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  1. I'm very disappointed till now and for that i want to try to give ideas to make it better


    Void Storm Rewards + Anything else relating to Void Storms

    imo void storms should feel worth the time and rewarding. Cracking one relic at the time, and in a very very veeeeeery slow time is none of these.

    like i already mentioned in another post i think the only way to make them wort it is to allow player to open more relics at the same time AND get more rewards.

    open more relics and just get one reward doesn´t make any sense because you can just run a fast relic mission (40-90) sec and get every run one prime part.

    i would suggest to open 3-5 relics at the same time OR e.g open 5 relics and get 3 rewards.

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    • How easy was it to understand the new quest and what you have to do to succeed?

    no problem at all

    • What was it like having Railjack involved in a narrative quest?

    i like the idea to have a railjack in a quest, but this was awfull. there was no feeling for a reason why to use the railjack. the gameplay was like fly 10m, let ur gunner do 5 kills, fly 10m , done. very boring

    • Thoughts on gameplay, difficulty, visuals, or in-game guidance?

    difficulty was non existent.


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  2. not a big change. she´s as powerfull as she was. you just have to aim now a bit. with the right build (e.g with octavia ability) you don´t feel any differece

  3. vor 8 Minuten schrieb Kouden:

    tbh.. i can feel you right now in this act 5 area. for over 1 HOUR im already walking around looking for the fifth clue and cant find it anywhere. also there is a ramp leading up to the upper parts of the room but we cant even get up there fully. DE really needs to rethink how they design these Sherlock Holmes maps


    you are not alone

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  4. imo step in the right direction but it still need more rework (from what i read).

    i would love to see a bit more range / more base reduce on gaze. it´s atm a bit strange to mod for range+ duration+ str+effi to make this abbility "ok".

    i also would recommend to give Xata’s Whisper a litle armor/shield penetration. like 1% of the dmg totally ignores armor/shield.

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  5. vor 9 Stunden schrieb TheMasterSwordMaster976:

    youre glad to see DE make a weapon completely irrelevant? 👍

    It already was bevore. People just overhyped it and thought it's best in slot for every excalted frame. It only was a very small buff for baruuk.

    Now people start to think again which weapons are best for every excalted frame and don't stick with medium choice that is only a stat stick and a very bad weapon too.

    With other words: yes i'm very happy about this change because people get pushed in the right direction

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