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  1. S0ulCal1ber

    Next Umbra Warframe (Spoilers)

    I was kinda hoping the story of warframe and hey kiddo ghost would lead to being able to taint our warframes, with dark and evil intent turning them into umbra's when they give in after being exposed to all violence and space emo's past for long periods of time.
  2. S0ulCal1ber

    Warframe Drop Rates Data

    Its cool, didnt see any swipes being taken :D well data miners can prevent things from happening like content updates, not talking warframe in general but most games normally place files into the download to be preped for content patches later, people can easily open them with the correct tools. We can't really say why band aids are applied in some instances, could be many reasons. lawsuits can be reasonable, considering if a dataminer decides to sell what they collected or outright blow a huge content update by sharing it with everyone. agree with you that its a step ^^
  3. S0ulCal1ber

    Warframe Drop Rates Data

    most other Free 2 play titles always use the data protection act as an excuse, so far you really are the first dev team I have seen release this kind of info. thank you for the info ^^
  4. S0ulCal1ber

    24/03: Server Issues (CURRENTLY STABLE)

    login issues again.....
  5. S0ulCal1ber

    Octavia's Anthem is coming to PC!

    so assuming that when the comic is finished we get the update? and is chroma deluxe and limbo rework coming in with this update?
  6. S0ulCal1ber

    Basic Art Guide

    I know mesh editing on the frames themselves is a no go but what if said artist/creator was to do the rigging and animation themselves? would this still be a no go.
  7. S0ulCal1ber

    Looking for Leaks

    not exactly the GPU you asked for, but on a few occasions vs infested and on 1 occasion against corpus while i was using mag I had huge performance drops on a GT940m dropped from 70 - 80fps to 15 - 18fps this happened when I had used mag's second ability on a group of chargers and a frost used snow globe at the same time this stayed until when i returned to the liset however. I had lower frame rates from what i normally had when standing near the nav panel. the problem fixed it self when i restarted the game though. not sure if i completely missed the point of this thread though. specs: GT940M 2gb windows 10 64bit (updated with all MS updates to date) background programs: steam, origin, nvidia geforce experience, intel rapid storage, SCM( quick launch functions) driver ver: 376.19 (started on previous version 369.) I also have every set to max setting and most options like physX on I don't have this recorded though :/
  8. just out of curiosity, Why was rifles chosen as a start for riven mods? also is it possible to fix the kuva clouds to make them more visible and easier to block as its kinda hard to tell them apart when there is lots going on... can't wait for melee and secondary riven mods though. edit: not so much to do with riven in general but maybe take a little stress of the RNGesus thing can we get at least 2 sets of sorties per day instead of one? after the 1 is complete i kinda feel there is nothing else to do that is amusing and having at least 2 attempts at the rewards and riven mods might make them a bit more appealing
  9. certainly like these mods they do open up a chance for far more interesting builds. will be interesting to see what impact they would have on secondary and melee when they come.
  10. So we now have to wait till late tomorrow night? or is actually coming today so we can play it and then watch the stream tomorrow with out having any of it spoiled?
  11. S0ulCal1ber

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    Soo... its technically ready to be released? and later this week? and today is not over yet so does today also count :p *hint hint*
  12. i got a 6 day affinity booster from the halloween page although it said it was 3 day on the website
  13. S0ulCal1ber

    Coming Soon: Devstream #81!

    will forma ever be more than just lowering the cost of a mod? such as having forma set bonus effects.. 1 forma = 10% to armor 2 forma = 100 shields to base shield etc... it could kinda help with survival and kinda take some strain off the scaling.
  14. S0ulCal1ber

    PC Baro Intel: Ducat Pricing Trends.

    just as I was about to get primed heavy trauma and the machete wraith the stuff changes.... gg DE
  15. S0ulCal1ber

    PC: Stalker's Acolytes have been spotted!

    thank you DE ^.^ this is the one event i was hoping to see =) although the acolytes sometimes don't spawn in at all..