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  1. 1. Kuva missions being the way it is effectively makes it difficult for me to get a consistently available way to get requiem mods disregarding the rng related to getting it. (ergo timegating) It may not be an issue to people who has time to spare but for other who aren't as fortunate be it due to responsibilities, etc, it is nonetheless an issue. 2. People knew and anticipated Melee 3.0 sure, but DE touted it as an IMPROVEMENT to what we had, and that CO and meme strike, etc may very well still be valid despite the change. Which as we see now is a lie. The new melee straight up regressed us to a slower "more intimate" combat when it is the exact antithesis of why this game's combat is different compared to its looter shooter competitor. If by better you mean people spamming heavy melee builds then sure, but to see so many formas and time invested to make lower mr weapon workable and fun despite not being the meta to now every weapon in the same class having standardized reach, etc, quite frankly it made those investment moot as those who didn't invest in said weapons arguably got the better end of the deal as their weapons may very well be better without having invested as much time into it. 3. Your statement is AFTER the fact that people have slogged through and complained said issue for DE to make SOME changes to minimize it somewhat. Sounds to me your presumption failed to realize I farmed Hema and capped operator schools prior... i.e. I've experienced my share of excessive grind but not are made so unnecessarily padded out in multiple layers of rng. Take that as you will but it is what it is, many complained about the same thing in the first 3 weeks or so of the system's implementation because of how it is done but "albino knights" will always just spew ignorance is bliss type of argument to "win" 4. Then you failed to read and understand basic reasoning.... The statement encapsulates the RNG aspects of the grind, Requiem mods, sequence finding, and how the dang kuva weapon reward has another rng related status bonus related to it. Then sorry to say but you're just another apologist who refuse to read and understand how the two system gained the same notoriety of being so padded out and a slog to get through when they were implemented. It took widespread complaints for DE to make necessary changes to alleviate the grind somewhat to make the grind more "enjoyable". Both Nightwave and Lich system had (/have) an unnecessarily long process making the effort to reward ratio a widespread point of contention, and both have some form of timegating (kuva mission distribution to the weekly/ daily mission for NW). I.e. Effort to Reward ratio.
  2. Cause I do have things to say on the matter after having stuck with the game for 5 years plus WITH findings based on common sense compared to you who is just here to s**post while acting high and mighty? So you're dishonest as well then eh, considering you're so invested to reply as well. Good to know you're genuinely good at self depreciating humor there lad. Finally, someone who speaks English.
  3. No... the divisiveness is widespread.... from how DE lazily introduced "difficulty" in Grendel's mission, how buggy uninspired and egregiously padded out old blood is along with melee 3.0. DE seems to be focused on old blood nemesis mechanic atm so there's less heat there meanwhile people either have done and forgotten grendel mission or just don't bother with it and melee 3.0 remains the one that isn't looked at by DE. I.e. it is the one where people's issues remain still so of course the dang outcry remains. See the causality here? Can't just selectively pick out facts that points your way but disregard others that contribute to it. Except the fact that these hotfixes ARE THE RESULT OF PLAYER FEEDBACK AND OUTCRY. To say they dont matter at all only goes to show how closeminded or ignorant you are to the causality here. DE SPECIFICALLY made changes to the oldblood's nature of progression and reward BECAUSE of these kinds of threads exist. The correlation is there, you just need to accept it instead of denying it. We did it once, we might not want to do it again. It's demotivating to see years worth of loyalty and investment be chucked down the drain like this. To assume that everyone will be onboard with an endless cycle of demotivating and ultimately unrewarding loop of "we've done it and we can do it again" only goes to show that you are indeed going full force on ignorance is bliss creed. People complained about old blood system's duplicate weapons BECAUSE of the same thing. Demotivation from lack of sense of progression after prolonged investment will only cause frustration and people will inevitably look for alternatives that DO respect the individual's time, loyalty, and investment. The idea is only juvenile if you never really earned anything with proper effort. People have life to tend to; jobs, family, friends, health, etc. Whatever spare time we who chose to be loyally invested in this game over the course of 6 years being dumped out the window with 1 update is a slap of disrespect. Even if it's not on a personal level, it's still a move that disrespects a large enough group of people to show a decline in the active playerbase. Downplay this and ridicule others at your leisure if it does make you feel better in that high horse of yours but it is what it is. You're so heated over this cause you're in the same group of people that "lack common sense over the internet" evidently.... Otherwise you wouldn't be this heated since you're so "indifferent" on the matter. And congratulations, you've managed to laugh at your last depreciating sentence ergo you effectively are good at self depreciating humor, so kudos there lad.
  4. My actual job is to analyze business paterns and trends. So yes, being online somewhat fills one of the criteria, mighty astute observation there chap. Likewise your metacomplaint that doesn't add anything to the topic and doesn't go anywhere DEFINITELY is SO FUN to you huh lad. You understood that vets stuck through thick and thin; through vivergate, through hema, through raid removal for Eidolon, etc. Yet you failed to notice or refuse to understand that none of DE's past misgivings/ mishaps ever boiled down to what this update slammed on the table, minimization or, worse still, removal of player agency and DE's complete disrespect for many vets's time investments to non meta weapons and mod grinding among others. People are treating this as how it should be treated. It's a divisive update, one that saw many vets or old players or content creator to refuse to play the game until it is sufficiently updated to a more enjoyable state. And therein lies the problem as well, your stance in the matter boils down to indifference, I.e. all you brought to the table is.... nothing. Just metacomplaint that downplays the issue as if ignorance will bring about change for the better when vivergate and hema debacle shows that with enough outcry then there can be change for the better.
  5. The amazing part is that my line of job IS counceling businesses based on their past trends, ergo these facts at hand are second nature to not just me, but to anyone who actually bothered to put some thought into them. Yet you kept undermining my statements without basis and without having come up with anything in support of DE's predicament at hand while you live in rainbows and sunshine land where your sole purpose seem to be either undermine other's pov or low tier trolling. I.e. you're painting yourself as the one who doesn't understand anything there mate.
  6. If using factual numbers, understanding how business cycle works, and witnessing multiple gaming companies who have done similar mistakes go out of business are considered living a dark and cynical fairy tale then I'm afraid you're living in it too there mate, just that you chose to be ignorant from all of it.
  7. Considering I've yet to not see several solid groups of fire teams to play with in D2 bo matter what time I logged in over the course of 2 weeks compared to no one in my clan/ old clans/ friends are on WF after the update?... I'd say that's 20 repeatable and fun hours compared to WF's starchart.... Especially if you remember that a lot of these hours that you account for wf are literally padding from grinding specific resources/ sidetracks for categories to unlock a relay, etc. Fact of the matter is, D2 has more player agency than WF is now. You can conjure whatever image there is to defend WF's abysmal state now, but the numbers does show a grim patern that needs some fixing. Otherwise, not even a blanket of "positive reinforcement" from apologists will save WF from a steady decline and being in one of those "wtf happened to-" analysis videos.
  8. While I agree SOME nerfs are indeed necessary, cite tonkor nerf, etc, the nerf trend that DE adhere to has almost always been misplaced/ misguided. With rivens as prime example of one where DE seem to think popularity translates to power and yet they threw all that out the window with seemingly all melee being comparable to each other thus rendering any sense of progression moot. And no, op setups lets us play on boundaries that are otherwise "unintended playing field" but are accessible to those who grinded for said setup through the abysmal drop chance and timegated. Now any semblance of past investments in making low MR weapons viable and fun gets thrown out the window with everything feeling just as strong. Every weapon now have an identity crisis, after more than half a decade of long time players' investment. Moreover, now melee feels like it has a hard cap of viable level range, which is the absolute laziest way of introducing challenge after they borked challenge completely via their overly done focus on operator gimmicks. Those who claim this isn't an issue either haven't stuck with the game that long or are apologists that will excuse any change DE makes, be it for the better or worse. And quite frankly, this attitude is something that DE can do without given how divisive this update is compared to everything else they've done in the past cumulatively.
  9. No one insinuated so though? That said, it does portray a trend that likewise won't be exclusive to the platform if DE doesn't change course fast. Steam is where majority of pc players stay in, be it tennogen or other reasons like keeping their games under 1 launcher, etc. I.e. seeing the worrying trend from steam version isn't baseless. It's a case study all the same. Far from definitive as it may be, it's still a large sample for the case at hand that this downward slope is worrying. Staying positive is admirable, one that I envy that a lot of people still have such an outlook given DE's continued trend of constant nerfing and regression/ misdirection over the half decade plus of its lifetime. That said, claiming that steam player count sample is neglible just cause it's indefinite is just another exercise of ignorance is bliss. And quite frankly, that's the exact thing that got us to where we are now.
  10. People don't like being timegated. People don't like having to wait for months on end only to find out that their investments be made null with "new better combat system". People don't like egregiously excessive grind. People don't like inconsistency that is forced on them for the sake of padding out an already time wasting padded out process. It's not constant engagement, it's prolonged busywork that emulates the sense of work..... in a videogame that's supposed to be a means of escapism. The same thing was an issue with nightwave, with the goal being so far out there and people being forced to have a minimum time investment to the game. And yet it seems DE didn't learn anything from it to make a system where there's a definitive goal for players where the content can last a few months or more if they keep supporting the system with additional updates without making the process too lengthy that it demotivated active engagement instead.
  11. Therein lies the issue for me with the mission... All the listed workaround to the defense mission relies on cheese strats, be it budget cc with slam spam, limbo to pretty much gut out the danger significantly, etc. Whatever "creativity" we had to circumvent the limitations in place, it's just us abusing whatever's left in the system that's been there forever but isn't/ can't taken away from us by this lazy gimmick of a "challenge". I.e. again, it feels like a been there done that all the same for most in my circle who have played the game longer than 3 years. Especially so considering we had multiple experiences with lvl 9999 survival gift of the lotus events where the same strategies were done, albeit those are more fun as those didn't take away what we've built and grinded for.
  12. Considering it took less than a day/ 2 hours to figure out that slam spam to substitute cc to enable us some meaningful window for mob wipe? It's sadly a been there done that territory for me and my group.... Still, all the same, glad it provided SOME form of challenge to a few people I suppose.
  13. It's not a challenge though.... It's a gimmick, an overlong gimmick at that. The defense mission lasts for too long and the limitation is the laziest way to induce "challenge" that only extrapolates the game's core issue with how it handles difficulty/ unnecessary padding. I can abide that it's thematically driven, I.e. hunger and grendel's "insatiable hunger" thing. But what's good on paper is NOT necessarily good in practice. Seriously, the quest chains shows up alongside the subjectively regressive melee update which nulls/ invalidates a lot of time investment from a lot of people who have stuck with the game for years on, with CO and meme strike, and channeling pretty much dead on the environment they were intended to be used in. Add that feeling of past investment being neutered with a quest that incites the feeling that your past grind means nothing? That's asking for quite some backlash. I've yet to really see older players in my clan who genuinely found the mission hard in any shape or form, let alone a fun challenge. Consensus in my clan / mates pretty much collectively agreed that the defense mission feels padded on top of the gimmick in place, it's in no way shape or form a fun endeavor let alone a good challenge. It feels lazy, even if it's not and is indeed thematically driven. So drop that condescending attitude of yours mate, you added absolutely nothing to the situation but your own ego.
  14. It's not even challenging though? It's gimmicky at best and the way DE made it so is to literally making any sort of mod set up planning null. I.e. the utmost minimum and laziest way of implementing artificial difficulty. More to the point, this quest chain isn't fun in any stretch of the word. It's an exercise in tedium when said "difficulty" can likewise be achieved by making enemies be on very high level cap WITHOUT taking away what so many have grinded for years. Furthermore, WF has been all about power fantasy, but that doesn't mean a challenging power fantasy can't be achieved. It just needs more thought and yet DE decided to go with, again, the laziest way around it and only extrapolates the issue that is enemy scaling after the fact that they have basically regressed melee to a less fluid gimmick than it ever has been. This is literally like having DE run a lvl 9999 enemy survival event mission only now our mod setup is rendered useless..... There's no fun in this, there's no challenge in this, especially not in a defense mission where parkour is essentially made useless now since our grounded state anchors us to said defense target more than it should. Let that sink in for one god dang minute, a game whose selling point is its niche take on shooter that is speedy combat where you can go from point A to point B fast for a get in, kill, get out approach and have us be anchored to a defense point thus limiting our mobility ergo undermining the game's selling point. It's not warframe, it's just a worse version of Destiny or any other shooter at that point.
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