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  1. aries16

    Hotfix 19.13.1

    can u guys please fix the prime sugataras being crumbled, its been like that for about 2 months now
  2. aries16

    Hotfix 18.10.5

    well thank you de for completely ruining rhino. i spent days farming for this bloke, and it meant something everytime i popped my iron skin, to see that chrome gold made me happy, only reason i stopped using my standard rhino was because of that chrome effect. but now, now its just a blob of matte paint, wtf is this S#&$. im going bk to my old rhino, all that hard work to make a build for iron skin, and all that work to farm for rhino p, all of that just went down the drain because of what u guys have done, thank you, u guys have really out done urself this time. i really hope as 1 person mentioned as this could be a texture bug, i really hope so, im praying it is. just a shame to let such a frame, that stands out where ever it goes, get destroyed like this. real shame