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  1. @MarioMaruska have you tried to edit Options → Display → Effects Intensity, for me it looks like you have this value at very low %
  2. Hooray! I was waited for this almost 6 years. Previously I not make builds for frost's freeze abilities because of that and limit myself only to 2nd ability with augment. Now I may fully use frost because of that. So I'm waiting for this update.
  3. This is very nice news to me. From PoE release passed already more, than a year, but I still didn't finish build R10 arcanes from it and some arcanes I even didn't build because it have so much time dedication to it, now I finally may start completing this task, because this will not take so much time for me and will not dedicate much for Fishing which I don't like personally (this is not a reason why I playing in this game). I will agree if everything we have will kept in our inventory, just for new stuff we will have to farm less resources and it easy to obtain.
  4. @[DE]Glen Oh, may be you misunderstood me a bit, my game in borderless mode (not with window's controls, this is important) If I minimize game, it restore back when I switch to another window, so game are always shown up under other windows, whatever I do it will restore back and utilize about 20-40% CPU and some % GPU (don't know how much). To be clear I have i7-4820k with GTX 1050 ti, 1920x1200 71.928 Hz and grapical settings in game set to maximum (FPS capped at 72).
  5. Hello, @[DE]Glen, thank you for fixing this issue, I was expected there some caveat in the code, but anyway I have another little request: Due to my current play state I frequently just run a game and minimize it and do other stuff, checking the game time to time. What is problem: in borderless mode and in current state it utilize much CPU/GPU, so my suggestion is simply: when game are not in focus or minimized it will restrict itself in framerate and so on. There are plenty games what have similar fnctionality, take a look on Black Desert Online FPS limit: Star Conflict FPS limit: And something similar in some other popular games. Warframe need this too! I will say thanks in advance.
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