn't add the ridiculous "NOT NEGOTIABLE" to it. Who do you think the average buyer is going to contact first? They are of course going to contact the people that might be willing to negotiate. Not the guy who is openly refusing to work with his potential buyers. It may sound like a great idea in your head because you think this would magically mean you get your asking price every time from now onwards, but in practical use what you are saying would just ensure you never sell another item again unless you are already offering a discount of some kind compared to your competitors. People like to haggle. Not only is it just human nature to want to get a good deal, but it is an intrinsic part of the game's economy and has been for years. And if you are a longtime player you would think you would just find a way to cope with the occasional offers you get instead of intentionally trying drive your own potential customers away before you even talk to them.
  12. Yeah it's kind of annoying. I came back recently after a 2 year break and suddenly you can get put on ignore if you try to offer a trade. It's happened twice to me. People are just so toxic now towards anything other than plat. Though I will say I did make two good trades for myself. So maybe it's just some people that are toxic.
  13. I filter in the word "WTB" if I want less useless junk in my trade chat. Far less people looking to buy than sell and it's a good way to make easy plat. You'd be shocked how easy you can make 5-15p here and there from people looking for common mods or parts. I would definitely support a riven channel though that way I could turn it off and never have to care about it again.
  14. If you don't want to negotiate your prices then you don't have to, but most other people do though so of course people are going to try to haggle. They aren't trying to be cheapskates or whatever. They aren't trying to low-ball you (most of the time). The whole point of in game trading is that players can buy, sell, trade, and negotiate for items. That has been the way the game has worked for years and years. So don't get snippy when someone tries to negotiate. They are just doing what everyone else does. Also the idea that people would put "not negotiable" next to their adverts is hilarious though. It's a guaranteed way to drive people off of your stuff. Next to no one would use such a function. Now the "negotiable" option or a "OBO" option would be fantastic. That would see immense use.
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