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  1. Normal "Excalibur" is fine without problems. But "Excalibur Umbra" since can walk when you enter Operator mode, he kind of reset everything becuase he is controlled by AI. When you come back from Operator to "Excalibur umbra" then "Radial Javelin" buff from "Furious Javelin" augment is removed and also "Exalted Blade" is OFF and you need to waste another 25 energy to cast it. I want to change his "Slash Dash" ability to "Valkyr" "War Cry" but I'm afraid it will share the same problem as "Radial Javelin" Augment buff. I hope it will be fixed SOON™
  2. Warframe is easy game, you get new stuff you go and get new stuff just like that because enemies aren't hard, missions also aren't hard to do. And here when the problem starts. I'm a Warfrmae player for over 8 years, and I started to getting bored by the game, it doesn't have any reall challenge and the game is unbalanced. Mostly unbalanced because of damage mods and multishots. So here is a idea that would allow players to test new direction where warframe could go and DE would see if people like the idea or not. THE IDEA: Just as steel path choice on planets, there would be a new difficulty mode. In this mode enemies would not have levels, just flat set health, armor, shield and damage. The higher level missions would just have more enemies spawn and more tougher enemies spawned like heavy units. They all also with flat stats. Now here is a problem with mods, all our mods give too mutch % damage boost, and it could be done in two ways: A) Damage mods are reduced by a lot, for example rank 10 serration gives only 30% damage boost, 90% elemental damage mods nerfed to 15%, dual stat mods to 10%. That way you still can increase damage but only a little bit, so it could lead players to use other mods, rather than just going all the way for damage. Multishot mods changed to consume additional ammunition on shot. That way we would not be abble to easilly double our damage for free, or 90% multishot chance could be reduced to 30% without additional ammunition cost. Also Warframe health and shield mods should be reduced aswell. That would also limit warframe efficiency and power strength by half, to not be able to spam abilities, you would need to think if it's the time to use it or not. Instead of just spamming it all around. B) We are limited only to PVP caonclaive mods. But also the warframe powers could not be able to use afficiency mods, so that would limit our powers by a lot. Why do this? The game is unbalanced as it is right now, leading to many OverPowered Builds where you cannot die and you clear maps of enemies, and that's fun for just a while. The game would need some changes and that new difficulty game mode could show people warframe in different light and they will decide what is a good idea to change into the future game and what is bad and need changes. DE could use that game mode as a test field, listen to people to what is better than standard game or what is not fun and change it there and see people new thoughts. And at the end where it looks fine decide to stay as it is as an optional difficulty game mode or copy it's all into whole Warframe. Many single players game without levels give players a challenge, because all type of enemies can deal fine damage to you and that create challenge. In warframe at it's state right now, is just brainless go and kill.
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