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  1. Well yeah, I've made my point and your argument boiled down to you wanting DE's recognition instead of what people have given you cause apparently fellow player's take on trans/ LGBT rights doesn't matter. I.e. your argument points to LGBT suicide rate being high because they're selective in who they want to feel acceptance from(?), which is presumptuous as heck on your end. And if DE taking any time to acknowledge trans people then that automatically means they're addressing you personally? I thought the idea was for the trans/ LGBT group and not you alone. Are really you only doing this for your own self gratification? Again, I've made my point prior yet you keep on scoffing at my points all the same and only accept answers you like. Again, cite your need for DE to acknowledge you instead of accepting others' acceptance. I got trans friends irl and NONE of them are come off as needy as you are, if they have inner issues they spill to me and our mates like any other people. But sure, lets belittle the points I made and only focus on the anime girl to derail from your lack of valid counterargument that adds to substantive trans/ LGBT rights. I never said there's a correlation between the anime girl as emote to express my stance on your argument to your stand on the matter, that's your own sad attempt on derailing the conversation cause you can't come up with a good counterargument for your stand on the matter. So yeah, lets pretend I never gave you multiple overlong responses detailing why your arguments are pretty much moot point that boils down to you wanting to feel right instead of representing your believe all the while playing victim. You're just pandering at this point lad.
  2. And what does "DE's acceptance" of said group have to do with said group's "higher suicide rates", etc? If you can't even bother to put the effort to understand other's argument then you're essentially making a "me, me, me, me -" scenario where no matter what valid point others make, your self preserving mindset makes a narrative where you're the only one who's right even if you're not doing it for the original group you think you're advocating to anymore. "DE HAVE accepted LGBT/ Trans group, there's already a few LGBT/ trans partners/ WF content creator out there and they have DE's full support all the same like any other content creator. That on top of how the game environment is made accepting of any and all gamers already speaks of their acceptance, isn't that enough? You're literally creating a paranoid scenario where you "want to know that the game trans people enjoy isn't being run by people who don't accept their existence" when they've already done so for half a decade now.... The community is irrelevant? So other players' acceptance of the LGBT/ Trans group mean nothing and only the dev's matter? And you want to act like you're on the moral high ground?" <<< READ. So using anime girls to express myself is cringy when your illogical self-aggrandizing "arguments" in guise of LGBT/ trans group and self victimizing illogic isn't? hy·poc·ri·sy /həˈpäkrəsē/ noun the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense. "his target was the hypocrisy of suburban life" synonyms: sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, pietism, piousness, affected piety, affected superiority, false virtue, cant, humbug, pretense, posturing, speciousness, empty talk; insincerity, falseness, falsity, deceptiveness, deceit, deceitfulness, deception, dishonesty, dissembling, dissimulation, duplicity, imposture, two-facedness, double-dealing; informalphoneyness; rarePharisaism, Tartufferie "plain speaking was important to him—he hated hypocrisy"
  3. Guess you just don't wanna read the real argument I made earlier on the possible repercussion and instead just use the most brain dead answer to feel in the right huh. Ah well, made my point and as I said you're free to make your own narrative at this point. Mod(s), please lock the thread.
  4. Well yeah, you offered no substantive retort to the points I made prior only to make "new" arguments that are pretty much a re-track of some of what you said earlier. And? You literally took the examples from other games, which has nothing to do with this game environment. Ergo taking issue from another environment simply because this one doesn't have any that entails your own perceived one. The points you made in regards to the topic of cloning in grineer, and neutral pacifism are just leitmotivs and satire to the whole concept of morality, etc. You're asking DE to draw parallel to reality when there's no need for it as the game never touched on the subject matter to begin with. Sure, there's a difference between supporting a cause and forcing others to believe in that cause, but your arguments have been hinging on the idea that the inclusion of this politically driven movement would only bring good for the minority group without considering the probable causality/ repercussions that may arise from it. I.e. We'll eventually be forced to face the probable outcome of your benign believes without a choice even though you had the choice to just take this as what it is, a non-issue to begin with. The community may be explicitly separate from DE but they ARE DE's lifeline. Without consumers, the suppliers' longevity is at risk, and when there's a split community DE will have to pitch in all the same ergo a headache on their end. It doesn't matter what your gender choice/ standing is, we're all the same to their eyes. ...... So.... all this kerfufle is simply so that you feel like you've been recognized by the devs even though they and the community at large already have accepted the LGBT/ trans group all the same and common civility rule tied to the game have got you covered all these years anyways. And if some people want it what is the objective point of it all aside from you gaining this perceived recognition from DE? What's the real goal here when, again, past example have shown this kinda of movement doesn't really have any long term effect all the same and would just be a waste of time and resource on DE's part? It's optional sure, and as some who are indifferent have agreed, it'll just be more customization option and nothing more, but again that is the crux of your argument. You seemingly want this to happen on the sole basis of being recognized by DE instead of an honest to God believe that this will do the LGBT/ trans community good, and to that again I have to ask what's the point? What's your real goal here? DE HAVE accepted LGBT/ Trans group, there's already a few LGBT/ trans partners/ WF content creator out there and they have DE's full support all the same like any other content creator. That on top of how the game environment is made accepting of any and all gamers already speaks of their acceptance, isn't that enough? You're literally creating a paranoid scenario where you "want to know that the game trans people enjoy isn't being run by people who don't accept their existence" when they've already done so for half a decade now.... The community is irrelevant? So other players' acceptance of the LGBT/ Trans group mean nothing and only the dev's matter? And you want to act like you're on the moral high ground? C'mon mate.... least come up with a straight narrative with clear cut logical causality here. You're literally painting yourself as an entitled person instead of one who is thankful of what they have been blessed with. It's not about what you can have, it's about how thankful you are/ should be with what you already have even if it's not explicit.
  5. Cause it's making an issue out of a non-issue, from rl to the environment where people just wants to forget all that..... If you can't see that then you're free to make your own narrative of it all really. Most just want to have fun in this game and not bogged down by people flexing their chosen gender when nobody have made it an issue from the start. To include politics of any kind into a means of escapism pretty much either incites further conflict or it being a wasted effort that doesn't go anywhere. Deluding yourself that this small gesture would make people seem like they accept trans/ LGBT more in itself is, again, a delusion. It adds nothing at best while creating a possible scenario where people who doesn't care of the notion being possibly branded as a hater by a more sensitive "pro lgbt/ trans rights" group to start further politics in said environment ergo why people are so averse from rl politics being added ingame. The causality and ramifications aren't so far fetched and there's a few interesting reads that can make sense of it all out there.
  6. I.e. you ran out of arguments from your previous statements... gotcha. 1. Fictional politics doesn't entail real life consequence, at best/ worst it's a satire of real life ones which people can shrug off and forget entirely when they finish playing. 2. When has forcing ANY believe on others end up positively? It's not about supporting LGBT rights or not, it's about the indirect causality from it. Many have voiced their indifference of the movement and neutrality is all they ask as to not make any party the "special snowflake". For you to speak on DE's behalf that this movement is for their betterment when literally there's nothing to be gained or lost is pretty much that, again, a waste at best, while it becomes a negative image that a company would feel the need to be forced to obliging to rl politics at worst. If the latter goes in effect, whose to say "Whales" won't be among them ergo less income for DE? Sure it's theoretical but it sure as hell isn't as far fetched as your notion of a color pallet being this be all end all way for DE to exemplify their support for trans movements instead of the methods I've mentioned like donating to trans rights groups. The community is already welcoming of LGBT/ trans players as is, there's no need for this extra "sense of acceptance" when the worst extent of it all gets curbed by the EULA/ general rules that asks for civility all the same. 3. Won't change a thing, DE have done similarly with the month of solidarity with the orange ribbon and not that many sported it all the same. The notion is noble, people get that but even a non-political notion such as simply raising awareness for leukemia people largely show their support in another way and show little interest of it ingame per se. 4. This bears nothing to your argumentative point at all. No I won't stop playing WF and would most likely ignore it, and that's the crux of the problem. It's a wasted effort, that just feels forced by a minority group who doesn't really need the extra sense of acceptance when they already are accepted by the community at large. It's literally an act of creating issue when there's none to begin with. 5. You're talkin in circles there mate. If people's differing opinion than yours and simply asking for a neutral stance from rl political drama all the while having actively shown acceptance of trans/ LGBT group ingame isn't enough to show that people have either taken a neutral or supporting stance to the trans/ LGBT group then what possibly constitutes to the absolute need for an extra support/ movement to begin with. Everyone here is a gamer, doesn't matter their gender, believes, occupation or background. We're here to offing eidolons, stomping murderous space stalkers, etc, not cater to groups that forces us to give a Boolean type of answer as to their political standing. TLDR? people HAVE shown their support/ indifference on the matter ingame at large and the general civility rules for the game already covers everyone; LGBT/ trans inclusive. For you to feel there's still a need to justify this wasted inclusion to the game like it's necessary for the game's longevity adds nothing for trans-rights. I.e. it just comes off as you wanting to exact your agenda than an honest to god believe on the circumstances. Again, no gain and no loss so why bother when the "issue" has always been a non-issue in the WF environment to begin with.
  7. Like you being offended by people just having a differing opinion and want a neutral stance in their means of escapism instead of people enforcing their agenda? I.e. metacomplaint trans pride being a positive? Just go out and meet a rl trans, they're no different than any other people of their chosen gender. Hang out and have fun with them, creating real sense of camaraderie, not making a metacomplaint for a superficial act as if it's gonna make a positive impact in long term.
  8. That in itself is you grasping at straws on the terminology chosen to represent the movement. My parents saying they're proud of me towards me is them voicing their pride of their achievement in raising a good son. I.e. a secluded but effective delivery of a message. A color pallet ingame isn't gonna deliver the same sense of conveyance, it's neither personal nor impactful. And that in itself is an issue on your end, I've yet to see people being so openly trans-phobic aside form some mods who decided to make a certain word attached to nezha considered derogatory. Doesn't matter how you spin the logic, this movement is politically driven, it doesn't get any special treatment compared to other political movements in regards to expression ingame. Majority see it as unnecessary/ tacked on, and/or pointless, all the while it may incite an adverse effect for its inclusion for feeling its inclusion being so "pushy" (for the lack of a better term). Games are means of escapism, let it stay that way instead of pushing your agenda into others. Because I don't treat trans people any differently irl. They're just people, whatever wrong others who see them as a lesser being have done to them, I don't replicate or try to overcompensate on their behalf. My opinion is mine alone and I respect people of any gender/ believes all the same so long as they don't push their agenda/ believes on me. I respect them, not put them on a pedestal like you do. What does that preach of yours add to your point exactly then? Saying the exact method DE supports trans right not mattering in itself is an oxymoron at best as if DE doesn't add the color pallet then they've supported the movement by being neutral and not being transphobic all the same yet here you are complaining for the addition all the same. Hypocrisy, google it. Furthermore, as you said, receiving support from people and groups that a person likes mean a lot to them, so donating to groups/ associations that are proactive in welcoming the trans pride movement in itself already helps as a catalyst to the movement. Yet here you are stating that donating to monetary aid to groups that proactively seek for bettering trans rights means nothing and you prefer other means. I.e. you claim it doesn't matter how the support is being portrayed by DE yet if someone chose to donate to rl organization for trans rights you scoff at them as being hollow? Get your own narrative right before enforcing it on others, at this point you come off as being needy than someone who truly believes in the movement. Yes, if I see a color that intrigues me I will try to inquire/ find it ergo find the source of it all the same regardless of the original intent for personal use. 'Sides, you were so intent that the colors mean to represent the movement and DE's support on the matter yet you keep downplaying its possible/ probable effect of its inclusion again and again as if it doesn't matter from the start. If that is the case then what's the point of it all to begin with. << This is what some people thinks of the inclusion of said proposed color pallet, it's pointless, it doesn't invoke a sense of camaraderie like you touted earlier, nor does it show any real substantial long term support all the while monetary support/ donation to actual groups/ organization that CAN make real life difference you scoff at as being hollow. Well yeah, I'm seeing this from my own perspective. But given there are replies that show similar views as mine that the inclusion is pointless at best, I'd say i'm not alone even if my perspective is my own. When all is said and done the inclusion is pointless and DE can support trans rights better with donations to related organizations like how they've done fro other medical/ children organizations in the past yet you scoffed at my suggestion earlier and want an ingame depiction that wouldn't translate to real life support as much all the while saying how DE express their support not mattering. And what would be the long term effect of DE's support to trans people by doing what TC proposed then? Feeling happy for a few short weeks/ months only to be faced with reality that most already see them as equal and treat them as such instead of treating them like a special snowflake? You keep on belittling me as if I don't get the situation when you make assumptions after assumptions for the sake of being argumentatively right instead of showing real support to said group, where does that lead you and said target group in the end by doing so?
  9. The term itself states trans pride, to spread their pride in regards to their believe; no matter the extent, is indeed "flexing" for the lack of better term.... I've yet to see such logical gymnastics being expressed in the game. Even then, that's exactly why it's not so wise to add any kind of politics such as trans pride to the game all the same if people are bound to complain about it. 'Sides, the same logic can be placed to your side of the argument where here you are complaining against people who aren't supportive of the idea simply by being indifferent about it. I.e. you yourself is complaining about nothing. Nothing in my reply stated/ incited the idea of me being offended by the existence of the such movement from the start though, why get so defensive out of nothing? You probably need to stop enforcing your ideals on others and make assumptions just to graft a non-existent moral high-ground of sorts. "Supporting" trans rights in this game by adding a color pallet? How would that translate to real life support? Color pallet is just that, an extra customization option by the end of the day. Just don't look at it, I don't have to? Even if I "don't want to" it'll happen considering I'm bound to run into someone who does use the color pallet. That in itself is you literally saying ignorance is bliss when your goal is to want people to support the movement. It's hypocritical/ non-nonsensical..... At this day and age, people can be anything far as I'm concerned. I'm just indifferent to the idea of any kind of politics being placed into means of enjoyment for literally 0 purpose since it feels unnecessary and tacked on without any real substance. If you wanna make a real difference, instead of getting all defensive in a game's forum there mate.
  10. Just cause others have done so doesn't mean DE should be obliged to do so all the same. 'Sides, being proud of one's gender stand is one thing but to feel the need to "flex" it in a game where it's about space ninjas just feels so tacked on and unnecessary. Making comparison for trans pride and valentines, etc isn't even a good comparison since the latter 3 are established festivities enjoyed by all while trans pride isn't for everyone. It's not about people making a sh*tstorm out of things either, just cause the game isn't affected by it doesn't mean it should be done all the same. That said, bringing any politics in a means of enjoyment/ stress relieve; even if it in hindsight doesn't bear any short term effect, often does just that.... nothing gain, nothing lost. I.e. pointless/ waste.
  11. 1. Angle camera behind Wisp. 2. Drag your mouse downwards at 45 degree angle 3. Mama Mia 4. Profit
  12. Cite pre much all PVP modes in this game? Remember Lunaro and War Within delay?.... You do know that all the same, said time on side projects could very well be dedicated to the main thing right? Many of us work on side projects all the same but even then they're all to get us somewhere worth a dang, not to just waste time on a joke to our livelihood. Next you'll be making a scenario in your head where people advocate their time to side project that won't get them anywhere on grander scheme of things while they could've spent it with their hobbies, families, leisure time that you mentioned to prepare their mind and prepare themselves to put their 100% to their job. How, what someone did on their personal time as a joke could/ would end up getting in the way of their livelihood's longevity, doesn't click in your likewise ignorant, assumption addled brain, is just something else there "kiddo".
  13. Waste of resource/ time on devs' part to work on this long dead joke of a mode rather than other things that matter = a detriment to the game as a whole as it causes slower updates that are considered of more worth in majority's eyes.... How that causality doesn't click in your ignorance is bliss narrative is just something else there mate.
  14. Afraid? Tired? These days I need to see my time investment actually amount to something that makes me feel elated or the like... but DE kept making the same mistake of not putting the reward that's worth a dang for all the time investment they ask from the players. I've overlooked the multiple timegates prior like syndicate/ rotating event tied frames and all that jazz but if anything on DE's roadblock is gonna be as tedious as the Wolf with likewise underwhelming reward(s) considering the time investment asked then quite frankly I can't be bothered. Hema was one thing, Wolf is another.... fool me 3 times?
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