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  1. type: in-game Description: Consuming a warframe for helminth cause sound to cut out and then hang on a "please wait" screen Reproduction: Unable to as it still consumes the frame. Expected Result: tried to consume Oberon and then go back to equipment area in orbiter Observed Result: consumed oberon, animation begin to play, Sound then cuts out, animation continues to play until you get auto switched to another frame, you just end up with a "please wait" icon, you have to force close the game to and relog to fix issue. Reproduction Rate: unknown as I don't want to real
  2. I was hoping those weapons would be obtainable too. especially that special cannon weapon, that looked freaking cool.
  3. heck, they should make kuva variants for all grineer weapons. not like they could do any harm regardless of how strong, I mean they added rivens to the game not like they aint broken.
  4. I had a problem like this 2 days ago, 1 of the bounties a stage 5 bounty would cause the game to completely lock up but I could do any bounty below it including profit taker. also checked other open area bounties and none of them had an issue.
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