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  1. you forget the part free to play games also sell information about the plyers to third party companies for advertising and whatnot, grind is still bullS#&$
  2. ban for complaining about bugs in regional chat #*!% this trash. i will stop helping new players, and start trolling every time i get a ban screw this, screw moderators, and #*!% you all, bugs exist, and if they do, i shall make them seen, damn moderators be #*!%ed
  3. slash would make the most sense for a bloody frame though
  4. Air-mage

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    i already have both in but even with 0 str in my build and 175%eff and long udration i don't have enough energy left to use anything wialong with 4
  5. Air-mage

    suggestion: reveal all mod details in codex

    if you owned a mod but sold it it goes full ???? too
  6. Air-mage

    4-Man Difficulty For Solo?

    yeah solo spawnrates suck
  7. Air-mage

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    don't worry about her being forma hungry, i have 6 on her and she still sucks, and her only usable thing is her pistols (which are still weaker than my main pistols and weapons)
  8. Air-mage

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Titania needs more help, because 99% of the players still only play her just because dex pixia looks cool: cast time reducement and actual damage on her 1, better buffs, and no fall off in case you fall off the map on her 2, and a sprint scaling on her 4 for buffs my recommendations would be dust- 50% reduced enemy accuracy and 200% reflected damage on melee hit (reflect scaling with ability power) thorn- +25% damage (also scaling with power strength) entangle- flat -25% movement speed, -50%fire rate and attack speed for enemies (attack debuffs scaling with ability power) full moon- 15% ability strength both for frames and pets, scaling with ability strength, and 15% flat aura effectiveness just for clearness, "flat" marks the elements not scaling with anything her 1 should do a flat 5% health damage, rising to 20% if the target was lured by the lantern (while here lets mention her lantern augment technically is useless on her, and no matter what, titania never has enough energy and has too long cast time to make full use of razorwing augment either)
  9. I like mage builds with casting abilities and skilshots and jumping around, and i really hate how bloodmirror is only good for corner camping, so i only play with non-dur build. The problem is that, her blood ball is just too weak, even with 300+str and 10 stack, has a long cast, travel, and explosion time, and a very small range, it is very ineffecient Along with multiple others I want to request her blood ball to be remade into a blood slash, a wide-angle area of effect cone shaped ability that deals slash damage The rest of her kit isn't suited for this stacking mechanic+snipe, as you can't stealth kill, silence or cc with her 1, and her ultimate is often a lackluster if you want just a smaller group or area attacked, and has a longer cast time,being significantly different anyway. So I'd like to put up this request.
  10. so, the concept of a fairy support/cc frame got sent to the trashcan, her other abilities will never get fixed, and now diwata will be more useless in late game great 😑
  11. Air-mage

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    the annoying part will probably include attacks not opening boxes and attacks getting stuck and deleted completely in everything in closed spaces
  12. Air-mage

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    i call ahead- attacks not going trough objects will be annoying and often bugged
  13. Air-mage

    Oberon Prime Access begins May 30!

    guys he isn't a goat or bull (its valkyr), oberon is a (white) deer, regrettably i have to agree with most people, oberon and silva prime design sucks compared to their base looks, they look like a cheap plastic figure of some weirdo idol got smashed randomly from multiple directions